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Right To Work Bills In Play

Ohio becomes latest state to target unions’ compulsory powers

May 2, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Two bills intended to strip Ohio unions of the ability to compel membership or to automatically collect money from members faced an uncertain fate as they were introduced at th......

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May-07-13 1:20 PM

Ugly you pegged daWeeb just a blowhard INTERNET TOUGH GUY

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May-05-13 4:00 PM

And by the way BIG TOUGH TALK DaWARP I don't drink. I stop in and sign up for the daily daily drawing and have a soda and The Eagles is a mens club that has many benefits for people in need. It's hardly a*****hole but people helping people is something you obviously know nothing about. you are like I said nothing but a bored little a TROLL. I'm simply exposing you for what you are.

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May-05-13 3:41 PM

Once that big talk behind a computer screen. Your what we call a troll. lol Sitting behind your computer putting every one down and stirring crap with out the balls to say any thing in public to some ones face. I can't stand people like you. Big tough guy .. home. hahahaha

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May-03-13 8:22 PM

Uglyasswhipe, I live in CA, you dumbasss dork.

But it might be worth a ticket to visit your drunk ass sh*t hole and waste you!

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May-03-13 8:20 PM

@ DaRaith.Maybe you should do your job at work instead of bothering people in here. Nobody likes you any way. Your a 300 lb piece of crap hiding behind a computer screen. Bellaire Eagles buddy. 5:30 every day. you got something to say to me I suggest you say it to my face. I don't expect it of course. Because you are one lame fat jerk.

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May-03-13 4:29 PM

BTW neighboring states of MI and IN have passed laws so Ohio either passes or watches business gradually migrate to their neighbors.

The only choice for Ohio is to PASS a law or become WV west.

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May-03-13 4:27 PM

uglyass I get paid to use a computer to make a living writing software and designing circuits, so I can swoop down on this disgusting portal into hillbilly insanity for sh**ts and giggle whenever I want.

But keep on dreaming your bullshat; when the OV ceases to exist, thank the unions and please turn out the lights before you croak, you joke.

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May-03-13 4:18 PM

Well said Triton. How do liberals embrace fairness when it comes to wealth redistribution and then reject it when it comes to worker choice?

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May-03-13 2:58 PM

lol..maybe I would smoke weed if I wasn't drug tested all of the time. I doubt it though. You know though some of us do have to work ev3ry day so you get your government check DaWraith. Obviously you don't have a job or contribuite to society. all you do is sit on your fat *** and make smart remarks to people behind a computer screen. Ohhh how would love have beer with you. Any who who ever so slightly disagrees with is a moron in your opinion. Well guss who the moton is. it's you jack ass. I'm not hard to find. I stop in the Bellaire Eagles every day after work. i don't hide behind a computer screen and insult people. Just walk in around 5:30 and ask for ugly. You will get what your asking for.

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May-03-13 1:10 PM

The anti union commies keep trying.

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May-03-13 8:35 AM

Unions are an important part of American history and how we got a middle class. But they allowed themselves to be highjacked by politicians who made them, like the horse and buggy, a piece of ancient history. Union leaders sell out to politicans and help exploit the membership. They make unions a two dollar hooker, the politicos know they will get the vote whether the membership is working or not. How unions/Dems have failed heavy industry in this country is a testament to the failure of union members to pay attention. Unions should listen to candidates from both parties and support those who support them. Don't forget the only President who actually went to bat for local steel was George W. Bush. Amazing isn't it? Clinton and Obama sold those jobs to NAFTA and the Sierra Club. And DEms forced him to take the tariffs off to prevent a "trade war". Make candidates perform, don't just throw your votes away for no jobs. Unions should bring jobs, not sell them out.

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May-03-13 7:40 AM

And then there are uglyassmf's who are smoking major weed if they think that is how a union works!

Let me repeat this for you douches who don't GET IT: It is a G L O B A L Economy now.

Union worker or non union worker, YOU MUST COMPETE against NAFTA and the Orient and the EMERGING 3rd world countries.

If you CAN, business will stay here, if NOT, it can go anywhere in the world.

Unions live on a 1950's concept where if they don't get what they want, they will go on strike.

A strike in today's job market is the KISS OF DEATH, hence unions have no real power except for public sector which cannot be outsourced easily.

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May-03-13 12:50 AM

If corporations would just do the right things and be fair then unions would have never been invented.I have no problem with right to work laws myself but when the union negotiates a contract for wages,benefits for workers who choose not to pay dues shouldn't benefit from it. let them negotiate there own package as individuals.It might work for them.It might not. My guess is they will be getting less $$ and benefits because ultimately that is what this about. Kaisich won't touch this with a ten foot pole.I actually like the Governor.He is trying to work for the people instead of the political machine. Unfortunately his party affiliates have different ideas. Unions need valuable well trained employees more than employees need unions.Real and properly run local unions train their people properly and send good,knowledgeable,drug free people who want to work to job sites.The laborers union here in the valley is absolutely fantastic.Then there are some like daWraith with tunnel vision.

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May-03-13 12:24 AM

bud:I would say Mexico.

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May-03-13 12:23 AM

Yes. Ohio must move on this asap.

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May-02-13 1:36 PM

wrath and bud correct again.. no clue knows nothing as usual

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May-02-13 10:05 AM

Jeeps will soon be made in Italy and China because they UAW forced them out. Auto manufacturers cannot remain competetive and pay the excessive union wage and benefits.

Unions are the biggest outsourcer of American jobs.

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May-02-13 9:07 AM

Got no CHOICE fool, Employers can go to right to work states or they can go to NAFTA countries or to the Orient.

This ISN'T the 50's fool.

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May-02-13 8:35 AM

Right to work for lower wages, less health care, vacation , and retirement benefits, and less worker safety. The right to be fired without cause. Yup this sounds like what every worker and wants and needs.

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