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Events Set For W.Va.’s 150th

City Reveals PlWheeling will host five days of activities for state’s birthdayans for West Virginia’s 150th

May 3, 2013

WHEELING — The West Virginia Legislature, historical re-enactments and a commissioned musical work celebrating the Mountain State’s history all will be part of West Virginia’s 150th birthday......

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May-03-13 12:12 AM

There does not seem to be much consideration of the policies of early WV vs Virginia.There were reasons for the split and new policies put in place after Statehood.Public Education for all was a big change;including the first Lincoln School in Wheeling c. 1866.Among the first in the USA for black children.Public education in general was non existant in Virginia at the time of the War. The Museum seems to have lost it way-its mission- now. I do not see any real consideration of why the split was made.The "reasons" for WV.

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May-03-13 12:13 AM

Frank and the Mayor really need Adkins!

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May-03-13 10:48 AM

atoddh, Chokingsmoker: As a 31 year old who is constantly keeping himself busy between work and play, and have witnessed your disparaging comments over the past few months, I have to also finally ask you each to ask yourself: Are you that unhappy with your life that you take it upon yourself to disgrace everything our small city attempts to do or offers to you? Are you not aware that Wheeling is no longer a big city like Pittsburgh or Columbus? If that's what you're looking for, do you realize that they are only 45 minutes and two hours away, respectively? Have you not been to the Capitol to see a Broadway show? Or the Symphony? Or comedians like Seinfeld and Ron White? Or huge musical acts like Luke Bryan or The Avett Brothers? Or even off-the-wall stuff like The Price Is Right Live? Or are you still blaming Wheeling for losing JUSA when 100% of the blame goes to Live Nation, a 5.3 billion dollar corporation out of Beverly Hills, CA, who were the owners of the building (CONT'D)

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May-03-13 10:50 AM

(CONT'D) when they closed its doors and took the rights to the JUSA name in the 2000s?

Have you never felt the thrill of betting on a greyhound dog or spinning the Roulette wheel at Wheeling Island Casino, one of only 5 in the state?

Have you not shopped at Cabela’s, one of only 40 in the WORLD?

Have you never journeyed to New Vrindaban to view the majestic Palace of Gold and to explore their exotic gardens?

Have you never been to Oglebay to golf the Arnold Palmer course or walked through WV’s only zoo in the summer? Or experienced the Festival of Lights in the winter?

Have you never eaten at any of our one-of-a-kind restaurants, like Coleman’s? Or Uncle Pete’s? Or Later Gator? Or Figarettis? Or Undos? Or The Alpha, etc? Or are you more of a Chain restaurant-goer not into supporting local businesses? Have you never gone to see some of the best live and local musical acts out there at Down On Main Street? Or Market Vines? Or River City? Or the Stifel, etc? (CON'TD)

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May-03-13 10:51 AM

(CONT'D) Have you never coughed up the money to enjoy the Bluesfest or Wine & Jazz Fest at Heritage Port?

Too cheap for that? What about one of the many FREE events at Heritage Port like the Italian Festival? Or 4th of July Fireworks? Or the Chili Fest? Or the Sternwheel Fest? Or the Raceboat Regatta, etc.?

Do you not realize that Sesquicentennial means 150 years? Or are you just holding out for the Bicentennial in 2063?

Are you aware that it took me about 10 minutes to make this list and I’m just a normal Wheeling guy who holds no affiliation with any part of the City?

After all that, tell me atoddh and Chokingsmoker, are you really that miserable of a human being that you will continue to ridicule the present and future of our beloved city?

If the answer is yes, can you please do all of us a favor and move away?

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May-03-13 11:34 AM

In the last three years I've been to Delaware, Florida, Maryland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Toronto, Buffalo, NYC, Nashville (3 times, South Carolina, Cincinnati and Cleveland multiple times, not including a multitude of trips to Pittsburgh and Columbus, so yes sir I have been out of the zip code more times than I can count. Yet, I still respect where I come from. I suggest you do the same.

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May-03-13 11:36 AM

And yes, you do trash Wheeling every chance you get. If you didn't, I wouldn't have known your "Chokingsmoker" name to call you out on it.

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May-03-13 3:42 PM


You asked me 1 question: have I been out of the zip code? I answered it.

I asked you dozens of questions, you answered NONE of mine.

I have a positive attitude towards our area, and boasted just a few of the many reasons why Wheeling is a great place. YOUR responses were nonsensical gibberish.

If I love Wheeling so much, how on earth am I part of the "Wheeling Problem?"

Think before you type next time. That's my last advice to you. You're making yourself look like a buffoon.

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May-03-13 7:04 PM

West Virginia is doing better than Idaho. I heard Diane Feinstein wants to expel Idaho because if lay it on its side, it resembles a gun.

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May-03-13 8:34 PM

future: I am the largest single donor to WVIH:hundreds of thousands in art and artifacts.I have another 50K for them. I am a strong advocate or Randalls's.

The plans for Downtown have not unfolded despite the tens of millions invested.That is not opinion.It is fact.The City is desolate now. The Capitol is not a tourism draw now.They play only to locals vs JUSA which was regional.JITH still is regional.Just the facts.Not opinion.

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May-03-13 8:35 PM

*of Randall.He has worked wonders with the DCH.

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May-03-13 9:49 PM

I am surprized the staff talk so bad about Randall;especially the manager.not good for ones job. The museum is drifting away from its mission.Too much local influence.

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