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Medicaid Expansion Plan Will Add 92K in W.Va.

May 2, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — West Virginia will expand Medicaid as called for by the federal health care overhaul, through a plan unveiled Thursday by Gov....

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May-02-13 2:05 PM

By all means- Help Low "EARNED" income people. Do not help "NO EARNED INCOME" people.

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May-02-13 9:01 PM

Most states redistribute wealth, I guess WV will redistribute Poverty.

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May-02-13 10:56 PM

WV shows itself to be intelligent enough to accept the law of the land and billions of free bucks to better the health of our poor. And there are lots and lots of poor.

Ohio....meh.....not so much.

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May-03-13 12:04 AM

As the coal fields shut down in Southenr WV,poverty will explode.These numbers are about 1/2 of what will occur in WV. OV steel is gone also;never to return.Most of the retail folks at Highlands will qualify going forward.It is probable 25% of the state will be on Medicaid with another 50%+ on Medicare.WV is a "welfare state."

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May-03-13 7:12 AM

rover, Billions of "free" bucks! Where do federal taxes come from? DC......

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May-03-13 1:16 PM

Are you all proud to live in the richest country country in the world but the only industrialized country with out universal health care. But wait; we do have 25,000 nuclear weapons. It doesn't get better than that.

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May-03-13 3:52 PM

dyinggov asked -"rover, Billions of "free" bucks! Where do federal taxes come from? DC....."

The citizens of the states pay federal taxes. The federal government then dispenses money gathered back to the states for various programs including 'medicaid'. So....any state saying, 'Nah, we conservative Republicans and won't accept that 100 percent cost of medicaid money'.....well that money goes out to those states who will accept it. Guess what? The money paid in taxes by the Red States rejecting medicaid....just goes to the other states. Thanks a lot, stupes! Yeah, yeah, I know..the Feds might change the rules downrange. So what, just 'opt out' then citing federal failure to adhere to the promised program. Point is..WV is smart enough to see this is a square deal and is jumping in, like the other progressive states.

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May-03-13 4:33 PM

Progressive states . WV?????




Obamascare will add more than 2 TRILLION in DEBT to the American Taxpayers and make the country a THIRD WORLD when it comes to healthcare.

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May-03-13 4:37 PM

oldidiot, the USA is NOT the richest country in the world per capita, 5 other countries have a higher average income than America.

South Africa has no Universal Health care.

The USA has the number one helathcare in the world ..... IF you can afford it.

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May-03-13 9:58 PM

medicaid now cuts off at around 8000 it will be in the 35K range.huge numbers will qualify in WV.maybe 200K

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May-03-13 9:59 PM

in wv the feds will have complete control of rates with this.basically national health care here.

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