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Friendly City to Show Off Vacant Properties

Developers can set own price if they have a plan

May 4, 2013

WHEELING — It won’t be your typical real estate showcase, but those interested in acquiring property at bargain-basement prices from the city of Wheeling can inspect several vacant buildings up for......

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May-05-13 7:58 PM

There was potential with JUSA -properly done-for all sorts of related business:recording,music publishing,promotion,artist development etc.Wheeling's Downtown could have been "Music City" of the mid Atlantic.The makings were all there and 10 million in Federal loans to make it happen.The City said"NO." Now the City is desolate.Property can not be given away now.Demolition is presented as "growth."

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May-05-13 7:52 PM

Country: You make my point.A huge error was made. A renewed iconic JUSA- properly financed and executed-at the Capitol could have saved Downtown.The music theme study was excellent;yet ignored.

The hockey team is failing.So is the Capitol now.The City venues will be in trouble in the next couple of years with lack of attractions but increasing expenses.

Meanwhile the Casino is having trouble also.

The Casino may be for sale, I understand, if tables are removed in July as anticipated.It needs to be "reinvented" soon to survive.PA,OH and MNTG are moving in on them from all directions.

Tourism Downtown is looking really sad.

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May-05-13 7:05 PM

atoddh - give it up JUSA is now at the Casino. City and Capitol operators do not want it at the Capitol.

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May-05-13 5:01 PM

Somebody with the screen name "uglyassmf" complaining about ANYBODY calling people "names"??


Would that be like "uglystupidassmf" as opposed to a generic "uglyassmf"???

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May-05-13 4:14 PM

I see DaTroll is at it again. Calling people he doesn't even know names from behind his pc screen. What a piece of crap joke you are dude.

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May-05-13 2:28 PM


Sorry but the current lowlife crowd that is taking over Wheeling is not too concerned with pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. They are either dealing in illegal substances and/or collecting welfare or mooching off naïve females who are mad at Daddy.

If lowlifes bring prosperity, why does Detroit make Beruit look like Beverly Hills?

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May-05-13 12:01 PM

The most recent "study" did suggest developing Downtown around a C&W anchor at the Capitol;in a Branson-like way.The study was excellent;but ignored.This actually could have worked;especially in conjunction with the Casino. The non profits and City rejected the JUSA private proposal which required City sponsorship/endorsement: but no public funds.This was a "threat" to the non profit's control of Downtown.But take a look at what has happened with them in charge!!

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May-05-13 9:09 AM

News Register 5/22013:

"A group of attackers beat a Martins Ferry woman with bricks, rocks and brass knuckles Tuesday night in the streets of East Wheeling, landing her in a local hospital."

Hey Whebefleeing, clean up the excrement in your OWN back yard before you try to critic other zip codes you know nothing about.

Or do like half the population in the OV did in the last 1/2 century, LEAVE while you still have a pulse.

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May-05-13 2:30 AM

"People invest in commercial real estate to rent to business and expect a reasonable return on investment." not to just be burned down with the rest of the state. lol.

wildfires, floods and earthquakes oh my lol.

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May-05-13 2:18 AM

The 43-square-mile blaze at the western end of the Santa Monica Mountains was 56 percent surrounded.

The humidity level rose so much that an overnight effort to burn away fuel at one section of the fire did not work well

****. forget about drill baby drill. burn baby burn. wrat stay away from the flames.

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May-05-13 12:02 AM

a huge error was made not allowing a revamp of JUSA at the Capitol as proposed.A Nashville -like music industry could have evolved around the new show:creating a need for the buildings and a robust tourism flow.

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May-04-13 9:48 PM

floors are soft-only one at a time please, and watch your step before you fall to your death. I can read headlines already, Want to die slow or end it quickly in downtown wheeling building? Good luck.

No thanks wheeling.

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May-04-13 9:42 PM

The City will need to offer financing as well to attract takers.Most likely the structures will be demolished along with the WP building,Kaufmans,and others.Downtown is DOA now.

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May-04-13 6:24 PM

Better than following a lying freak who claimed he was going to cut the deficit in HALF while actually adding more than $6 Trillion in debt in barely 4 years.

Sounds like you must pretty dumb to believe an economic terrorist like that, blunderlie.

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May-04-13 3:04 PM

Ragner Benson, are we to presume. Following a freak who writes books on how to make bombs and organize militias? Move!

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May-04-13 2:09 PM

Mynderstanding of "SHOW OFF" means to show something worth while and to be proud of. Very poor wording.

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May-04-13 10:58 AM

I know of another city that is giving away property-Detroit.

Since much of the recent crime in Wheeling has been perpetrated by the scum from other cities, I would suggest that Wheeling refrain from opening its' arms to HUD, Section 8, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, welfare wards, any type of social welfare or public housing and anything with "diversity" in the mission statement or entity name.

When you welcome garbage, you get rats and disease. If Wheeling wants to save itself, it should first get rid of the scum and then start cleaning up the town, physically.

THEN, dump the B&O tax, which is punitive in nature. Get rid of personal property taxes on every little thing (including your car) statewide. Do away with excess levies. Push for tort reform and right to work.

Until you do these things, Wheeling will become a mini-Detroit, complete with Mercedes Benz driving thugs who don't have jobs.

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May-04-13 6:25 AM

People invest in commercial real estate to rent to business and expect a reasonable return on investment.

With a dwindling population, a BIG SUPPLY of vacant Real Estate and no DEMAND, the first law of Economics says Whee-ling real estate is a FAIL from an investment standpoint.

Death Valley 26003.

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