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Unemployment Hits 7.5 Percent

Housing market resurgence pushes April hiring of 165,000

May 4, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.....

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May-04-13 4:11 AM

Unemployment under President Bush was under 5%....

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May-04-13 5:58 AM

yea but 5% or less was bad for a white republican pres. the media says. but 7.5% is great news for a black dumocrab pres. according to the media. it's still all bush's fault. Give Obama a little more rope so he can "fix" things.

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May-04-13 6:09 AM

Keeping Up, Not Getting Ahead By BINYAMIN APPELBAUM

The American economy continues to add jobs in proportion to population growth. Nothing less, nothing more. The share of American adults with jobs has barely changed since 2010, hovering between 58.2 percent and 58.7 percent. This employment-to-population ratio stood at 58.6 percent in April. That is about four percentage points lower than the employment rate before the recession, a difference of roughly 10 million jobs. In other words, the United States economy is not getting any closer to recreating the jobs lost during the recession.

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May-04-13 6:11 AM

This lack of progress has been obscured by the steady decline of the high-profile unemployment rate, which continued in April. But the unemployment rate is easily misunderstood.

The government counts as unemployed only those who are actively looking for new jobs. As people have given up, the unemployment rate has declined – not because more people are working, but because more people have stopped looking for work. The share of adults looking for work peaked at 6.4 percent of the population in 2010. It fell to 4.7 percent in April.

But recall that over the same period, the share of adults with jobs did not change. What grew instead is the share of adults no longer counted as part of the labor force. (The unemployment rate also uses a different denominator than the employment rate: Workers plus searchers, rather than the entire population. For the sake of consistency and clarity, the figures in the previous paragraph show “unemployment” as a share of the entire population.)

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May-04-13 6:12 AM

And the decline of labor force participation – the technical term for the share of adults working or searching – is primarily the result of a bad economy.

Baby boomers are aging into retirement. Even before the recession, the government projected in 2007 that participation would decline to 65.5 percent by 2016, from 66 percent. But the April rate of 63.3 percent means the labor force has lost roughly five million additional workers.

Furthermore, the projections were wrong. Participation has actually risen among people older than 55. The decline is entirely driven by younger dropouts.

The federal government counts 11.7 million Americans as unemployed.

The real number, it follows, is more like 17 million."

Just SMOKE and MIRRORS from the Phony Obama Administration!

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May-04-13 6:17 AM

Friday, May 03, 2013

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama's job performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) now disapprove.

This is the lowest level of approval for the president since August of last year.

Today’s figures include 25% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 41% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16.


But but but I thought the economy was SMOKIN and everybody was HAPPY with Barack Insane Owebama$???

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May-04-13 9:41 AM


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May-04-13 10:34 AM

America's two largest benchmark stock indexes each hit all-time highs on Friday after new data emerged showing the U.S. economy cranked out 165,000 new jobs last month. Wonderwhy the neocon haters don't like this news?

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May-04-13 10:48 AM


When the stock market did well under Bush, I remember libbies like yourself saying that "the stock market only benefits the wealthy Republicans. It doesn't help working people!"

All of a sudden, the stock market is the be all/end all.

The bottom line is that the unemployment and inflation rates are both out of touch with reality AND that we are much WORSE off than we were when Hussein Soetero took office.

Our debt has gone up by nearly $6 trillion.

The number of Americans who want full-time employment and don't have it has gone up under Soetero.

Gas, food, consumer goods, cars, education and health care have all skyrocketed in cost due to Soetero's policy of deflating the currency.

China has stolen thousands of terabytes of classified information that will render all of our trillion dollar hardware worthless in the next war.

Moderate Muslim governments have been replaced by radicals.

North Korea is getting nuclear weapons.

Better? NOPE.

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May-04-13 11:14 AM

Do Do Obama just won an e;ection by a large margin. Look that up and please take your meds.

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May-04-13 11:17 AM


When your post is calling the President by the neocon make up name, while now dissing the Market, along with the unemployment numbers, it's clear you live in the less than 5% of this country who refuse to factcheck. Keep re-writing history. It'll end up on the sale rack next to Palin's book, under fiction.

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May-04-13 1:20 PM

340,000 new claims per week in April. 160,000 new jobs for the month of April and the percentage of unemployment is lower! Even liberals should be able to figure those numbers....

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May-04-13 2:20 PM


the stock market is Purely a result of pump and dump. The FED is pumping $85 BILLION a month of paper money into the market by buying US debt because NO OTHER COUNTRY will.

The "dump" is going to be rampant inflation with $5 a gallon gas and milk in the coming years.

Hence this market is smoke and mirrors for low IQ bozos who don't understand economics.

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May-04-13 2:21 PM

oldphart, Obama won 51% of the vote. That is pathetically small margin.

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May-04-13 2:48 PM

duwhop- I presume that is the same reason the market went up under your savior? Your hypocrisy is fun!

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May-04-13 2:50 PM


sssshhhhhh, don't tell duwhop that millions don't count. LOL Small margin? That's why Mittens conceded so quickly. You know, because it was so close. LOL

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May-04-13 4:13 PM

From the US Department of Labor:

"In April, the number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers) increased by 278,000 to 7.9 million, largely offsetting a decrease in March. These individuals were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find a full-time job."

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May-04-13 4:55 PM

dawRAT now offers his 'economic theories' to, we the 'great unwashed'.

This from the same unemployed guy who predicted, 'Romney in a landslide!'.

Next he'll be telling us that the end of the world is upon us.

yawn.... >>>>> crickets <<<<

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May-04-13 4:57 PM

With the Fed still giving Wall Street $85 billion a month the investor class is doing well. The lower/middle class not so much. Every billion that is "printed" diminishes the buying power of the dollar. Income inequality has increased under this President who promised fairness. Add in Obamacare, increased taxes and thousands of regulations on small businesses and all that money just sits there.

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May-04-13 5:06 PM

The labor force stood at 155,654,000 in January and was at 155,238,000 last month. Meaning over 400,000 people have given up since the beginning of the year.

While it's good to see anything in the plus column job wise, these are mainly part time, retail and service industry jobs. Goods producing jobs were down 6000 and mfg jobs flat.

From the BlS Report, "In April, the number of persons employed part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers) increased by 278,000 to 7.9 million".

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May-04-13 6:29 PM

Wonderliar, nope Bush did it the old fashion way : 7.4 MILLION new jobs created = BOOMING ECONOMY with a deficit of $162 Billion 2007. 52 straight months of economic growth, unmatched by any presidents ever.

Obama SPENT $1.2 Trillion with interest to BUY the economy yet is is a feeble shadow of what it was under Bush.


Real unemployment rate is over 11% and 17 million people and EVERYBODY on MAIN STREET KNOWS IT!

Tell us how many Quantitative Easings occurred under Bush???

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May-04-13 6:31 PM

Ain't no THEORY, Raver1758, FACT dude.

Fewer people employed NOW than back when the CARTER disaster was ravaging the economy.

If EVERYBODY quits looking for a job, the unemployment is ZERO, which is why the rate is going down now, NOT new jobs.

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May-04-13 6:35 PM

Oldphart, Oweblahma got 50.5% of the popular vote . He LOST the popular vote in 85% of the counties in the USA.

He is the President of the GHETTOS and high density urban centers of the USA, NOT the Heartland of America.

He got more votes in Cuyahoga county Ohio than there are PEOPLE in Cuyahoga county and he got 100% of the vote in 19 precincts in Philadelphia which is statistically impossible, hence voter fraud.

But I'm glad you live in pizzant rural area of a Red State and stabbed your neighbors in the back. I'm sure you are real proud.

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May-05-13 2:11 AM

lol. so many lies. so many living in fear and gloom. why not try growing up and do something about it instead of crying on a blog? that means you will have to leave the house..nevermind. wrait is ruled by a black man lol.

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May-05-13 2:12 AM

lol rover. guess they never get tired of being wrong. their life must really blow lol.

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