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Ohioans Bracing for Cuts To Federal Jobless Benefits

May 4, 2013

CINCINNATI (AP) — These days, the only dates Richard Crowe takes his wife on are hunts for bargains at the grocery store....

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May-05-13 5:34 PM

Ohio, obama doesn't need your votes anymore, so he is cutting your benefits. LOL Elections have consequences!

The average weekly compensation of around $313 a week will drop to about $263 for Ohioans when they enter the federal benefits program or move to a new stage within the program, state officials say. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services estimates the total reduction will amount to $25 million between now and the end of the federal fiscal year, Sept. 30.

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May-04-13 2:49 PM

OH, I LOVE this. Here we have some guys who are out of work, cryin' because the gravy train of the steel mills finally came to a halt and left the tracks. Hmmm. I can barely find any decent employees at my business, but do any of these guys bother to apply? Nope. They want to walk in off the street and make what they were making at the mill, which was probably $ 25+/hour! SORRY - here, you work, you get the hours. Another thing about poor Mr. Crowe: Look at his FB page - total complete stooge Democrat - likes for Sherrod Brown and Obummer and Biden. Maybe he should go yell at them for the problem; they sure didn't help!

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May-04-13 2:16 PM

Appears to me that the economy is improving and employment is up un-employment is down. If you don't believe me; Just ask Obama & his kiss A####.

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May-04-13 12:56 PM

unemployment should be funded by business that shipped jobs out of the country and sell products back into the country.

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May-04-13 12:54 PM

It is not poverty so much as pretence that harasses a ruined man- the struggle between proud mind and empty purse- the keeping up hollow show that must soon come to an end. Have the courage to be temporairly proud poor and you will disarm poverty of it's sharpest sting. Mrs Jameson

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May-04-13 10:03 AM

loghog, You ever heard of FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax) that is paid by employers? States also levy the tax on payroll. Goberment collects the tax and then pays people that are unemployed with the "collected" tax....Not sure why peeps think unemployment, social security and medicare are goberment handouts!

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May-04-13 6:19 AM

But but but the Recession ended n 2010 and everything is rosy, according to the Liar in Chief???

You mean Owebama$ Economy is SMOKE and MIRRORS??


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May-04-13 6:18 AM

Receiving over $1000/ month for doing nothing is still more than some working poor make. Sure it's a big "Change" from making the big money of the past. So what. Join the rest of us and take any job you can find and stop living off the Govt. I surprised even myself at how little money is needed to survive when my high paying job went down the drain with the company in 2009

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