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Many With Pre-Existing Conditions May Be Out of Luck

Obamacare cost overrun puts lifeline for ‘uninsurables’ at risk

May 4, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of people with serious medical problems are in danger of losing coverage under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul because of cost overruns, state officials sa....

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May-04-13 6:05 AM

gee what a great system, by design? pass a law allowing insurance companies to get high cost high risk people off their rolls and onto the federal rolls, at the same time, have no funding for the federal high risk peoples bills to be paid. Cloward and Piven anyone

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May-04-13 6:15 AM

But But But it all SOUNDED good when the LIAR in CHIEF was pitching Obamascare to the American People.

It has NOT even STARTED and it has ALREADY FAILED!!!

You ain't seen nothing yet!!

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May-04-13 7:30 AM

daMoron strikes again. Teapublicans have been fighting the plan from day one. They won't vote for anything the president proposes and complain without providing any solutions to the problem. You should feel some compassion for sick people with preexisting conditions. The same compassion I have for whomever has to listen to your sorry *** all day. TeaPublicans are more worried about their minor flight delay at the airport than sick kids.

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May-04-13 8:41 AM

Democrats wanted Universal HealthCare!!!!! Our only mistake was compromising!!

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May-04-13 9:56 AM

wvcoffee, Read-up on the CHIP (Children Health Insurance Program) before you start claiming "sick" kids are being denied health insurance. CHIP has been around since 1997, pre-obomacare!

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May-04-13 10:41 AM

Let's recount the lies.

1) We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it (a lie in the sense that members of Congress should know-word for word-what is in any bill they are voting on).

2) This will lower costs for all Americans. (Premiums are spiking anywhere from 10-40%).

3) Pre-existing needs will be covered. (Apparently not).

4) You will be able to keep your own doctor. (Ah, NO.)

5) The law will bring Universal Healthcare. (Except to government employees, unions and hundreds of other connected groups that have been granted special exemptions in order to keep their cheaper, better health care).

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May-04-13 10:51 AM

Everything is moving along just fine under Obamacare. This is a designed step in the process to legally exterminate the sick to reduce the financial strain on the budget. More to come and all designed by the current regime to create an Aryan nation of super healthy citizens.

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May-04-13 2:20 PM

This just can not be true! Obama promised improvement and idiots like Pelosi supported him.

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May-04-13 2:42 PM

More Ricin in your WVCoffee? Cute name-calling but utterly vacuous commentary.

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May-04-13 5:11 PM

The height of hypocrisy w/ Obamacare! Your still a child at 26 and can stay on your parents policy, but your adult at 15 to qualify for unsupervised abortion drugs.

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May-04-13 6:44 PM

WvCoughy"You should feel some compassion for sick people with preexisting conditions."

Well yes I feel compassion for your mental illness and retardation.

May I offer you a donation to pay for your mental care?

Cough! Cough!

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May-04-13 6:52 PM

coffee states, "TeaPublicans are more worried about their minor flight delay at the airport"

The vote to end air traffic controllers furloughs was UNANIMOUS in the DEM controlled Senate. That means EVERY Democrat was obviously worried about flight delays.

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May-05-13 8:09 AM

How come we can afford 25,000 nuclear weapons but not health care? Come on people, wise up to these right wing Fascists!!!!

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May-05-13 9:14 AM

oldmansdementia, maybe because the Constitution specifies one of the few functions of a federal government is to PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE. Health care wasn't on the list.

Or maybe 25K nukes are CHEAP when compared with the cost of health care.

How about we spend 25,000 nukes on health care, dummy? That would be about 1/4 of a Billion as compared with over 2000 BILLION estimated cost of Obamacare.

Deal or NO Deal??

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May-05-13 9:16 AM

OH and BTW is the FASCISTS who favor government health care, not patriots.

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May-05-13 9:45 AM

my health insurance just went up 40%. being self employed the cost is mine. No I do not make a lot of $$ as the left would like to say. But yet my increase is due to the Insurance Co. having the green light from obammy care to raise the rate. I was told to expect another large increase next yr.

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May-05-13 9:48 AM

This was all predictable.

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May-05-13 9:51 AM

Next thing you know, there will be "Death Panels"!

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May-05-13 4:54 PM

A new bill advancing through the Texas Legislature would allow doctors to decide when you die, giving them the authority to issue “Do Not Resuscitate” orders regardless of the wishes expressed by patients or their families.

The legislation, known as Texas S.B. 303, is sponsored by State Sen. Bob Duell, vice chair of the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. Duell is a Republican, and the GOP holds the majority in the chamber. The bill has already been approved by the committee.

“This should scare a lot of people because what this bill says is that a doctor can impose a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order, write it into the patient’s chart even over the patient’s objection,” said Burke Balch, director of the National Right to Life Committee’s Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics.

Balch told WND the patient would be left with few options.

“The patient could then appeal to an ethics committee. In the meantime, until that appeal is registered, if the person goes in

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May-05-13 7:55 PM

FWIW, I did a little research on this issue that can be summed up by the following quote:

"Why is PCIP enrollment being suspended? PCIP is a temporary program for those locked out of the current insurance marketplace. The program has a limited amount of funding from Congress.

Based on program experience and trends since the start of the program, PCIP enrollees have serious and expensive illnesses with significant and immediate health care needs. More information can be found in the Annual Report on the Implementation and Operation of the PCIP Program at ***********

This suspension will help ensure that funds are available through 2013 to continuously cover people currently enrolled in PCIP."

Now, does this sound like some nefarious plot to undermine the U.S. health system? Some folks need to pull their heads out of their *** and come up for air in the real world.

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May-05-13 8:12 PM

log:The public will be forced into a national plan soon as more and more costs are shifted to private payers.Single pay is best now for everyone:Medicare/Medicaid for all.Our USA hybrid system is not going to work much longer.

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May-06-13 2:19 PM


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May-06-13 4:50 PM

log- My insurance didn't increase, plus I received a refund due to the legislature. Insurance companies now must reimburse monies that are not spent on HEALTH care. PLUS, this new law will also allow people to secure health insurance.

Wheeldog- Thanks for the TRUTH!

Getaclue - DITTO!

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May-06-13 9:48 PM

What is the name of this insurance company wonderwhy? I'm sure your agent will get a lot of new business.

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May-06-13 9:56 PM

Christian values include taking care of the sick and the poor. But we do not need the government to do it.

What Christians do have a problem with are the slothes. Being mentally and physically able to provide for themselves, but choosing not to is laziness, one of the seven deadly sins. Or, a cardinal sin.

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