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Reject Marijuana Legalization Plan

May 7, 2013

No matter what states do, possession of marijuana for recreational use is banned by federal law. And no matter how widespread its illegal use, serious questions remain about its safet....

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May-12-13 12:14 AM

and it will tone down hyper-active people whom also cause accidents.

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May-10-13 3:26 PM

There are many jobs that require the employee to be sharp for the safety of others. Coal miners for example are drug tested for a good reason. Pot smokers may be more mellow than other substances, but their reactions are slowed, which could cause life or death situation for others. They do cause accidents.

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May-09-13 8:55 AM

i will always say that if this stuff is illegal then so should alcohol.the government has never come up with a good argument of why alcohol is still legal.i would suspect that a lot of them are drinkers.any drug[alcohol included]that can make you black out should never be legal unless prescribed by a doctor.get real and start taxing this stuff.reject alcohol.if you grew up with two drunk parents you would know this isn't what you want.

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May-09-13 1:02 AM


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May-09-13 1:02 AM

Whgbefleeing, ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz........

Nobody give a rat's sphincter about your pathetic inferiority comple

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May-09-13 1:00 AM

Bloomin, Jeff, WWU-thanks for an intelligent conversation here!

Well Jeff MaryJane is way less of a problem driving than Alcohol. How many horrid fatal crashes are caused by pot smokers? It slows the reflexes some I'm sure but pot makes people mellow not aggressive fools like booze. But yeah judgement is impaired with any subtance.

Her-oin or meth on the other hand can screw up your judgement bad enough that DUI is proper term.

Also driving impairment with MJ is DOSE DEPENDENT so there is a difference in how stoned you are just as in alcohol, but it is harder to measure and THERE may be the problem.

So maybe legalize it but keep the DUI requirements to prevent Stoners from driving?

I have been to a lot of concerts where the air was thick with pot and I did not feel I came away high, maybe just a little sick to my stomach.

My 2 cents!

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May-08-13 10:36 PM

I agree Jeff. I dont want to breath it, but most obvious, cant be stoned and driving, since it stays in system for days, how will that be monitored. I have not done enough research to answer. I did believe that it would never be legalized because of this. If it is legal, you may be a bus driver or truck driver and use on your time off. Employers cannot prevent use and monitor as they can alcohol. I was wrong. It may be coming.

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May-08-13 10:28 PM

Let's assume that marijuana use becomes legal. I'm dead-set against it, but let's assume that it does. Where do you limit its use to? Certainly, you cannot allow it to be used in public areas where responsible adults will be exposed to second-hand smoke from someone's drug habit. So, are the idiots who can't find enough enjoyment in life that they don't have to get high going to be limited to their homes? Marijuana cafes? What about using and then driving? If you want to limit its use to confined areas where non-users don't have to be exposed to it, I might be swayed. After all, why not tax dumbasses?

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May-08-13 8:28 PM

wrath-I agree with your reasoning. Im not a user and not loosing any sleep over it. But the prisons are full and yes WVU is right, but drug court is also a waste of money. They still use, just look for ways to wool over eyes. I dont want to pay for pot heads in jail or in court. If not committing crime, could care less if legal.

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May-08-13 8:20 PM

just docked the boat. went thru the locks twice today. I asked about the cost and they said it is minimal. had to laugh at morons on this site who sit in a dark room and try to bring others down to their sorrow.

have a peach of a day. lol.

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May-08-13 8:16 PM

nah..just don't have time to waste on a web site like you do. I have a life that I love living. sorry some of you don't. to smoke, drink up and post your hate to make yourself feel better lol.

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May-08-13 6:19 PM

WWU I voted to legalize MJ in Calif, believe it or not.

IT LOST by a fair margin, 62% against!

I don't use any drugs and don't like POT HEADS, but the jails here and everywhere are full of kids with penny ante drug convictions.

The criminal "justice" system in the USA takes a lot of kids and just makes them into PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS, not reformed "good" citizens.

That's my two cents,sir, thanks for asking!

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May-08-13 10:42 AM

i'm so confused!

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May-08-13 8:25 AM

whefleeing : I have to(sic) much fun to spend that much time to research for a website that don't (sic) pay me. you a wanna be reporter?"

As opposed to a professional IDIOT like yourself??

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May-08-13 12:44 AM

sorry whgfeeling-I enjoy a little information on such topics from time to time. I have enough time to waste, no place that important that I have to be, and not tied to a cell phone.

I am interested in others opinions. While I dont use pot medically or for recreation, have to admit, my knowledge is pretty much second hand. So I am on the fence about it. Not at the top of my issues, thought this article was kind of good as not, thus far, no name calling or insults, which is a rare occassion. Thanks for sharing your expertise on the value of others home life. Feel better being enlightened.

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May-08-13 12:23 AM

I think it's absolutely rediculous to for pot to be illegal for medical or personal use aside of persons under the age. I used to smoke it. I only quit because I quit smoking cigs and just don't want to breathe any smoke in my lungs at all. It never lead to me being addicted to anything. Addiction is a personality disorder. It can be physical I suppose in other drugs but I am in my fifties and I don't know any one addicted to pot. I do know people who like to smoke it but their world doesn't come to an end and they don't lose the ability to function with out it.

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May-07-13 11:36 PM

"...the science concerning marijuana intoxication remains uncertain, at best."

No other herb on earth has been studied as extensively as marijuana. This plant has been grown and studied by the gubbmint for fifty years. The only results released to date were discredited by whistleblowers long ago.

What the gubbmint and this writer are really saying is that they haven't been able to prove any harmful effects yet, but they are pretty sure they will someday. In the meantime, stay away from it. Stick with alcohol and the pills that line your medicine cabinet.

The real reason for prohibitions on drugs by gubbmints is that the drugs make you think for yourself, and that scares gubmints more than anything.

Here's my "acceptable claim", straight from the constitution: "...the pursuit of happiness."

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May-07-13 9:54 PM

booze is the biggest gateway there is.

thinking? serious? you put this much effort into a third rate blog? lol. not much of a home life eh? lol. I have to much fun to spend that much time to research for a website that don't pay me. you a wanna be reporter?

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May-07-13 8:09 PM

I know that you are right and that there are false positives due to prescriptions such as SSRI's and others. Much of legal system(that does testing) denies knowledge of this, and when someone shows positive and denies, they say they never heard of this. Very concerning. I know someone who was applying for disability and was denied because of all the mix ups in drug/alcohol testing. She would be tested 2 places on the same day within hours and test different. Nobody believes and addict. This is a problem. Professionals need to have the truth

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May-07-13 8:00 PM

WVU-are you saying that celexa shows positive for thc? I know someone on ? meds that showed trace alcohol and amphedimines-swore not used and conviced judge to use scram bracelet. Urine test continued positive-scram negative.

You will not be arrested for Adderoll. Unfortunately, half the kids in area are on this and college students often abuse. Does not show on breathalizer and if it did, it is legal to drive and consume alcohol (up to .08) as anyone else. It is the other meds such as pain meds and alcohol mixed that you can be arrested for even if alcohol is under .08. In other words, if on pain meds, drink nothing if driving-even if its been hours. Celexa is anti depressant that can be used to treat symptoms of ptsd. Any of these may may increase risk of suicide. When you say mess with TBI-??what is tbi?

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May-07-13 4:37 PM

I am not advocating for legalization, but I agree about lacking proof of it being a gateway drug. Im not convinced that legalizing/legitimizing its use would be good for many other reasons in our society.

If you drive a school bus, and you want to have a few beers on sat. night, it will not be in your system on monday morning. Not true with marajuana. There is evidence, and I have witnessed, lack of motivation with regular users. I also know people who regularly use due to medical or ptsd that claim that it helps. Mean drunks might benefit from mellowing out too. Rather see them laughing than crying and fighting.

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May-07-13 3:28 PM

I strongly encourage supporters of mari juana legalization to demand their Congressmen publically express their support for legalization. Citizens, don’t vote for any candidate who doesn't put legalization at the top of their legislative priority list. I can’t think of a better way to clean house in the Senate. And the House.

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May-07-13 3:01 PM

"They also understand marijuana is a gateway drug leading to use of provably dangerous substances such as painkiller pills and even ******." ---------------------------- 1 out of 102 marijuana users goes on to become an habitual user of any "hard" drug. So much for your "gateway" nonsense. On the other hand, 100% of ****** users started out drinking milk.

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May-07-13 2:27 PM

Thank goodness the Ohio Valley has this editorial board to help defend its citizens against the evils of cannabis.

Despite logic and science, this board knows that first-time users face a lifetime of ****** addiction with a single puff. Despite what economists, entrepreneurs, and legislatures are finding out in states such as Colorado, there is no justification for ending this prohibition, because--as we all know--prohibition works! Any citizen who possesses this dangerous plant--despite any and all prior contributions to society--must be incarcerated and their property confiscated if we hope to remain a free people!

The federal government (especially the DEA) knows what is best for us...and that is that responsible adults using cannabis in the privacy of their own homes is a great threat to our society, the safety of our children, and the freedoms we hold dear. Huzzah to the editorial board!

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May-07-13 9:43 AM

This looks like a great paper to submit if you're trying to get into a conservative journalism school to prove you can toe the line regardless of how ridiculous the argument.

The gateway drug is for fools who don't understand the difference between causation and correlation in statistics. If you buy the gateway theory, you must not be educated in statistics.

Prohibition literally creates crime and endangers our youths with harsh punishments for an at worst poor life decision.

Every sign of reason points towards legalization. Don't be stupid.

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