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‘Journalism, Not Activism’ Sought by Filmmaker

‘FrackNation’ director: Most who understand drilling method support it

May 7, 2013

TRIADELPHIA — “FrackNation” Director Phelim McAleer said his documentary film is not intended to help the natural gas and oil industry make more money — it is only designed “to tell the truth....

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May-08-13 6:23 PM

Why does this newspaper only have a Shale support site? Why not a health issue, analysis findings and reports of the traffic accidents like the one that killed 2 little boys in Clarksburg, the flaring and emissions readings for each area and the report of crimes by drilling employees? Ask Mr McAleer to define his understanding of the word, truth. We have a problem with great and widening cultural differences in our country. And we have a narrowing of the number of families who have middle-class resources and income. We need to pray.

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May-07-13 10:00 PM

All that fuss about the Keystone pipeline and the aquifer? Thought you would like to know, there are several thousand oil and gas wells that are drilled right through that aquifer, most of them decades old. There are also well over 10,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines in the area, again mostly decades old. So tell me, econuts, how a pipeline built to twentyfirst century standards, the strictest they have ever been, with inspectors staring at every weld,is more dangerous that all that other stuff?

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May-07-13 9:55 PM

For the braindead among you, a few facts. Fracking is often described as a new technique. It isn't. It's been in use for six decades. It's just a more controllable form of shooting the well. "Shooting the well"? They used to put nitro down oil wells and set it off, helped get the oil to flow freely. That's been done for well over a century. Old man Rockefeller did it. BTW, how on earth can fracking rock five miles deep pollute the water a thousand feet down? Also, standard practice is to put linings in the wells, with concrete pumped down to fill up the well outside the liner. That's what they used to make in Benwood.

You people are idiots.

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May-07-13 11:26 AM

So acoustic, I suppose if you really believe fracking has caused damage that’s reality. Let wonderwhy know right away, because he’s desperately searching for some evidence and yours is as good as any other evidence I’ve heard.

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May-07-13 10:56 AM

Reality is what we believe is reality.

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May-07-13 8:04 AM

good luck trying to find journalism in America. We have even seen the buzzwords today, Halliburton and Cheney and Bush but not really a response to the point made. I was a Sierra Club member when we used to oppose coal and strive for clean water act implementation. In fact, we lobbied to do away with coal and replace it with clean burning natural gas. But OMG we actually have that and so we have to protest that too. So the point is to be "anti" and cool and superior and just spout buzzwords. There are people who are just in love with being against things and in the case of gas, it is so much better than coal. But its here so we have to protest that. Lets chant company names and blame Bush, its is serious fun..and lets sing some stuff too. BTW Wonder, Obama got 18X more corporate money, a Dem Senate and Obama in office nearly 6 yrs. How do you trot out Bush stuff still? You know the people who blocked the Clean Air/Water Act were Rockefeller and Byrd dontcha? Voted for

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May-07-13 7:52 AM

If fracking has caused so much harm why can’t the loons cite specific details about individuals who have been harmed? Just more unsubstantiated fearmongering by the anti-drilling loons and the low information gaggle they’ve fooled.

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May-07-13 7:46 AM

100 years worth of gas?100 years from now we'll be back to using long will the haliburton act be in effect?100 years?some smart person will come along one day and say"isn't this favoritism" for the gas companies.if all other industry in this country was shown this same favoritism by the government we might have something here that's american made.go ahead and pollute all you want[air,ground and water].the government can't be sued.the people of wellsburg were subjected to this fracking fluid being dumped directly into the river right at our water treatment plant.and it was allowed.this was viewed by many people.there is distrust of our government for allowing this.there is distrust of the gas companies for not voluntarily telling us what they were dumping.somebody had to know better than to dump this crap right where the drinking water comes from.journalism,activism,common sense?

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May-07-13 7:41 AM

The "posibility of industrial accidents" are a reality. Two major spills in two months here in Wyoming County in NE PA plus a drilling mud blowout in a creek. A compressor station incident and at least 3 dehydrator station incidents this past year as well. We are sadly leaving our children a legacy for the $$$. Haven't we learned anything from history of coal mining? So many exemptions from regulations that would ensure protection and ensure health safety. Is it any wonder the former President Bush bought one of the largest aquifers in the world. . .water is quickly becoming more valuable than gas or oil.

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May-07-13 7:29 AM

"Exempts from the Safe Drinking Water Act a coalbed methane drilling technique called “hydraulic fracturing,” a potential polluter of underground drinking water. One of the largest companies employing this technique is Halliburton, for which Vice President Richard Cheney acted as chief executive officer in the 1990s. This exemption would kill lawsuits by Western ranchers who say that drilling for methane gas pollutes groundwater by injecting contaminated fluids underground. Only 16 companies stand to significantly benefit from this exemption from clean water laws: Anadarko, BP, Burlington Resources, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, Devon Energy, Dominion Resources, EOG Resources, Evergreen Resources, Halliburton, Marathon Oil, Oxbow (Gunnison Energy), Tom Brown, Western Gas Resources, Williams Cos and XTO. These companies gave nearly $15 million to federal candidates—with more than three-quarters of that total going to Republicans

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