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WJU Planning New Residential Facility

Zone change sought for new apartments

May 8, 2013

WHEELING — Wheeling Jesuit University wants to build a multi-story residential complex on Washington Avenue as it seeks to address a shortage of housing for students and younger faculty members, cit......

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May-08-13 6:33 PM

Perhaps the complex will be entered from the top of the campus. Wheeling Central has needed a home for its athletics for years. A decision to build the school downtown negated hindsight the Elm Grove area would have allowed these things. It makes perfect sense to have the Catholic high school work with the Jesuit university if it lives the mission of educating its students in the faith. Making allowances in tuition for WV students would help immensely in getting them to enroll at WJU. Costs of that education, coupled with the high cost of high school, leaves these kids in enormous debt. Still, working together makes a lot of sense. The CCHS bashing is getting just plain stupid.

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May-08-13 6:21 PM

If they want 36 new units on Washington Avenue, they will have to put ANOTHER traffic light in. There will be no way for people to get in and out of this complex given the current road setup.

As for the Diocese-please. Father Julio was canned because he was trying to work on a deal to buy the Mount from the Sisters.

Wheeling Hospital bought the Mount for roughly $4 million and-oops-they "forgot" to file the required paperwork with the state until months after the demolition.

The Diocese claims it has nothing to do with anything but then forces out a good man, demolishes a historic building that was NOT in horrible shape and uses eminent domain to kick residents out of a neighborhood in order to built a playground for Wheeling Central.

And, yes, the Bishop does indeed live in a mansion with a very nice wine cellar. Some enterprising soul should post an address with directions.

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May-08-13 5:54 PM

I would assume most of the students will walk to campus from Washington Avenue complex. Sometimes there is time for change, even neighborhoods change. More students equals more employment, more money spent in the city. Some private housing may be lost, but perhaps a development on another hilltop will make up for that as we move forward. Housing downtown for the other students could still happen. Growing pains. We have colleges and they are helping to change the face of a dying city as oil and gas gives us new job opportunities as our young people train for them and live here. Let's grow and not grumble all the time.

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May-08-13 2:01 PM

Well-- Here goes more property off the tax rolls. Now they will have to raise our taxes to make up for it. WJU {Idon't know wher they get the U"have always said they wanted the whole block. Did anyone ever see an octopus? This is what the Diocese is becomming. They want to reach out and own too much.Look at a city map and see how much they control, including the bishop's mansion.

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May-08-13 12:44 PM

Most people have no idea how much property WJU owns on Washington Ave already. Having seen the MASTER PLAN some 15 years ago it showed the entire campus bordering Washington Ave. Why is it that everytime there is a plan for PROGRESS the NAY-SAYERS come out of the woodwork?

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May-08-13 12:14 PM

Our colleges are a growing force for progress in our city. When WJU was built, it was embraced by the community as a boon to our local young people. Colleges grow and that is a good thing. This particular growth is contiguous to the college's campus and sometimes change happens that can be upsetting. However, I anticipate that WJU will continue to be a good neighbor. Wheeling has a history of not wanting change, but we cannot be stagnant. Good luck to the college.

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May-08-13 10:16 AM

Save Washington Ave from this deal. Here is an idea. Bishop Bransfield could do as Pope Francis says and move into the "Bishop's Residence" next to the Cathedral. Then they could use his "mansion" with his full time celler..heated towel bars..ect. ect. as a new residence for the students. Like the Pope along side of your flock..not above them.

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May-08-13 9:45 AM

Two bad names here, Bedway and WJU, the Mayor supports this? This will destroy Washington Ave property values and home owners need to beware and speak up.

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May-08-13 8:31 AM

I'm an RC, but I have to agree with a lot of what Triton said. There is little doubt that the Diocese participated in the destruction of an entire city block of historical property in East Wheeling recently with marginal benefit to the community as a whole.

Although Jesuit and the Diocese are not the same, they do seem to sometimes exhibit the same tendencies. I believe the Mount De Chantal land was reserved for Wheeling Hospital use and can not be used by Jesuit... different entities, but having the school encroach on a residential neighborhood like this should be met with at least some skepticism. While basically any development is good for a struggling community like Wheeling, good neighborhoods can not be replaced once they are demolished. Could this be a prelude for even more encroachment? One has to wonder.

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May-08-13 8:15 AM

WJU has always shown to be a ruthless neighbor to the people who live in that area. Plopping a dorm down there is bad for the neighborhood (yes cities are for people) and would cause traffic and noise nightmares on Washington Ave. They are building a football field on campus for private use and the Diocese just blew up the Mt. De Chantal which is a large plot of land right adjacent to the campus. This is just another example of WJU and the Diocese crushing people and families and neighborhoods. No to this. As an RC I can say that Catholic administrators are the most heartless people in the world and prove it time after time. Put your dorm on campus/the Mount, leave families alone. Surprise us, be considerate of others.

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May-08-13 5:48 AM

Why is the Boy Mayor supportive of the expansion of non-profit (tax exempt) status to more taxable properties? Yes, Jesuit owns a few of these but two or three others are privately owned. That is less tax money coming in each year.

Why not support for profit businesses that actually pay taxes?

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May-08-13 5:46 AM

The federal government needs to get out of the education/financial aid business altogether. It is unconstitutional not to mention immoral.

Until colleges like Jesuit learn to run like businesses and attract paying customers, we will continue to see our current crisis. Kids are borrowing $100,000 to get a degree in gender studies or some other worthless major.

If colleges were on the hook for these loans, would they still offer worthless degrees? Would they still worry about headcount and not about quality?

Make colleges co-sign for any loan a student receives and we will see how fast they get their act together.

Trust me, unless they are a graduate (most likely volunteering in a soup kitchen someplace), no one outside of a 50-mile radius has ever heard of Jesuit.

The degree is no better than West Lib so why does it cost 4 times as much?

Beyer is no dummy. He is jumping ship before the feds come calling.

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May-08-13 4:56 AM

no. use the land to build houses or apt for families who are here all year long and work in the area.

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