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Belmont Sheriff: Gunfire Justified

Bellaire woman held in connection with escape attempt

May 10, 2013

BELLAIRE — Police Chief Mike Kovalyk and Belmont County Sheriff Dave Lucas said a deputy was justified when he shot out a tire of a would-be getaway car Thursday morning in the Eastern Division Cour......

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May-10-13 8:00 AM

Should have shot the drug dealer not the tires.

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May-10-13 8:22 AM

Who even questioned the shooting? The cop did what had to be done and did it admirably.

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May-10-13 8:24 AM

The TV stations exaggerated this incident in a pitiful way. They headlined it with shots ring out in an Ohio coutroom. And then made it sound like there was a shootout, when it was just the police who fired shots. TV news is so trashy and false. They always seem like kids wanting to have the big story, something that sounds like a big story from some place else. Anyhow, this incident is just more fall out from the invasion of the drug gangs from the big cities. They are claiming turf. I think the police are up to the task, but I don't think the courts are going to sentence people heavy enough to discourage them from doing their gang murders and drugs here. TV kids would be so happy if we had gang violence on the streets so they could read stories to us and look all network like. Their reporting on incidents is so full of baloney its not worth watching. Newspapers are still the most professional, reliable source of real news. TV sells us news like a commercial, newspaper don't

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May-10-13 8:51 AM

"justified when he shot"..."parking lot that was populated with bystanders"....

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May-10-13 8:55 AM

Of course they were justified in shooting out the tires, they would have been justified in shooting both criminals too. That Plaza area is full of young children with their parents, always. I like the comment. "I have $1,000 bond money" If she had any money at all it was probably for crack. When these two get out of jail, drive them out of the community, send them to Wheeling or Steubenville when they can do whatever they want with impunity.

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May-10-13 1:23 PM

though I cannot bring myself to care much about the defendant, isn't it a police rule that you cannot fire unless countering lethal force. Can't fire at someone running away, can't fire at vehicles etc. I think maybe thats why the Sheriff was pointing out that they could have run someone down. Might not be justified in terms of policy but hey I was not there and don't know. I agree that they needed to be stopped, and maybe we can say that if they had gotten out of the parking lot it would be a chase (though chasing a Fiat could not be much). That the Sheriff was quick to say it was justified might mean its questionable. No harm though and it worked so thats OK with me.

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May-10-13 1:34 PM

The real issue here is that poor tire. It didn't deserve to be shot out. It was just doing it's job.

In all seriousness, job well done there by the departments. I'm glad to see they didn't let them get away, which would just lead to more manpower, hours and taxpayer dollars. Well done!

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May-10-13 3:03 PM

Good Job. WPD ever catch that little gold car that caused the cruiser to hit another car and then fled the scene of the accident it caused? I hope so. Get them criminals.

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May-10-13 4:20 PM

At least the getaway cars are getting snazzier around here. If they had been using the Abarth version of the Fiat 500, they might have had a chase on their hands.

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May-10-13 6:41 PM

Shooting out tires may make for good TV entertainment on miami vice but it has no place in RESONSIBLE law enforcement!

As ANY tactical instructor will tell you, shooting out a tire on a moving vehicle can have VERY bad outcomes!

First of all most of these officers are lousy shots so the possibility of missing by a mile and killing innocent civilians is a VERY real possibility!

Secondly, the vehicle could crash into pedestrians, or other vehicles or buildings causing property damage

I have been PROPERLY trained in tactical use of firearms and I can tell you that there would be no way I would discharge my weapon in THIS situation!

Trigger happy cops have no place in society!!

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May-11-13 11:17 AM

Well evidently the cop had a good shot. Now they dont have a fugitive like WV putting the plane crashing cocaine dealer in low security and loosing him again. Again-good work.

The get away car snazzy-think it was from Maryland. Lol. If it was local, problably would have not made it out of park.

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