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Assessor Hires Ex-Commissioner

Padlow being paid from special account outside general fund

May 10, 2013

MOUNDSVIILLE — Marshall County Assessor Chris Kessler said experience and knowledge of the Marcellus shale industry were the deciding factors that prompted him to hire former county commissioner......

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May-10-13 1:23 AM

Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, smells like a duck........

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May-10-13 6:31 AM

Creates a position behind closed doors then hires his buddy. Boss Hog is alive and well in Marshall County. Kessler needs voted out next....

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May-10-13 7:15 AM

"Without financial backing from the commission, Kessler chose to fund the new position through an account controlled solely by the assessor's office. He said that account is separate from the general fund, which is administered by the commission. It was implemented more than 20 years ago by the state after state officials chose to reappraise property in the state."

How many "other" elected politicians have a "fund"?

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May-10-13 8:49 AM


A low-level, shock jock wanabe with a challenged past, decries the judgement of a stellar public official.

During Padlow's tenure as a Marshall County Commissioner,his colleagues; Mason & Shambaugh followed him around like baby ducks. All of a sudden, they are appalled at Assessor Kessler's decision to employ his talents. SHAME!

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May-10-13 8:54 AM

Millions of dollars are collected in Marshall County each year on property tax alone..they should one heck of a savings.

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May-10-13 9:21 AM

another job created by the drilling.

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May-10-13 10:42 AM

VV, Since Schambaugh only served two years with Padlow, it's possible Padlow helped him learn the ropes, but while possible, it's very hard to believe someone with Don Mason's experience, temperment,education, and business acumen followed anyone around like a "baby duck" when it comes to his job as commissioner.

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May-10-13 10:44 AM

Cronyism and Nepotism. It's not what you know it's who you know.

Marshall County residents should be incensed at the tactic used by Kessler.

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May-10-13 12:19 PM

The Kessler's are building a political empire in Marshall County! Why do the peeps keep voting for the same peeps?

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May-10-13 12:30 PM

Are all these cronyism and nepotism jobs, accounts is separate from the general fund, an other accounted fund by elected politicians legal, and positions behind closed doors legal in the State of WV? I wonder if an investigation by WV new State Attorney, State Auditor should be launch or if the Ethic Commission should be contacted to see if filling and making jobs like this if ethical under WV law behind close doors? Sunshine should be used to help all of West Virginia citizens share in the gas economy not a just a few.

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May-10-13 12:46 PM

Jobs, special accounts, nepotism, cronyism , taxes and lack of money is what all ethical politicians should be willing to expose. Has our politicians ever got around to reading the Sunshine Law in WV or maybe they never learn to read? Is it time to start a State investigation or Federal investigation of these practices before the new and old money is spent in all these accounts both past and present? Wonder if this is taxpayer money footing the accounts? HA HA HA

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May-10-13 12:49 PM

Next time Kessler runs for office, Marshall county residents should CAN HIM. Heard the radio interview this morning on WWVA and it seems that Kessler basically gave Padlow the job as a consolation prize for being "so stressed" after losing the election. Well than,*****- I've been stressed too, over our economy going to the toilet after Obama was elected, can I get a prize, too???

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May-10-13 1:10 PM

“Padlow's ... frequent involvement with the natural gas industry”? Seriously?

“Marshall County Commission. Those meetings were held behind closed doors, Kessler said, and he declined to give further comment”? Closed door meetings and no comments from your elected representative?

“Marshall County Commissioner Brian Schambach on Thursday said he would not discuss the position”? Another elected representative with no comment. Marvelous.

“Kessler chose to fund the new position through an account controlled solely by the assessor's office”? So that taxpayer-financed slush fund can be spent as Kessler sees fit, with no accountability or comment?

“the county commission also is not involved with hiring made through that account.” Then why the closed-door meeting with the commission, Barry?

“Padlow had no comment” Too bad. I’m sure it would have been amusing.

So much corruption. You elected some real winners, Marshall County. LOL

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May-10-13 2:18 PM

11-1C-8. Additional funding for assessors' offices; maintenance funding. (a) In order to finance the extra costs associated with the valuation and training mandated by this article, there is hereby created a revolving valuation fund in each county which shall be used exclusively to fund the assessor's office. No persons whose salary is payable from the valuation fund shall be hired under this section without the approval of the valuation commission, the hirings shall be without regard to political favor or affiliation, and the persons hired under this section are subject to the provisions of the ethics act in chapter six-b of this code, including, but not limited to, the conflict of interest provisions under chapter six-b of this code. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this code to the contrary, assessors may employ citizens of any West Virginia county for the purpose of performing, assessing and appraising duties under this chapter upon approval of the employment by

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May-10-13 2:24 PM

Why would the State Legislature EVER make this law? The County Commissions are "responsible" for the break-out of county funding. If the Assessor's office needs "additional" funding to do the required job, then the Commission would/could give them additional funds.

This seperate fund should just open the eyes of the sheeple....corruption at all quit voting in all the same peeps!

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May-10-13 4:27 PM

Does the word "investigation" and "audit" ring bells. They should, with Kessler being there for so long..well there could be errors? And Padlow even being allowed inside the County Bldg behooves me..oh well he does have alot of background in the drilling his bar over alot of drinks? Wake up Marshall County...get rid of them.

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May-10-13 7:18 PM

How much is in the fund?

When was it created?

Where does the money come from?

Where does it go?

Who has access to it?

Who audits it?

Who decides on the expenditures?

Will taxpayers ever see any of this money?

Was Barfight Jakey seriously the most qualified person available?

Was this job put out for anyone to apply?

If not, why?

Aren't all taxpayer funded jobs required to be advertised?

What are the job requirements?

What experience and education are necessary?

Does Jakey Barfight meet the necessary criteria?

Why do the people of Marshall County continue to vote for Kessler when it is obvious that he is shafting the taxpayers in order to maintain his (nearly) work-free lifestyle?

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May-10-13 7:29 PM

Here's a wild suggestion for the entire Ohio Valley: pay attention to who is running for office. Look at what he or she has to say. Stop being mindless sheep, voting for the PARTY instead of the person.

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May-10-13 7:56 PM

Kessler may be sticking his neck out too far, but before he's run out of office, the Repubs have to RUN someone against him. LOL It's hard to beat "unopposed". Name recognition is still the biggest plus (ie Clark, Ealy, Mason)especially when Dems run a socialist like candidate at the top of the national ticket. Oh, I guess last election proved "bad" name recognition is a major negative.

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May-11-13 8:44 AM

Ragnar is right, where is the information on this fund? this sounds terribly a lot like former AG mcgraw's magic money fund. Time for all tax money to go into a general fund where it's use can be monitered and spent legally!

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May-11-13 9:06 AM

The more things change--the more they remain the same...Court House Cronies: same game--different players. Ahh--maybe this is a consolation prize for losing the commission race?

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May-11-13 8:00 PM

Maybe it is time to demand that our elected officials at city, county and state level start passing ethics laws, ordinance, and with stiff punishment to go along with violations. Call your elected official and give them an earful about these funds, closed backroom meetings, and the lack of representing the people for special interest.

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May-11-13 11:20 PM

This has to be the most lopsided AGREE/DISGREE ever. Padlow needs to "re-brand" himself with a PR campaign. Anthony Weiner and Larry Craig have better chances of making comebacks.

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May-12-13 12:05 PM


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