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IRS Targeted Tea Party Groups

Tax agency apologizes for playing politics in 2012 election

May 11, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Internal Revenue Service apologized Friday for what it acknowledged was “inappropriate” targeting of conservative political groups during the 2012 election to see if they were......

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May-11-13 1:03 AM

oh those silly people who claim there is conspiracy and the beltway bozos plots and spies on them.

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May-11-13 1:07 AM

did any involed employee recieve a performance award or evaluation since discovery ? It would indicate if their superiors were managers or in the dark career desk holders.

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May-11-13 5:08 AM

Yeah, let's get those "Tea Baggers"!

Bill & Hillary Clinton were guilty of the same crimes-using the IRS and the FBI to investigate political rivals and to harass groups that opposed them.

Only Barry Hussein Soetero's 50% black skin shade and the mindset (sheep) of the average Democrat will keep this guy from being impeached. The Arab Spring, drone strikes on Children, voting fraud, admitted hard drug use, hidden background, Benghazi, campaign finance violations and now, this?

Let's just say that George W. Bush would not fare so well if had done these same things.

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May-11-13 6:24 AM

Geez. So many morons in one place. Isn't Cantor and the House doing the same thing. Pursuing unsubstantiated claims of coverups, voting to repeal the Affordable Healthcare act 67 times. The IRS should be investigating these political hack parties pushing their crazy agendas. Citizen United will destroy our country!

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May-11-13 6:27 AM

Hey logmoronhog. There is no place for all your racist hate in this country. You claim to be a patriot. Act like it!

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May-11-13 7:05 AM

One nice thing about being a Democrit is when you’re caught committing a crime you can apologize and everything’s all better.

Naughty naughty IRS. Don’t abuse your power again, hear? Now go play. And no more felony thuggery or we’ll scold you again.

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May-11-13 7:52 AM


You are out of line. Calling House Republicans "extremist" for opposing ridiculous, unconstitutional and immoral legislation is simply asinine.

But, you are a Democrat, which means you support diversity if it is 100% minority, free speech if you agree with it and personal opinions if they conform to your views.

Requiring one citizen, at gunpoint, to pay for the health care (or any other need or want) of another citizen, if not specifically spelled out in the Constitution, is unlawful and immoral.

But what do liberals care about morals or the law?

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May-11-13 8:08 AM

I disagree. Wvcoffee, you are right in line with the Democrit party talking points. When evidence of Democrit crimes emerges you accuse conservatives of abuse, call them crazy, and then change the subject. And when that foolishness doesn’t get any traction you call your opponent a racist.

Democrit political strategy by the numbers.

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May-11-13 8:52 AM

It appears from the foolishness of the remarks here that the posters to this blog do not understand the seriousness of what the IRS has done. An apology for targeting political individuals or groups is totally unacceptable and un-American and must not be tolerated.

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May-11-13 9:32 AM

President Obama was giving the commencement address at Arizona State University in 2009 where he "joked" about auditing the president of ASU and their board of regents .

Now what is more hilarious is the Dems "explanation" the FORMER IRS head was appointed by BUSH!!!!

So the official excuse: BLAME BUSH!!!

What a pathetic sick small minded bunch of azzwipes!

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May-11-13 10:02 AM

Labor is targeted by the right wing always. If this enflames the right should you also be enflamed when the left is attacked by the right? Under Bush, labor was attacked and pressured by audits like never before and nothing was found illegal. Was that also wrong or is it only wrong when your side is targeted?

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May-11-13 10:16 AM

President of NYC Painters Local Pleads Guilty to Fraud, Tax Evasion, w ww.nydailynews.c om/new-york/ex-metal-polishers-union-big-pleads-guilty-corruption-article-1.1312133

Former President of SEIU Local Found Guilty of Stealing Tens of Thousands of Dollars from Union and Failing to Report Income, w ww.dol.g ov/ebsa/pdf/cepr012813.pdf

Oops! NEA “discovered” they spent money on political expenditures, w ww.greeleygazette.c om/press/?p=9897

Nooooo hoopie. No tax laws broken by unions, ever. LOL

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May-11-13 10:41 AM

Hoopoe: Labor was not targeted per se. Organized labor unions are known to be infested with criminals at the top, and unfortunately the rank and file pay their dues which is then pilfered for the purchase of politicians. We need to stop the partisanship and demand open and honest government.

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May-11-13 11:24 AM

Both parties have been making moves to "spy" on the other party since the beginning of our Republic! "Best goberment in the World"!

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May-11-13 11:43 AM

One thing I will say for the liberals. They always obey the law. When it doesn't suit them- They change it.

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May-11-13 1:33 PM

I am a lifelong Dem and have even voted for the current idiot, but anyone trying to make excuses or point fingers elsewhere over this are deluded. Nixon used the IRS to target people too, so trying to alibi this unethical conduct makes you as bad as those who did it. And don't try to kid us about Obama didn't know or that some rogue clerk did this. This was systematic misuse of power, the kind of thing that people need to go to jail for or even be impeached. One of the major charges against Nixon was the use of IRS information for political advantage. When idiots babble socialism I used to laugh, but this single act by this administration may be the worst thing done in office since Nixon. So go ahead and try to alibi it, but its the absolute worst misuse of power we have seen since Watergate. OMG, I am now glad the House is controlled by the GOP, otherwise this conduct would just continue/grow and be covered up. Its a sign of runaway gov power. Stopped and punished now!

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May-11-13 3:05 PM

exact same as watergate without flashlamps and masks. same.

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May-11-13 6:19 PM

The Internal Revenue Service reports to the Secretary of the Treasury. The Sec of the Treasury was now other the the TAX CHEAT, Timothy Geithner, or known to most of us as Turbo Tax Timmy. By the way, Sec of the Tresuray reports directly to obama, he appointed him. So to blame some low level appointee from the Bush administration is just ridiculous.

Just another abuse of power and a cover up.

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May-11-13 7:54 PM

telling the truth is not a racist thing.... just as Obama being a big lie telling person... doesn't matter that he is black and white... he just tells lies.. that's what matters

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May-11-13 11:56 PM

See, I told you so:

Info to IRS When Obamacare’s individual mandate takes effect in 2014, all Americans who file income tax returns must complete an additional IRS tax form. The new form will require disclosure of a taxpayer’s personal identifying health information in order to determine compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

As confirmed by IRS testimony to the tax-writing House Committee on Ways and Means, “taxpayers will file their tax returns reporting their health insurance coverage, and/or making a payment”.

So why will the Obama IRS require your personal identifying health information?

Simply put, there is no way for the IRS to enforce Obamacare’s individual mandate without such an invasive reporting scheme. Every January, health insurance companies across America will send out tax documents to each insured individual. This tax document—a copy of which will be furnished to the IRS—must contain sufficient information for taxpayers to pr

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May-12-13 6:15 AM

Communism at work. Voters got what they voted for.

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May-12-13 7:16 AM

"Lois Lerner, who runs the IRS division that oversees tax-exempt organizations, knew about the targeting of Tea Party groups since June 29, 2011.

Lerner learned at a meeting that the groups were being targeted, according to the watchdog's report. At the meeting, she was told that groups with "Tea Party," `'Patriot" or "9/12 Project" in their names were being flagged for additional and often burdensome scrutiny, the report says. In addition, the Determinations Unit sent cases to a designated team of specialists to be worked that had issues including government spending, government debt, or taxes, or included statements in their files criticizing how the country is being run.

The 9-12 Project is a group started by conservative TV personality Glenn Beck."

How long until Beck and the groups SUE the Federal Government for Civil Rights violations? IRS already ADMITTED guilt, so lets see, maybe $100 Million or so for a fine on the IRS?

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May-12-13 7:39 AM

Zip, the IRShas been doing that since 2001. Are you calling Bush and cheney commies? If you watch Faux News you will never get this story straight.

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May-12-13 8:24 AM

So they've been targeting the Tea Party since 2001?? That's a good one!!

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May-12-13 12:08 PM

this really is a big deal. breach of trust to say the least.

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