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Where Is All The Gas Going?

Plan to export more of nation’s natural gas stirring debate

May 13, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — A domestic natural gas boom already has lowered U.S. energy prices while stoking fears of environmental disaster. Now U.S....

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May-13-13 7:32 PM

sold their GAS ---

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May-13-13 7:32 PM

Anybody who thinks the Government should regulate gas exports is a COMPLETE IDIOT devoid of understanding of the First Law of Economics.

Tell me something, Stupidos, Gasoline prices too high??? Just pass a law limiting the max gasoline price to say, oh, $3.50??

Hawaii tried that about 5 years ago. After a month there was massive gasoline shortages because companies sold their guess ELSEWHERE for more money.

Hawaii repealed the law in about a month.

THE ONLY REASON there is a flurry of drilling in the OV is the POTENTIAL for export. NG is at a historic LOW in price in the USA right now.

Cut off the EXPORTS and DRILLING will come to an END there until the DOMESTIC price is back to $8 a mcfm that it was in 2008.


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May-13-13 8:54 AM

"restricting trade to control prices 'is bad for the economy' and could (hamper) jobs and economic growth." How, exactly, can keeping the price of US domestic energy down be bad for the US domestic economy? If we export the gas, where are US "jobs and economic growth" supposed to come from? Drilling for gas does not employ that many people. Unemployment has actually gone up in some WV counties where much of the gas drilling has been going on. Unless we do something productive with the gas in the US, the only people who make money from it are gas company stockholders. They want to sell it overseas because the prices for gas, in Asia and parts of Europe, are much, much higher than they are here. They make more money shipping it overseas. If we, the people, are going to accept all of the risks to the environment posed by gas extraction, then, we, the people, should be the ones getting the most benefit from it - not the corporate cats atop the pyramid.

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May-13-13 8:34 AM

anything for a buck.

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May-13-13 8:13 AM

Amazing article that is both shocked that we have enough gas to export and then that we drill for it. I guess its just one of those planted articles that is supposed to upset us about drilling but its hard to say. Also, whether or not they export gas or oil falls solely within the power of the President. The very same President who granted more offshore driling permits to domestic and foreign oil companies than all other Presidents combined. Hmm, I thought we were suppoosed to chant that Bush was in oil's pocket. To understand Obama you have to disregard the image that is projected and look to what he actually does. He gave BP a pass in the Gulf when that disaster happened, was quiet as a church mouse. We spent $20 billion deposing the secular gov in Libya and who is it that operates the Libyan oil fields? BP.

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May-13-13 7:13 AM

Where is the big push to convert our vehicles, factories, power plants and homes to natural gas? Shouldn't Americans be the first in line to benefit from OUR natural resources? Our politicians have failed Americans on natural gas and oil. Again, Americans pay the price for the betterment of other countries.

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May-13-13 6:25 AM

FACT: Not one drop of Domestically Produced crude oil is sold to a foreign country other than Canada, who is the leading EXPORTER to the USA. Now gasoline and refined oil products ARE exported from the USA but they are mostly excess byproducts of the refining process.

FACT: Canadian oil from shale is sold to the USA at prices from $20 to $60 LOWER than OPEC sweet crude prices. Global prices my arse.

FACT: Energy exports FROM the USA could seriously change the lopsided balance of trade deficits the USA has always been running with foreign countries.

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May-13-13 3:29 AM

Benefit consumers? Of other countries. Oil production is up, yet so are prices. Why? Because of global demand. It's always one reason or another why prices are jacked up. Obama will consider the proposals until the companies offer more incentive, but the only Americans that will benefit are the producers.

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