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EPA to Have a Say on Frack Barges

Departments of Transportation, Energy and Coast Guard to weigh-in before plant gets go-ahead

May 14, 2013

WHEELING — GreenHunter Water wants to ship natural gas frack wastewater via barges from its proposed Warwood site, but several federal agencies must first sign off on the plan....

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May-14-13 11:46 PM

“unknown toxic fluids”? These fluids are well known – ask WVUGEO, he claims to know all about them - and are barely toxic – ask WVUGEO how much a picocurie is.

“unproven technologies”? They’ll be piping brine onto barges and pushing them down the river using good old-fashioned tugboats. Barely technology, and hardly unproven.

“common sense rarely prevails” To the anti-drilling gaggle? You said that right.

Allowing expedience to preempt morality is a liberal mentality. Explains why you loons have no problem with posting falsehoods to advance your agendas.

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May-14-13 4:57 PM

McCullochsLeap: A person of letters! Well said! Our compliments. Nice choice of quotes. Kesey is overlooked nowadays as the insightful observer of behavior/philosopher he was. Some of his spare time activities got him discounted, we think. Sums the situation up pretty well, doesn't it?

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May-14-13 1:39 PM

So mkhunt wants to shut down any industry along the river that looks like “a field of mud and pipes!!!”? Apparently mkhunt hasn’t been up and down the river much. This is an industrial area, mk. Industries have flourished up and down that river for a century. And IT’S NOT YOUR PROPERTY, so it’s pretty arrogant of you to tell the owner what he can and can’t do with it.

And look under your sink, mkhunt. Chances are you have lots of household products that contain ingredients made in similar fields of mud and pipes. Better stop using all modern chemical products, and shut off your home heating and electricity, because if you continue to use those products YOU’RE supporting those fields of mud and pipes. We non-loons call them "employers."

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May-14-13 1:01 PM

Close them down and make them pay for the damage already done. There is a "wildlife" pavillion by Natrium Marshall County border and River. a field of mud and pipes!!! The Price of Justice, Laurence Leamer has just been released and it reports the US Supreme Court findings on corruption in WV courts. It reads like a thriller! Only corruption has allowed the contamination so far and only justice will stop it. Support real testing and enforcement. Long term life and growth depend on safe water and air.

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May-14-13 9:56 AM

The frack waste won’t be going into the river. It will be going into barges to be shipped elsewhere for disposal, just like they ship lots of other “insanely toxic” chemicals by barge on this river.

You loons just don’t want the gas drilling here, so you’re misrepresenting what will be done at this facility, misrepresenting how much radium is actually present in fracking waste, and claiming damage here you can’t prove with a single example,... You can’t make your case with the truth, so you make ridiculous unfounded claims and straw man arguments.

When the loons succeed in driving all the industry elsewhere enjoy all the prosperity, Wheeling.

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May-14-13 9:43 AM

The frack waste might likely contain radium, which is insanely toxic and hazardous, in addition to a bunch of other very nasty stuff. You might not think so, but, you absolutely do not want this stuff anywhere near your source of drinking water. If you research the subject, you will discover that the Coast Guard, as mentioned herein as someone who must approve the plans, has so far refused to approve a very similar project proposed a long time ago to be built near Charleston.

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May-14-13 9:00 AM

they didn't get fined for dumping this stuff in the river before.hopefully someone in the epa has some common sense and makes them move to a less populated area.these companies don't really care if this stuff ends up in the river or in your body.these dumb W.V. people aren't as dumb as we thought they they'd people have polluted this area before and we have all learned something in the process.i can remember when i was a kid that there were two years that we weren't allowed to swim in the river due to pollution.we all were bummed was the poor peoples swimming pool.

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