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Don’t Sweep IRS Scandal Under Rug

May 16, 2013

Rest assured that if liberal political organizations had been harassed last year by the Internal Revenue Service, heads would have rolled, on President Barack Obama’s orders....

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May-16-13 7:52 AM

Let's not forget, folks, that the actual (read not acting) head of the IRS during the time this was going on was a Dubbya appointee. The poor guy to get the ax was only the "acting" head of the IRS. Will the NR/Lack of Intel eds. call for the investigation and prosecution of that individual? Which leads to another question: what political motivation would a Bush appointee have to investigate Tea Party type organizations? Here's a hint: the guy was doing his job trying to keep totally political organizations from getting tax exempt status when they didn't deserve it. He was scrutinizing those with an agenda to beat the tax system rather than scrutinizing grandma and grandpa. While I'm at it, the eds. of this rag call for heads to roll. Gail Collins in the NYT today makes a good point. How can you have heads roll when there are no heads. The obstructive Repubs in the Senate have refused to confirm or even consider appointments of the President. (to be continued. see post above

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May-16-13 7:52 AM

Obama/Holder’s DOJ’s fatal Fast and Furious debacle – under the rug. Obama/Holder’s DOJ attack on the AP – under the rug. Benghazi and the deaths of four of Hillary’s State Department diplomats, and then the Obama/Clinton cover-up – under the rug. The Obama/Holder DOJ’s refusal to investigate New Black Panther voter intimidation caught on video – under the rug.

Now Obama’s illegal IRS abuse and harassment of perceived political enemies. Is there room for another Obama scandal under that rug?

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May-16-13 7:53 AM

(continued from below) The least they could do would be to allow some of the President's appointments to go through so they would have a potential head to ax. Just getting an acting guy or gal is no fun at all!

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May-16-13 8:14 AM

So because Obama is only telling lies through his personally-selected, unvetted “acting” heads of his departments that absolves him of any responsibility for them? LOL “But BUSH!” and “What difference, at this point, does it make?” were better excuses.

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May-16-13 9:04 AM

If this issue has any legs, which it doesn't and time will prove, the angry Obama haters would tack him to the wall with each and every fiber that can be found. It won't get swept under the rug, it just isn't going anywhere b/c there is nothing here. The right, as we saw in the fall election, lives in an alternate universe with their own facts and thier own reality. Just like last fall, Rmoney was supposed to trounce the President and all sang from on high how the one term President was finished and they had proof. But we all realized the false reality that the right wing lives in. Once again, that false reality will show its face and in a few weeks they will wonder what happened...LOL

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May-16-13 11:51 AM

Hoopie is right. With skyrocketing Obama debt, two terms of still-stagnated Obama unemployment, and record numbers of Americans on Obama food stamps, as Hillary says, “what difference at this point does it make?” Investigating Obama-directed IRS crimes and Obama-directed State Department fatal Benghazi debacle coverups and Obama DOJ criminal AP press harassment is rearranging the deck chairs on the BMS Obamatanic.

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May-16-13 10:24 PM

Hoopie is probably right in a sense. The MSM will get back to their usual Liberal selves soon enough and those millions of Obama supporters will still be asking each other who Ben Ghezi is? However the Independents and center Right voters that stayed home last election (maybe obstructed by IRS intimidation?) will have ample motivation for 2014. And while Obama will likely not suffer personally, this tragic comedy of Liberal errors will most likely signal an end to this horribly executed Progressive nightmare. Not only the apathetic, but most of the world is witnessing the only way that Progressive policies can end! Badly!!!!

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