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Thirty Years For Failed Robbery

Fisher apologizes for her role nearly a year later

May 16, 2013

WHEELING — Ohio County Circuit Judge James Mazzone sentenced Melody Fisher to 30 years in prison Wednesday for her role in the attempted robbery of the Elm Grove Pharmacy....

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May-17-13 6:21 AM

she will be out in 5-10 on parole

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May-17-13 1:32 AM

I believe ten years would have been sufficient if she had no other felony record. She did if I remember correctly break a few rules of her release and when you make the judge mad bad things can happen to you.

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May-16-13 10:24 PM

Rover, obesity and uneducated does not mitigate her conduct. Also she fired her court appointed counsel and hired the guy who plead her to thirty years. She directly participated in an armed robbery that traumatized three innocent people for her own selfish addiction.

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May-16-13 9:43 PM

can't believe I agree with dWraith....but I do on this one. He, like me, must understand the math of life expectancy and the actuarial table.

5-10 years is appropriate. She's uneducated, obese, had a 'public defender' (bet he's no Harvard Law Grad) and the sentence will take her whole life. Justice must be tempered with mercy.

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May-16-13 12:29 PM

My heart bleeds for her. She was Mother Theresa who just had a bad day.

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May-16-13 9:26 AM


The above link just proves that if you have money or status, you get off easily. The supplier and doctor who gets people hooked on these pills, get arrested and gets probation. The addicts go to jail for life (shes 41 + 30 years = 71 years old, might as well be life, if she doesnt die in prison first)

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May-16-13 9:23 AM

I read this right, correct? "FAILED" robbery.

30 years for some fat ***** hooked on drugs? Cruel and unusual punishment? When will we see drug addiction as a mental health issue, not a criminal issue?

Oh wait, we as Americans dont care about mental health anymore, well just blame it on other things (guns, drugs and socitey)

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May-16-13 9:02 AM

There are three innocent people who will never be able to get that day out of their minds. Three people who have nightmares, tremors, PTSD because of what happened. Families have been disrupted, a man is dead. And she helped it happen! She helped this man plan it and carry it out. She deserves everything she got and then some!

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May-16-13 8:28 AM

She was more than just a wheel man, you must not have been paying attention to any of this. She went in the store, looked around and went back out to the car and told him who was there, where they were standing, if customers were in there and told him to go inside with gun in hand and threaten to kill working people just doing a job..and he got killed. She was an active player in this and she was going to be an active participant in the distribution and use of the drugs that would be gotten. Giving her a free pass calling her just someone who drove the guy there is lame. She should have gotten a life sentence. She was prepared to participate in murdering people in the store which is why he pointed the gun at them, threatened them with death for drugs. No matter how liberal a person can be, there is no excusing her ocnduct or the consequences of her conduct. Its way passed time to start holding violent criminals accountable for what they do to innocent people.

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May-16-13 6:37 AM

Sounds like cruel and unusual punishment for being a wheel man.

If being stupid were a crime, lots of people would be doing hard time. But the guy who should get big time got killed.

Just seems a little harsh, maybe 5-10 would be more appropriate.

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May-16-13 6:24 AM

The witch got off easy. She should have gotten 300 years.

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