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Police Say 2-Year-Old Was Pistol-Whipped

May 17, 2013

MINGO JUNCTION — Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of three men involved in a shooting and pistol-whipping Thursday afternoon....

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May-18-13 6:14 PM

Bloviator, you are delirious.

Frankly what little I see in the photograph, the house looks better than most of the crap in the Ohio valley, I have no idea WTF you are babbling about.

Granted "Mingo Junction" is not the garden spot of the USA but nothing in the OV amounts to squat anyway.

I don't keep a lot of cash in my FIREPROOF safe, but I do keep passport, wills, and other valuables in it as well as COMPUTER BACKUP detachable USB drives in case of a fire.

You are an old phart stuck on stupid.

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May-18-13 2:52 PM

This is what our society has degenerated too. The bad guys have used our constution far too many times. No more of this H%$se S%%%t of "Cruel & Unusual Punishment.Let the punishment fit the crime. Oh, No. We can't do that; because they had a bad up-bringing, they are a minority and what ever more excuses the do gooders use.

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May-18-13 11:41 AM

Until and unless the people ARM themselves and begin to EXCECUTE these punks in these situations, this will only increase!!

Cops are TOTALLY useless in these situations and will NEVER arrive in time!!

Castle Doctrine MUST be excercised in these situations so that we rid the country of trash like this and save taxpayers billions in needless prison expenses!!

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May-17-13 8:11 PM

To my detractors below...nothing wrong with 'owning a safe', that's not the key variable. We're talking 'Mingo Junction' for Chrisakes! A place that makes Wheeling look like the Emerald City of Oz! The couple thousand hangers on in Mingo Junction are so poor they think a rubber band is fine wallet! The pic of the 'victim's' house looks about one notch above (being generous) above kidnapper Castro's pig sty in Cleveland.

Must really be 'conservatives' like duhWrat. As for me, I don't have a safe and don't even carry currency. It's all plastic and internet money movements for me.

Never did figure out why the 'nickname' of Mingo Junction is 'Little Vegas'...that's just obscene.

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May-17-13 8:00 PM

Welcome to reality. There are so many twisted minds out in public these days, it should come as no surprise when something like this happens. I don't think the "Why" of it matters. It's time for people to learn to protect themselves and their families from direct attacks.

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May-17-13 5:05 PM

Blover, I own a safe. It is "fire proof" for valuable docs.

Are you going to turn me in to the IRS?

What is the reward money for ratting on a conservatives these days?

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May-17-13 4:39 PM

rover1958: Just exactly what is suspicious about owning a safe??

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May-17-13 3:30 PM

Very distrubing story.

the homeowner had a 'safe' he was forced to open for the cash. hmmmm...... and how did the thugs target this place exactly. hmmmm.....

1. If the family is found to be involved....take away their kids and lock those responsible up for long, long time.

2. the actual 'perp' who struck the baby....should truly, truly get hard time for a minimum of 40 years. Frankly, if it were my kid who was struck... (fill in the blank with your darkest thoughts).

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May-17-13 2:26 PM

And those same good citizens still whine and complain after they have been arrested for possessing an illegal substance. What do you think this was about? Most times, an armed home invasion is about drugs or large sums of money made from drugs. We could legalize and eliminate the black market money driving the violence, but then the junkies that can't contain themselves anyway, would spiral out of control and leave a trail of collateral damage. Not to mention the children affected by being raised by junkies. They have a real shot/sarcasm

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May-17-13 12:47 PM

1.8 million violent crimes per year are PREVENTED by potential victims who owned a handgun. Too bad this was NOT one of them.

Does anybody think any of these thugs got a weapon LEGALLY? Probably ALREADY a felon, couldn't get a gun in the first place.

What proposed gun law would prevent this tragedy?

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May-17-13 12:28 PM

...meanwhile back in Wheeling...good citizens are being arrested...lives changed...for a little weed...disgusting

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May-17-13 11:47 AM

Reeks of drug debt or maybe not. Either way, the two year old deserves better. The creatures that struck a child with a gun need dealt with. Harshly. Quickly.

Tie them to The last horse in town and drag them through the streets.

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May-17-13 10:33 AM

They only way to slow this crime wave down is to shoot and kill several of these criminals. What I mean is for the Police to shoot to kill. It won't stop completely, but it will surely stop repeat offenders.

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May-17-13 10:25 AM

our dogs would slow them down.they'll break into the wrong place one day.keep a weapon stashed in every room.

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May-17-13 8:48 AM

Again making the gun the villian. It was the A**holes that used them. It very well could have been clubs or knives. Either way to beat a two year old...what did that child have to do with anything. Catch them Fred!!!

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May-17-13 8:23 AM

Its a pretty good example of the disconnect between the needs of citizens and the desires of America's runaway government. We see, day after day, that drug thugs, kick their way into homes and shoot ordinary people or beat them severely. And later in the day we see liberal media and politicians tell us that the problem with violence is that ordinary people own guns and guns cause violence. So we want to disarm a homeowner but pay no attenion to the drugthugs who use firearms to terrorize families. Yes we must disarm Harry Homeowner, pay no attention the the criminals just give them a hug and they will be OK. Home invasion is a real fear in th OV now, we have seen it from Mounsdville to Steubenville. Cops may catch the people later but you still remain dead and family mauled. Thats the liberal America.

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May-17-13 8:12 AM

Sounds like three investment brokers coming to collect on a margin call resulting from a bad options trade by the homeowner.... Those Wall Street types can be brutal.

We need a federally funded war on investment brokers!!!

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