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Suspect Held In Mingo Shooting

17-year-old girl also detained; two still at large

May 18, 2013

MINGO JUNCTION — Drake A. Burton, 20, of Steubenville was arrested about 5 a.m. Friday following a manhunt that began Thursday afternoon with a shooting at 122 Union Ave. in Mingo Junctio....

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May-20-13 6:36 AM

mkemike, When bad things happen some people are very judge mental. I even had one guy tell me, don't let it change you. Well, it did change the way I look at things. Can't help it. In my case it made me see what's really important. I thank God every day for letting me live to be here to help raise my kids. Many had counted me out. No chance. sometimes things don't turn out the way man thinks it will. After actually seeing the light on the other side of life, I can tell you, it matters what we do here in this world. Good luck and God Bless.

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May-20-13 1:11 AM

Ive been reading alot and not just here but people are indicating us to be junkies drug related and maybe i tool it wrong. Ill give it that if it was meant differently from how i read it people was trashing my house funny when they only showed the outside on how they can judge it from those views amd thats it and no i didnt read that about the older gentleman. Its a shame to see things like this happen to people.and what bothers me is we r good people keep to ourselves and this happens after all of our other misfortunes we have experienced in the past year

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May-19-13 8:05 PM

actually doesn't look like anyone has been trashing the family attacked. Glad no one was murdered. Read where a man 34 was murdered in a home invasion in Toledo... He was targeted probably because his family owned several carry outs in the area the article said.

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May-19-13 12:36 PM

Oh yeah i did want to say enjoy the rest of your guys day and thank you for everything.and i honestly pray that none of you ever have to witness this and to be honest about this obviously drug addicts and wortgless people are not the only ones that tragedies like this occur to

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May-19-13 12:33 PM

Over the tv the community and now being put in the situation to were we cant go back to our house the place you own because of social media and its bad enough i have to deal with these issues. Trying to hold my family together and make them feel safe again now we have everyone that knows us now where we live and what do we have to worry about really before people open their mouths and voice their opinion how about thinking and wonder if your opinion might be wrong and what is it going to do to the family that jyst suffered one of the biggest and worst tragedies like thats not enough for us to handle.

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May-19-13 12:26 PM

Out of NC and i got scammed they ended up being broken so we took a huge loss on those but they got a search warrant for the house took those since there was nothing else they saw. Now i hope that clears most of tgis up and ohyeah those tvs i still have all the paperwork including the letter from the attorney general stating that there was nothing they could do for me being scammed. Now let me thank all of you for trash talking myself my fiance about being the victims here. You guys make us feel loved the reality of this is much more than any of you could handle have you ever been caught defensless in your home with one gun to your head while two were on your children and wife and sister in-law. Had to watch them get beat and know if u made one wrong move you or one of them would of been killed infront of everyone. Then afterwards being shot and left with nothing. Then having everyone afterwards look down on you as a father or mother after such a tragedy. Having your house put all

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May-19-13 12:17 PM

This is great a bunch of people trash talking the victims here.let me clear this up real quick this was not drug related even tho they took all the prescriptions that were narcotics out of the house. The safe had a diamond ring in it and a smaller lock box full of old and rare currency in it that was being saved for the 2 and 4 year old daughters. If you want to trash talk the house thats fine its been hard to upkeep between my surgery and medical issues. So ill give you that one. Cash they took our mortgage in cash they took a cookie jar with change and that valued around anothe 140 dollars. They also took our cell phones.and back to the reason we was targeted was due to a friendship being ended due to our friends behavior ect. Exchange of some words and i guess his way of getting back at us. Now ill tell you the police is trying to charge us with theft now that wont go through. I had tried to start my own business a year ago by buying a bunch of tvs from this discount merchant out

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May-18-13 12:38 PM

I hope the Chidren can get councelling after this incident, so they wont have nightmares and screaming fits. It takes a heavy toll on them, because my In laws were subjected to this, long ago, and my Sister in Law was devestated as a kid, going through that.

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May-18-13 11:33 AM

Just another reason to be ARMED and trained so that trash like this doesn't get to live one SECOND longer than the moment they show a gun!!!

I would not hesitate to exterminate these punks with EXTREME prejudice in the same situation!!

And it is what we MUST do if we are to regain our neighborhoods!!!

Just as usual the cops only arrive AFTER the crime has run it's course!!

Now they will wind up costing us MILLIONS to keep them behind bars instead of the cost of a couple hollow points!!!

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May-18-13 8:55 AM

These thugs are overrunning the valley. You can even find them at the Highlands Wal-Mart, now.

All thugs should get a steel jacket in the back of the head and be hung from spikes and left to rot.

Until and unless we demand that our police start putting down these lowlife scum, we will continue to be the victims of crime (and of ganja smoking thugs trying to get a "donation" out of us in Wal-Mart parking lots.)

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May-18-13 8:27 AM

so, was this a random robbery gone bad, or did the perps know the victims ?

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May-18-13 7:55 AM

Cage these violent F-N animals for a very very long time. Any "person" who has this kind if disregard for others does not belong in free society. Disgusting human beings.

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May-18-13 6:18 AM

I agree Alpha, she should get several years at the very least.

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May-18-13 1:47 AM

Charge the driver as an adult. Charge her with accessory and robbery charges. Put drake in prison for life.

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