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City Eyes TIF Cash For WJU Project

Stone Center clinic would get $300,000

May 20, 2013

WHEELING — City Council will vote Tuesday whether to provide $300,000 in Tax Increment Financing money to help Wheeling Jesuit University move its physical therapy program into the Stone Center......

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May-21-13 10:44 AM

The city needs to lure more poor people into the area. We are running short because of the incarceration rates for them. Maybe the free clinic aspect of this move will help.

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May-21-13 9:17 AM

We continue to hear that WJU has very serious financial issues with more just over the horizon. If WJU cannot afford this move on it's own, then they shouldn't do it. The financial benefit to Wheeling and it's residents will be very small if at all.

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May-21-13 8:52 AM

Ragnar does not understand that all of the surrounding bussiness will increase sales and that a viable business district will increase property value which will increase property taxes. I don't know I guess some here would rather see no development in Wheeling so that they can maintain there reasons to B I T C H

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May-21-13 8:46 AM

Clearly, the church has a lot of power in Wheeling but using TIF money to help WJU expand seems to be no more the public interest. A very high percentage of students (perhaps more than half) are out of state students. I think the Diocese was just trhowing us a bone to chew when they said the program would treat the poor..thats a way big feelgood for us and the money changers who runs everything religious. The Barber college used to treat the poor too, to reduced price haircuts by students. Spare us that stuff. Can the city use TIF money to support a private effort, to an entity that claims religious exemptions from state labor/tax laws? Obamacare will put hospital profits into the level of Dow Chemical now that they charge taxpayers for treating the poor. Its a fair question. Is TIF money best used for a private school project? Don't expect an answer from the boy mayor he is still stonewalling the Diocese's piece in the sports field nightmare. No open gov in Wheeling, sorry.

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May-20-13 6:32 PM

Clueless doesn't understand that TIF cannot work with non-profit entities.

Tax revenues cannot grow when a tenant is paying no property taxes.


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May-20-13 3:47 PM

How long has the Stone Center been sitting empty? Look at the RED site and tell me why all those goberment (tax payer money) give-aways are the "rule" and not the exception?

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May-20-13 1:35 PM

Here we go again- or should I say it's still going? WJU is a profit making enterprise. Let them expand at their own expense. The Catholic Church keeps expanding and their Wheeling Empire keeps getting bigger. Why don't they just try to save souls as it was intended?

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May-20-13 11:50 AM

There is a fine line between taxes, church, government and citizen. When the line is cross then the citizens end up paying. Better check before proceeding is always a good idea for government. Remember the IRS and the AP nobody checked.

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May-20-13 11:10 AM

Right, Clueless. Because you know those ten students will be paying a lot of sales tax at the nearby Subway. Should cover that $300,000 TIF in about 100,000 years. In half that time if they eat breakfast subs there, too.

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May-20-13 10:32 AM

It is not just WJU that pays back the TIF an increase in surrounding property values as well as increases in sales taxes within the TIF district pay back the bond.

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May-20-13 9:24 AM

WJU is already committed to this move. Why not use the $300k to lure another buainess?

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May-20-13 9:14 AM

This is a bargain compared to the $3 million dollars for the CCHS practice facility. They always talk about combining the services of the city and county. Maybe need to think about combining the city and the diocese into one powerful operation.

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May-20-13 8:10 AM

getaclue, Does WJ pay property tax?

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May-20-13 8:04 AM

What happened to the separation of church and state? This kind of thinking is what the people of Wheeling are paying $110k for?

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May-20-13 8:01 AM

Getaclue: If you already knew that, then your comment makes no sense.

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May-20-13 7:42 AM

dyingov.... I already knew that. Ragnar is the one that is confused.

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May-20-13 7:21 AM


"When an increase in site value and private investment generates an increase in tax revenues, it is the "tax increment." Tax Increment Financing dedicates tax increments within a certain defined district to finance the debt that is issued to pay for the project. TIF was designed to channel funding toward improvements in distressed, underdeveloped, or underutilized parts of a jurisdiction where development might otherwise not occur. TIF creates funding for public or private projects by borrowing against the future increase in these property-tax revenues."

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May-20-13 7:12 AM

It would seem that the previous poster does not understand how TIF works.

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May-20-13 6:12 AM


WJU is a private school and does not pay taxes. Since no tax revenue will result from the project, no tax dollars should be used to finance it.

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