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IRS Official Takes Fifth Amendment

May 23, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — At the center of a political storm, an Internal Revenue Service supervisor whose agents targeted conservative groups swore Wednesday she did nothing wrong, broke no laws and never......

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May-23-13 2:53 AM

Part of the One Big A.. Mistake, America.

Impeach the whole mess of them as they are just wasting valuable oxygen.

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May-23-13 5:30 AM

She is taking the FIFTH amendment to cover her lying A&& while Obama plots and schemes to take away Fox news FIRST AMENDMENT and the American Public SECOND amendment rights.

The "most transparent" administration in history makes Nixon look like a boy scout.

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May-23-13 6:11 AM

Oh, she is such a "lovely little patsy" "I am not a crook. I didn't break any laws. I didn't do wrong. I won't answer any questions. It is my right to claim the 5th" Wouldn't you think if one was claiming the 5th, they would start out saying that? And the plot thickenings.

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May-23-13 8:46 AM

Things are starting to move very fast on all Fronts. Hopefully in a few months many heads will roll(especially Holder). The other evening I turned on the Socialist News Channel to hear what they are saying. Rachel Maddow said it was a major scandal and that Jay Carney was simply incoherent.

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May-23-13 3:54 PM

Enlarge that photo of this woman....look at her closely. The cold, calculating soulless eyes of a woman without feeling, only a self-righteous cruel and cutting vengeful being. Of course she 'took the fifth', as she's surely the grey and hidden meister behind this entire scandal. FIRE HER! And if the government cannot there are other ways...transfer her to rural Montana!

I've known 'climbers' like her from my years working for the fed. It's not a pretty picture but occurs more often than less.

Obama? Sadly, he's becoming too much an 'absentee' President consumed with enjoyment of his perks, a love of his own droning voice and Air Force One junkets to hog the scene at whatever event de jour. He needs to wake-up and crapcan the lackluster and disloyal boobs surrounding him. You can't buy 'love' but you can gain 'respect' through decisive iron-fisted leadership! Wake up Barry! Time is not on you side.

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May-23-13 4:32 PM

So all this happened under the leadership of a lil bush IRS appointee?

Who knew?

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May-23-13 5:32 PM

The American people need to unite and jerk these jerks right out of their comfy positions, including the politicians who set these appointees and employees up.

The people should have no fear of the IRS. It is completely backwards. The IRS is subject to the will of the people.

The government & these people have far too many resources that belong to the people. Time to cut government and all the perks & benefits government people take advantage of. All of this stuff is wrong. The policians and public servants have hi-jacked system and now abuse the working people.

Is it the people's will to get scrreewwed? It is the people's will to be lied to? Is it the people's will to be fooled by the fooler's?

Time to clean house & put government in its rightful place....under the people where it belongs.

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May-23-13 7:05 PM

“I have not done anything wrong,I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations. And I have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee.”

And now I plead my Fifth Amendment rights not to incriminate myself. Moohoohoohawhawhaw!

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May-23-13 9:15 PM

WASHINGTON – First she refused to testify. Now Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the center of the tax agency scandal, is refusing to resign, according to a top Republican senator.

Sources confirmed to Fox News earlier Thursday that Lerner, the head of the IRS division that oversaw the unit targeting conservative groups, had been placed on administrative leave, with pay.

But Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, claimed she was only put in that status after refusing to step down.

He said the commissioner was in his right to demand her resignation, and said taxpayers should not continue to pay her salary indefinitely.

“My understanding is the new acting IRS commissioner asked for Ms. Lerner’s resignation, and she refused to resign. She was then put on administrative leave instead,” Grassley said in a statement. “The IRS owes it to taxpayers to resolve her situation quickly. The agency needs to move on to fix the conditions that led to the targeting debacle.

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May-23-13 9:38 PM

So all this happened under the leadership of President Obama?

Who knew?

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May-23-13 10:08 PM

Back when I worked for the Fed Gov we would periodically get top ranking jerks who were destructive. When finally asked to resign, yup, they refused. So the remedy was to give them an 'important chief position as head of our liaison office with a key ally' In a word..they were ordered to Ottawa, Canada. Most immediately resigned.. a couple actually went North, way North but lasted mere months before deciding it was 'best for the family' to resign. In a word, it usually worked. They should try that on the Lovely MS. (don't you just love that title on her name plate) Lois Loser.

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May-24-13 4:40 AM

Let us take a look at what the left is doing. We have the 1st,2nd, 4th and 10th amendment under attack. But the left does want to keep safe the 5th amendment for their own use. Someone else said that yesterday as a joke. But Seemed to make sense.

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May-24-13 8:46 AM

All she did was follow orders. If she protects her superiors by extension she protects herself as well. If she rats on her superiors, by extension she is guilty as well.

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May-24-13 4:58 PM

Looks like she DRANK a fifth before she TOOK the fifth!

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May-24-13 5:09 PM

"So all this happened under the leadership of a lil bush IRS appointee?"

You mean the appointee that visited the Obama White House 118 times and attended the Obama's Easter Egg Roll w/ his family??? Google "YouTube Shulman Easter Egg Roll" for the hilarity!!!


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May-24-13 6:41 PM

Why can'tthe IRS investigate tax evading crooks.

Why can't the IRS investigat tax crooks? Al Capone went to prison for the same crime. Are those righties above the law???


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May-24-13 7:05 PM

I wonder if the Congress will call Juanita Broaddrick to give an account of her experiences with IRS.

Just after she went public with what happened to her.

There's a wonderwhy!

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May-25-13 8:35 AM

Oldman, Are you aware that the scandal is over applications submitted and scrutinized unfairly. Application meaning BEFORE anyone was paying taxes!

From the NY Times, "WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service apologized to Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations on Friday for what it now says were overzealous audits of their applications for tax-exempt status."

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