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Climate Alarmists Not Honest

May 26, 2013

Even as the poor folks in Moore, Okla., pick through the rubble of their homes, businesses and schools, radical environmentalists are using the tornado that killed them for political purposes....

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May-26-13 5:51 AM

just the facts.. all true with no spin...

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May-26-13 7:03 AM

record lows around here.

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May-26-13 8:14 AM

Mmyer. What an idiot. What qualifications do you have to argue with scientist?? This is on of the stupidest uneducated editorial to date. What I really can't believe is how many other idiots will agree with you. As the scientist say, "just because you don't believe it, doesn't make it not true." Stop killing trees to print this hogwash! Geez

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May-26-13 8:40 AM

Right, Wvcoffee. Come on, stupid deniers. With natural disasters ravishing more and more of our population centers - tornados destroying American cities for the first time ever, earthquakes now regularly rocking Sumatra, tsunamis creating nuclear disasters in Japan, and meteorite explosions over Russia, how can you deny that the climate is changing? Mother Nature is clearly unhappy with us. Start listening to the scientists – no, not all those idiotic “denyer” scientists, the “warmer” scientists who know that "just because you don't believe it, doesn't make it not true" whatever that means – or Mother Nature will make sure the next tornado or earthquake or meteorite or tsunami will land on your idiotic non-believer head. Didn’t you watch Deep Impact? Geez...

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May-26-13 9:32 AM

The unnamed, supposed culprit lurking behind climate change, whether or not it's real, is CO2. And, whether you agree with what this cat is saying about it all, or not, is immaterial. We can do something constructive about it. Right now, in Europe, Bayer Corporation is, at a pilot plant, collecting Coal power plant CO2 and using it chemically to synthesize plastics, where the CO2 would be permanently, and profitably, sequestered. Cornell University has developed related CO2-to-plastics technology. Right now, in Europe, CO2 is being captured from industrial processes and converted into Methanol, which is being blended into gasoline at service stations in Denmark and Sweden. The US Navy has developed a whole suite of technologies that collects CO2 from the environment and converts it into liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

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May-26-13 10:05 AM

One search you can do, that works well with AOL, since this anal-retentive site won't allow us to post addies, is: "US Navy Announces $3/Gallon Jet Fuel from CO2". There are quite a few articles "out there" about it, so you should get a few hits if you type that phrase into your search engine.

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May-26-13 10:15 AM

Other searches that work well on AOL are: "Bayer Is Converting Coal Power Plant CO2 Into Plastics" and "Bayer and Dream Production". Carbon Dioxide is a valuable raw material resource. All of the global warming hand-wringing and bickering embodied in this article/editorial, at least insofar as it relates to CO2 and whether or not CO2 affects the environment in a significant way, could be made immaterial.

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May-26-13 10:41 AM


The underlying principle of global warming still is true. Extreme weather will occur more often. How that effects tornadoes, it still to be observed to see what happens. In the meantime, we are increasing in temperature around the earth amplifying the extremes that are occurring in our weather. All due to increased human emissions of co2.

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May-26-13 10:48 AM

Most of the reports on it are in European and European-language newspapers, but, one article explaining some other CO2-recycling that's happening on a commercial basis can be found via an AOL search for: "Sweden Makes Public Report of CO2 to Motor Fuel Recycling". It's the only stab at English language translation of the article/articles we're aware of. All of this CO2-climate change hand-wringing nonsense is just that - nonsense. All we have to do is wake up, smell the coffee, and get to work.

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May-26-13 10:57 AM

renewableguy: Something you might be interested in searching for is: "High-Rate Solar Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2 and Water Vapor to Hydrocarbon Fuels", an entertaining 2009 piece from Penn State University, which says, in part: "Efficient solar conversion of carbon dioxide and water vapor to methane and other hydrocarbons is achieved". Guess what? Not only can we stop worrying about CO2 and global warming, we can stop poisoning our groundwater by fracking for shale gas.

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May-26-13 11:11 AM

renewableguy: The US Navy, via their "United States Patent 7,420,004 - Producing Synthetic Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels", from 2008, propose using "wind or wave energy" and/or "ocean thermal conversion" to convert Carbon Dioxide and Water into "synthetic hydrocarbons". They have built pilot plants/ships to operate the process, and have established that they can make jet fuel from CO2 and H2O at a cost as low as three bucks per gallon. Gas at the pumps, from OPEC and Big Oil, is right around three and half, ain't it?

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May-26-13 1:32 PM

...should have watched Face the Nation. Oops! I forgot we don't believe science.

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May-26-13 1:36 PM

WVUGEO, those CO2 converting and sequestering ideas are wonderful. Now if only we can figure out how to overcome the first and second laws of thermodynamics to make them economical all our energy and CO2 problems will be solved. I’m sure it’s only a matter of devoting more Government subsidies to it...

Why do these sure-fire money-making ideas always require my tax money to get off the ground?

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May-26-13 3:25 PM

Trust a reactionary paper like the NR to jump on the bandwagon that nothing is going on with our environment and weather patterns in the United States. Sorry, but I'll trust the scientists and data collected by Environment Canada, who have few to no irons in the fire as contentious as what is occuring in the U.S. When Moore, Oklahoma begins the process of rebuilding; will families who remain in an increasingly more dangerous areas like Tornado Alley, send what family keepsakes which remain to safer locations out of state, take a chance that the next big storm will take away something even more precious--their children and families?

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May-26-13 3:59 PM

Those who deny the fact that gigatons of CO2 are altering our climate are not honest. Peer-reviewed science has demonstrated convincingly the effects and our children will pay the price of inaction. Particular weather events may vary but the the atmosphere is trapping heat and at 400 ppm CO2 is at the highest level in human history. A "do nothing" approach will lead to more catastrophic floods, droughts, storms and heat waves. Those are the facts.

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May-26-13 5:07 PM

400 parts per million of CO2 is like pizzing in the ocean. That is 0.0004 parts per 1 whole part of the atmosphere.

You science challenged alarmists are are like first gradres trying to understand String Theory and the Junk Science gravy train beat you clowns like a drum.

"Highest level since man has been on the earth is 25,000 years of 4,000,000,000.

During the age of the Dinosaurs, its 2000 PPM and the earth survived quite nicely, in fact it was a garden of Eden which is WHY Canada and Siberia, very cold TODAY, have huge OIL deposits.

The warning level on a submarine is 8000 PPM for human danger.


FACT: Last 5 years number of TORNADOES below normal.

FACT: LAST 15 years the temperature has DROPPED a tiny fraction and there is NO EVIDENCE of global warming.

FACT: a tiny handful of climate scientists believe in Global Warming.

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May-26-13 5:13 PM

FACT: The effects of CO2 on the atmosphere are Logarithmic not Linear.

So Log(400)- log(380)= .023 change = NOTHING.

You ignorant alarmist couldn't pass a grade school science exam and I can prove IT:

Suppose we reduce the CO2 content down to 100 ppm. What would happen to the earth _______________________???

Come you ignorant housewives, show us how efffing smart you are______________??

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May-26-13 5:15 PM

should have LAST 5 YEARS the hurricane total is below normal for USA.

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May-26-13 5:18 PM

The major obstacle to talking about climate change is that the issue, like nearly every other issue in America, has been highjacked by politcal extremists. I would love to know about climate change but you really discuss it because it is so tied to lib/conserv cultists its almost impossible to learn anything factual. Mr. Meyer's is right, the issue is not what it appears, not what is sold to us. I have no doubt that pollution can affect weather and environment but really any discussion of that becomes so political. The US has made huge strides in my lifetime and the rest of the world has gone backwards, with China and India trading industrial boom for the earth. We don't hear about that much, just that we are bad. I doubt America controls its own weather or climate, yet Obama farms the green vote like Al Gore the tobacco farmer, fed it manure and watched it chant. You can see the harsh talk on the posts here and that the article has so many who wish to blow of, politically.

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May-26-13 5:28 PM

The greatest thing about science is that it is still true whether or not you choose to BELIEVE it.

Climate Alarmism Science is like Astrological "science": there ISN'T ANY science there!

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May-26-13 5:37 PM

Vostok, Russia ice core records show that the carbon dioxide concentration averaged over a few centuries has been correlated with temperature at least for half a million of years.

However, we know for sure that the temperature was the CAUSE and the CO2 concentration was its consequence, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. IT FOLLOWS THAT THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT HASN'T BEEN IMPORTANT IN THE LAST HALF A MILLION OF YEARS.

In other words, WARMING causing an increase in CO2 NOT the other way around.

Climate Alarmists are science challenged IDIOTS!

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May-26-13 5:39 PM

Climate alarmist IDIOTS, please tell us:

What is the NORMAL temperature for earth: ___________??

How man hurricanes per year are NORMAL for the USA ________???

How man tornados per year are NORMAL for the USA ______???

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May-26-13 5:40 PM


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May-26-13 7:39 PM

From the NR!

WHEELING - Chills competed with the hills in Saturday's 37th Annual Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic, much to the delight of runners who battled extreme heat and humidity last year during the event's 36th running.

With temperatures hovering in the low 30s when the cannon fired for the first time - HISTORIC LOWS for the annual Memorial Day Weekend event - runners took a little longer to warm up, then went out and scorched the notoriously hilly course."

DUH! Now one cold weekend or one hot month does NOT prove or disprove Global Warming.

But if Global Warming IS happening, you DO NOT get record cold on May 28 or a record COLD April or a record first time SNOWFALL in Arkansas in May.

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May-26-13 7:47 PM

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Memorial Day weekend it may be, but it might as well be mid-March for New Yorkers who stepped outside Saturday.

The Jersey Shore has technically reopened for the start of the season for the first time since Superstorm Sandy, but not too many people were heading to the shore on Saturday, 1010 WINS’ John Montone reported.

Whiteface NY ski resort is STILL open reporting 34 INCHES of new snow!!!!




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