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GE Is Investing Billions To Improve Fracking, Drilling

May 28, 2013

PITTSBURGH — One of America’s corporate giants is investing billions of dollars in the new boom of oil and gas drilling, or fracking. General Electric Co....

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May-30-13 8:33 PM

MOLESLAYER aka TROLLSLAYER: To quote your quote.. "how do you drill through a water aquifer without contaminating it? CASING. Duhh...."

Yeah you paper-tiger ding-a-ling, 'DUH' because the first drill that enters the ground has NO CASING. And the shale well casings that have been completed experience a FAILURE RATE of 6-percent or more, at least according to INDUSTRY STATISTICS.

Get off your cheese box and this message board and do some REAL research, as the saying goes, 'You never learn anything when you are talking!' i.e. BLOWHARDS earn no pump rewards.

Check out Dr. Ingraffea's research from Cornell University if you are still ignorant of the facts, but most readers see you for what you really are, a BULLY who hopes to intimidate others with his/her bluster due to his/her own shortcomings or agenda. FU!!

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May-28-13 9:33 PM

GE has tremendous marketing power around the world and I'm sure THAT is the main reason for their involvement

If anybody can sell the public on a unproven concept, it's GE or Lee Iacocca and Lee is just too old now to pull it off

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May-28-13 9:33 PM

mikeyd, an opinion doesn’t necessarily equal a conspiracy. Unless it’s an opinion that involves a conspiracy... If they don’t need to add all those chemicals then why do they spend so much money and invite so much bad press by using them? Maybe it’s a conspiracy...

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May-28-13 6:32 PM

troll,i still don't believe that they need all these chemicals.does an opinion equal a conspiracy?

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May-28-13 6:18 PM

wonderwear thinks that a high stock market is great when Barry is in office. When Bush was President, though, all we heard was that Main Street didn't benefit. I guess wonderwear remembers that Main Street has trillions invested in those evil, nasty, tax evading corporations that pay a ****eload of taxes and also pay retirement dividends that benefit millions of Americans.

I suppose higher housing prices are a good thing when even more Americans are unemployed.....or not. I have a pretty good economics background and I still can't figure that one out.

ObamaCare? Don't make me laugh. If ObummerCare is so wonderful, why have hundreds of groups, including unions and government workers, asked for exemptions? Surely ObummerCare must be better than what they have now, right?

Wonderwear forgets that, for every $1 in benefits provided by "government", taxpayers had to first fork over $2.

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May-28-13 5:26 PM


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May-28-13 3:51 PM

More lies from wonderliar. You won’t find a single example where I called Barry Bankrupter a muslim, or a commie, but your pathetic excuse you can’t document your lies is “I don't have time to...” Too funny.

Stock market hit record highs? Yahoo! Barry’s crony capitalist pals are making out like bandits. Meanwhile, 20 million STILL unemployed Americans, and the RECORD 48 MILLION Americans still on food stamps? I’m sure they’re just thrilled about the Obama stock market. Quantitative easing is making what little cash they have worth less and less. Thanks a lot, Barry.

“he got a health care bill passed that will help ALL American Citizens.” Not your union pals. They all bought exemptions from that Obamanation. There’s a wonderwhy for you, wonderlie.

I’m an expert on fracking? No, wonderlie. I just looked it up at the source instead of blindly swallowing all the loony lies and propaganda and hype from the warmers and the anti-capitalists and the not-in-my-back-yarders. Derrr....

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May-28-13 2:11 PM

Oh toolplayer, I don't have time to sit on here all day and pull some of your ridiculous posts. I do recall the Muslim, birther, commie, socialist, yadda of your description of the President, but it doesn't matter. You do know stock market hit record highs, uemployment is down, housing is up, deficit budget looking better, YET, the far right as yourself, simply cannot accept this President. Wonderwhy? Oh yea, and he got a health care bill passed that will help ALL American Citizens. Imagine that! being able to be treated for an illness, no matter what! I also find it funny that you are now an expert on fracking. LOL

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May-28-13 1:02 PM

wonderlie, the free market capitalist who hires non-union to deliver his products in pollution-spewing trucks in private but pretends to be a pro-union anti-pollution progressive in public. The but-bush-but-cheney-but-halliburton conspiracy theorist calling me a conspiracy theorist. You're the poster child for liberal hypocrisy, wonder. LOL

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May-28-13 12:42 PM

tool, the birther, accusing others of conspiracy theories. Funny!

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May-28-13 12:36 PM

Sick of the gas contamination and sick of the greed and exploitation? This summer get involved in taking back America. June 20 free showing of GasLand II Soldier and Sailors Hall..learn how corruption is the basis of this "industry"...stop coddling corporate criminals and demand that they pay taxes like the rest of us and stop phony "investing" schemes.Treasure island is not just a book and Switzerland not just cheese and chocolates..our money is there hiding.

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May-28-13 10:17 AM

mikeyd, there’s more to it than just “cracking the shale.” They add corrosion inhibitors, anti-bacterial agents, scale inhibitors, friction reducers, gelling agents, defoaming agents, proppants, etc. Those companies aren’t spending millions on additives because they want all the controversy. Go to fracfocus dot org and they’ll tell you what those chemicals are, and why they’re added. Or you can just help spread the conspiracy theories...

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May-28-13 9:29 AM

the only thing that needs addressed is all the secretive chemicals.nobody seems to know that just plain water under enough pressure will crack this shale.let's see what GE does with many of their products are made in china these days?

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May-28-13 8:21 AM

Marcellus, how do you drill through a water aquifer without contaminating it? CASING. Duhh....

6-percent casing failure rate in modern shale gas wells? Source that whopper. Just throwing lies out there hoping they will stick, eh? No, a quote from another anti-gas loon on another anti-gas website isn’t a legitimate source. LOL

All the methane leaks? Do a little research on where most of the methane in the atmosphere comes from and get back to us.

Taking water out of the hydrologic cycle forever? You just told us they were contaminating aquifers with it. Choose one lie and stick with it, at least through one post.

Wildlife degradation? These were agricultural and timber areas before they were wells, and they’re PRIVATE PROPERTY. Who are you to tell owners what they can do with their land?

Why don’t YOU post specifics on damage done? So many lies, so little real support for them. LOL

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May-28-13 6:21 AM

If GE is getting involved, they acting on an inside tip.

They are most likely already in line for major tax credits.

They will somehow figure out a way to scam their way to profit while contributing little to nothing to the financial or environmental well being of the nation.

Typical GE.

BTW, Jack Welch, what was the organic growth rate at GE during your tenure? I don't mean growth from your pension fund, GE capital scams (most of which had to be restated) or from buying companies or firing people. What was the bottom line, organic growth rate of GE's core businesses during your two decades?

Answer: laughable.

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May-28-13 5:23 AM

How do you drill through a water aquifer without contaminating it? How does industry eliminate their unacceptable well casing failure rate of 6-percent? How does industry eliminate all the methane leaks and emissions from drilling, pipelines & processing? How does industry quit ruining 4-million gallons of water per well, taking it out of the hydrologic cycle forever and contaminating it with toxins? How does industry quit fragmenting forests and reduce wildlife degradation? How does industry build 13-million gallon wastewater impoundments that don't continue to contaminate water wells and aquifers? When will this heavily-based diesel industry convert to natural gas - shouldn't they be first? How does industry eliminate 1,000 diesel truck trips per well? GE's work is cutout for them, but most of it isn't rocket science. Finally, why doesn't Kevin Begos ever go out and interview those families with serious health issues living close to gas drilling? His stories always seem slanted.

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