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Missing Tape May Cause Case Dismissal

June 1, 2013

A cassette tape used to record audio from Bradley Patchin’s January preliminary hearing in Ohio County Magistrate Court was still missing on Friday, which may prompt Patchin’s attorney to request......

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Sep-18-13 11:14 AM

page 2 I understand if an Accuser makes False statements at a Preliminary Hearing the case should be thrown out and the Accuser be arrested or fined..- How can you trust the message if you can't trust the messenger... The Missing tapes are important, his Rights were violated. The tapes may not be a big deal those who misplaced them - but to Brad this could mean 3 to 15 .. Sad!! ... There should be another Preliminary at the County's expense....... This is not a 3rd world court system. or is It --- Something is terrible wrong with the Justice System in Ohio County.. Jim Dorsey

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Sep-18-13 11:02 AM

missing tapes The accuser had said in several news papers, that she had no contact with Brad for 3 months. They had been living together right up till Dec 1st 2012. She text him to pick her up, She was drinking and wasted needed him to take her home....(Brad has the text messages from the accuser). He even had to ask directions to the bar. Brad was arrested for no reason.. he was there to help her.

The prosecutor was given time to question the accuser about her answers. We waited for Months with NO answer-it was pushed through to the Grand Jury. Brad was indicted put under house arrest, I understand if an Accuser makes False statements at a Preliminary Hearing the case should be thrown out and the Accuser be

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Jun-23-13 8:44 AM

Roxby and his rude ugly assistant pulls off another smart move...He will screw it up like he does all his cases..He really don't care as he secretly let out a guy he strangled his dog, kick punched and almost killed the animal... His bond was 20,000 cash only and ten days later Mag. Roxby lets him walk out with no restrictions regarding animals...He is a goof.... She is a WASTE of human flesh.... GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE.... number one because he Goes to St. Michael s and kisses all members asses... He lets everyone Joe..... LET EM GO JOE...****MENT murder JOE ROXBY will LET YOU GO... just hope he is on call that weekend.........What a joke........If it was your family that got hurt because of his actions.... YOU MAY THINK DIFFERENT..... give me a break with your cash only.... he knows they will be back in ten days so Joe can let them walk....Beat up your wife its ok with Joe.....

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Jun-02-13 9:55 PM

SO nobody does anything about this? I thought maybe it was just a mistake that people wanted to fix? This sounds like a bad version of "Lights went out in Georgia", in WVa. I can't imagine that there aren't people willing to stand up and fix this problem. I mean wouldn't the judiciary step in and correct this on all levels??

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Jun-02-13 7:18 AM

might be with the missing coke from that crashed airplane awhile back.or with the missing guns from another evidence locker.they need to put cameras on these lockers.

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Jun-01-13 12:29 AM

and one down state?

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Jun-01-13 12:28 AM

"Galloway was irked and said he has been informed that court officials have lost the tapes on previous occasions. Assistant Prosecutor Gail Kahle shared Galloway's frustration last week, saying the court is "horrendous" at reconciling the tapes."

OK Really? This has happened before and the record of tracking the tapes is deemed to be "horrendous"? This is 2013, is it really possible for someone to lose tapes, recordings or ANY evidence sporadically, let alone regularly? Something is either very fishy, or there needs to be some new hires, to "secure", "preserve" and "maintain" official judicial proceedings. So who will be held to task for this blunder? Better yet WHO WILL GUARANTEE it wont happen again? Might I suggest, a back up recording device and a big safe to store the evidence, maybe like an evidence room, but with limited access? Better yet, if it is being recorded, can't there be a dual back up system, one locally

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