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Massive Phone Data Collection Exposed

Administration claims it’s a vital part of terror fight

June 7, 2013

WASHINGTON — A leaked document has laid bare the monumental scope of the government’s surveillance of Americans’ phone records — hundreds of millions of calls — in the first hard evidence of a......

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Jun-09-13 9:14 AM

Dumbassoldman, when your SIGN YOUR NAME on a RENEWAL of the Patriot Act's worse provision, YOU OWN IT!

Grow up and take some responsibility, you geriatric retarded biache!

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Jun-09-13 8:50 AM

BUSH, PATRIOT ACT. More Bush scandal to blame on Obama.

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Jun-08-13 3:07 PM

Help me out Folks!!

Was Verizon-Gate scandal to cover up the IRS Scandal?

And the IRS Scandal was to cover up Benghazi Gate scandal??

And Benghazi gate was supposed to cover up the Fast and Furious Scandal?

So many scandals, so little time.

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Jun-08-13 3:06 PM

Oldman, I finally agree w/ you to a point, but we've seen from the IRS gang what can happen. Confidential information submitted to the IRS was "leaked" to a Liberal press outlet for political purposes. Can the same happen here?

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Jun-08-13 10:06 AM

They are only tracking what number called what number and when. No names and no content. Do you think they should not have looked at the phone contacts of the Boston bombers?

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Jun-08-13 12:37 AM

We're finding out so much, so quickly, so suddenly. Scandal after scandal, years with no resolution. Our great country is headed for he||. Our ROTTEN TO THE CORE government is in the final stretch, trampling on our Constitutional rights at breakneck speed. They finally got their perfect, PC, patsy in the WH to push it all over the edge, aided by people who choose to be ignorant, party-loving sheep. Using "security" as an excuse for this intrusion is an outright LIE.

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Jun-07-13 11:51 PM


"Powerful to do what? Recent events indicate that this power was to be used to target those whom Obama viewed as political enemies. This didn’t get much press at the time because not many people actually watched the low rated Roland Martin. However, her words now puts Obama using the NSA’s to spy on Americans, Obama using the IRS to harass and intimidate conservative groups, wiretapping of the AP, monitoring all movement on the internet, access to emails, and the building of the huge data mining center in Utah into perspective. I thought the POTUS swore to protect and uphold the Constitution, not shred and attack it!"

THIS is the greatest attack on American soil.....

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Jun-07-13 11:48 PM

Posted 06.07.13 by Jennifer Burke, TPNN Contributor

Every now and then, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) allows her idiocy to accidentally let something highly secretive and crucial slip. A huge Obama supporter and ally, Waters in undoubtedly in the inner circle with knowledge about Obama’s master plans that would send chills down your spine. An official member of the Democrat Socialists of America, ol’ Maxine believes in not just big government, but an all powerful, all controlling, gargantuan government! Remember when she accidentally let slip that the ultimate goal was the government control of all business?

Well, Maxine accidentally let the cat out of the bag again when she appeared on Roland Martin’s show a few months back. At that time, she spoke of secret database that the president had put together. She described this as ‘an organization that has the kind of database that no one has ever seen before.’ She described it as one that would be very powerful.

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Jun-07-13 10:42 PM

wonderwhy, tell us what you going to say in your prayers tonight.

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Jun-07-13 10:40 PM

---Yawn------ This stuff has been going on since Christ was a Corporal. It's just getting in the news now for the 'mouth breathers' as the Rethugs need 'scandals' and more scandals to befuddle the slack jaws into voting R in the next election.

Seems like if Intelligence misses it's an 'INTELLIGENCE FAILURE !' But for the ones they catch....the Intel agencies must remain silent to protect 'Sources & Methods'.

Since all the concerned Congressional committees knew about electronic intercepts for years I'd be much more concerned about the 'drone program' which has permuted the murder of American citizens. Even though they may richly deserve being executed it just is not right to try, convict and execute minus going through a legal process. It's sanctioned murder of citizens plain and simple.

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Jun-07-13 9:56 PM

The California "terrorist" must not have had Verizon service........

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Jun-07-13 9:03 PM

hey wraithy,he must have gone into mr.potatohead mode and couldn't speak.

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Jun-07-13 8:55 PM

The NSA "the big ear" in Sugar Grove West Virginia has been intercepting, recording, and storing PUBLIC conversations for many years so this in nothing new for the KGB like government operatives

HOWEVER, it IS in fact a blatent violation of your constitutional rights just as is the "patriot act" the TSA, Obama care, the DHS, gun control, "sobriety check points", "seat belt check points", "traffic" cameras, "red light" cameras etc etc etc

This is simply a prime example of a CORRUPT to the core government that has become the "master" instead of the "servant" and is now corrupt beyond all hope of repair!!

We now have a government FULL of crooks that steal money from the people and give it to TERRORISTS and think NOTHING of it!!!!

We the people MUST draw a line in the sand and DEMAND these crooks stand trial on charges of TREASON!!

The ONLY way this ends is IF the PEOPLE wake up and take this country bac

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Jun-07-13 8:25 PM

'Uhhh…Uh…Uhhh….People!' Obama at Total Loss for Words When Staff Forgets His Speech

President Obama strolled out to the podium today in San Jose, CA and was immediately at a loss for words. Not only did the President not have teleprompter, his aides forgot his speech.

“My remarks are not sitting here,” the President declared awkwardly. “I’m uhhh….people….oh goodness….uhhhh...folks are sweating back there right now.”

President Obama, who’s often mocked for an over-reliance on scripts, shifted uncomfortably smiling for several moments buying time. An aide sprinted out with a hard copy of the speech, tripping at one point, adding to the drama.

BBBWAHAHAHAAH! The "Drone Ranger" Flops again!

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Jun-07-13 8:24 PM

But hey blunderwhy, thanks for proving every day WHY the only employers in the valley are from out of state, and they have to bring their own workers because jerko&&s like you can't pass a simple drug test.

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Jun-07-13 8:22 PM

Whose Watch? Bill Clinton, of course!

Dumbass, HE was the president during the FIRST attack in 1993 where they tried BOMBING the parking garage of the WTC to bring it down.

So WHAT did BJ Bill do about in the intervening 8 years before 9/11, eh?

Get a BJ from a intern in a blue dress!

Khobar Towers bombing 1996, 19 soldiers killed, and Bill did what?

USS Cole bombing, 2000, 17 soldiers killed and Bill did What?

. . . . . . {crickets} . . . . . . .

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Jun-07-13 7:28 PM

'the greatest attack on American soil'...........would you like to tell us whose watch that was on? the intelligence that was ignored? the lies that were put forth to invade a different country to settle dad's score.? come on duwhopper! tell us all about your messiah! You know the one you said was like Obama, but Obama has a tan!

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Jun-07-13 7:20 PM

duwhop- Tell us about those people you see again. You know, the 'tan' ones..........

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Jun-07-13 7:19 PM

LOL, no moral compass!? Someone, namely duwhop is the king of narcissism......amongst other personality disorders.........

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Jun-07-13 7:18 PM

Oh yea, and duwhop lives in CA! LOL, that is why he starts posting at 6am EST! Oh but now he is in Detroit! and makes fun of the Ohio Valley!

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Jun-07-13 7:17 PM

duwhop- You are so good at pulling posts, why don't you pull the one that I took your offer? You won't, because YOU are the fake on here. You have been thrown off, been censored, only to come back under another name, remember formerohiovalleyresident? How many more? You sit on here day and night, holidays and weekends, to insult and suggest that your way of thinking is superior! To what? The most posts on the NR? Other than that, just keep predicting elections!

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Jun-07-13 4:00 PM

WITCH, I asked you for a BET. You of course didn't have the guts to take it, as liberals of course have NO COURAGE of conviction, NO Moral compass, NO direction.

Just "I FEEL, therefore I AM".

The Patriot Act was TEMPORARY when passed under BUSH (virtually UNANIMOUSLY) in response to the greatest attack ever on American soil.

IF it is so BAD, why did LIBERALS support a RENEWAL of its WORSE PROVISIONS almost 100%????

With 4 years of experience, they had a chance to see how it works.

Then they STILL renewed it????


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Jun-07-13 3:57 PM

Hey wonderwhy, what the name of your health insurance agent? You know, the one who reduced your premium by 40% and even gave you a refund.

I would like to give him my business.

Sincerely and have a peach of a day!

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Jun-07-13 3:54 PM

the far right were fine with the Patriot Act under their messiah. Now, the tan President, "as duwhop refers to him" continues it, and OH NO!< he's out to get you, take your guns, your rights, your God, your yadda yadda yadda. Hypocrits!

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Jun-07-13 3:51 PM

duwhop- YOU said YOU would leave if Obama won the Presidency! I left yesterday. At least I do leave once in a while. You on th eother hand live on here. sad and pathetic. It's the only life you have. Now, it's time for tool and bud's comeback................

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