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Fun in the Future for East Wheeling

New Elks Playground to Cost $400,000

June 9, 2013

WHEELING — City leaders want to do more than just replace the former Elks Playground that was demolished along with about 30 buildings to make way for the planned J.B....

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Jun-10-13 12:46 PM

ahh - the Friendly Sh-City.

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Jun-10-13 12:45 PM

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Jun-10-13 11:44 AM

this will just turn to junk like the playground near the river port. great idea..but no way to keep the bums and druggies out. never see any families or children playing there.

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Jun-10-13 10:41 AM

Finally! A safe place for the 'ho's of East Wheeling to congregate!

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Jun-10-13 10:04 AM will I get my cut..I OWN all musicians in Wheeling and business owners are in my I want a piece of all athletes as ha ha ha...conform minions!

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Jun-10-13 9:45 AM

notice how any time that these city leaders open their mouths they come up with"this'll be expensive".you can pay $600.00 for a toilet seat if you takes some thinking to figure out a better way.

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Jun-10-13 8:47 AM

Speaking of a futuristic park, how about a playground for adults?

Some monkey bars for pull-ups, flags, or muscle-ups, and the like? Kids could learn to do such exercises too instead of wimpy stuff like riding down a short slide or sitting on a small swing.

Whatever the cost estimate was last year, they should add at least 20% to the new cost.

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Jun-09-13 2:25 PM

Sorry- Should be " Creating"

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Jun-09-13 2:24 PM

Well! Wheeling is getting famous for creatinone thing- Money consuning White Elephants.

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Jun-09-13 2:01 PM

Give me the dog park instead!!!!

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Jun-09-13 11:48 AM

Aren't central kids too old to playing monkey bars? Granted, they will be the most futuristic monkey bars ever!

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Jun-09-13 11:17 AM

Apparently, the city "leaders" think people have short memories.

Remember just last year, the city was proposing to sell or give away unused playgrounds-because no one was using them?

Remember when the Boy Mayor, last year, promised to reveal his list of donors for the Wheeling Central Athletic Facility in "coming weeks"? Did that ever happen?

Remember when Herron and the Boy Mayor said that not one dime of taxpayer money (current or future) would be used to pay for the Capitol?

Remember when city workers were lucky to get a 3% raise?

Remember when Herron got a $15,000 raise and now makes as much as the mayor of Pittsburgh, which is more than 10 times the size of Wheeling?

Remember that Wheeling is losing roughly 1% of its' population each year?

Who will maintain this new sports complex?

The Boy Mayor and Herron will claim budget problems and that Wheeling Central has "generously" offered to take over maintenance and management of the playg

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Jun-09-13 11:16 AM

Better this than a ridiculous "dog park"!

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Jun-09-13 10:40 AM

By the time Wheeling makes a turn around the park will be rundown and the city will be in debt even more. The CDBG money is drying up in Congress. People are tired of higher taxes paying for all kinds of playgrounds.

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Jun-09-13 9:42 AM

Now that they have one officer per car the police department can assign a couple officers to foot patrol the playground area to keep the riffraff out. As far as location it is as good as any. The best part of this project is the removal of a blighted area.

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Jun-09-13 9:27 AM

Not half as stupid as the roller-hockey rink!!

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Jun-09-13 7:16 AM

Wheeling needs a good playground but I agree with Bossman, stupid location.

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Jun-09-13 5:42 AM

All right. A new hang out the the crack dealers. Way to go!!

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