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Vandalia Auctioning Properties

June 9, 2013

WHEELING — The Vandalia Heritage Corp....

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Jun-09-13 5:04 PM

Do what you want-you will anyway. Just don't evict Uncle Pete's!!

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Jun-09-13 3:22 PM

Instead of printing a rah rah press release for that strange bunch of people who run Vandalia, perhaps a reporter could be sent to actually take a look at this bizarre project. It appears that all of the money for these properties was public money from someplace or other, squeezed from our dry wallets in the name of preserving Victorian properties. And now we are all told in a way that means we should not bother to think, the publicly funded company is going to probably show a big loss. And darn it things got tough when Mollohan was shown the door. Who does the accounting for a firm like this, and since it public money, from all kinds of feel good agencies, are they being audited. How about a story about how much money has been spent "saving" some old homes, how much rent money has been returned? Seriously, what is up with this place. I saw a brochure and website from this outfit and it does not seem to make much sense other than a really swell place to squander millio

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Jun-09-13 3:13 PM

What happenged to Just Us? They were the ones buying up all the property when the Victorian Outlet was supposed to come in. Did the city, (taxpayers) buy that property? Is this part of that scheme?

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Jun-09-13 11:33 AM

I suppose you can sell at a loss when it is taxpayer money.

Whatever the loss amounts to, Mollohan and his cronies should be forced to reimburse taxpayers.

The idiots of West Virginia voted for this guy for 14 terms. In one 4-year period (during a recession, no less) his net worth went from $5 million to $28 million on an annual salary of $190,000. Even Warren Buffet couldn't make that work. Makes you wonder what shenanigans ole Alan was up to, Vandalia and its' Section 8 housing ideas being just one drop in the bucket.

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Jun-09-13 10:57 AM

The City Wheeling is going to face financial reality as Vandalia has in the lack of earmarks at state and federal level. Government and non-profit are going to have to learn the need to live within a budget and forget about the wants of a few but then again you can cut all the government pensions that are not fully funded to make up the difference in the near future. The taxpayer will be broke from paying for all of these bad ideas by a few and financed on the future income of the taxpayers.

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Jun-09-13 10:21 AM

Spanky, natural gas prices ARE coming back down. Down between 30 to 50 % over the last five years. As they continue to develop the infrastructure necessary to refine and distribute the gas those prices should continue to decrease. Look at the data.

w ww.eia.g ov/dnav/ng/hist/n3010us3m.htm

w ww.eia.g ov/dnav/ng/ng_pri_sum_dcu_nus_m.htm

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Jun-09-13 10:08 AM

"We are always up against the challenge of deferred maintenance, and the natural gas bills alone from some of the Victorians we own is a big hurt on our budget," she said.

Isn't West Virginia sitting on trillions of cubic feet of natural gas? Why would cheap gas cause such a burden to a non profit? Oh Yeah, natural gas prices, oil prices are NOT lower due to gas drilling. Nothing is cheaper due to drilling.

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Jun-09-13 8:47 AM

Who were the people of the Vandalia Corp. when these properties were bought?

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Jun-09-13 8:25 AM

Didn't George Costanza work for these guys?

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Jun-09-13 7:57 AM

Vandalia is just another non-profit that the tax payers funded making Mollohan and his partners in crime wealthy....Someone(s) should be doing time behind bars for the tax payer money theft!

When the gravy train was stopped they have no clue of how to run the business! The fact is that 10's of thousands of these non profits exist in the US and as long as the tax payers are on the hook business is good.....

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Jun-09-13 1:07 AM

Isn't it a shame when organizations that spend taxpayers' money like drunken drilling crews finally have to face financial reality. There are reasons why Victorian white elephants are no good on the market. If only some congressman in the name of preservation would introduce a law to require the rich to buy old homes instead of building McMansions.

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