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Lawsuit Against Marshall Board of Education Continues

June 9, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — A lawsuit filed earlier this year against the Marshall County Board of Education regarding construction of the new Cameron High School now includes a second company and involves more......

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Jun-09-13 1:02 AM

Why doesn't the school board just settle for some high sum? They seem to enjoy spending the money of their taxpayers for things that most people don't want and definitely didn't vote for.

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Jun-09-13 7:27 AM

this school board had no clue as to what they were time sit down and draw a picture first.

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Jun-09-13 7:35 AM

What a mess this has been since day one of the construction process. This group....county administration and the BOE should all be fired or removed from office. On June 30th Renzella and Simms will retire with large state pensions that we will fund and leave this mess on the taxpayers. The next election Lewicki and Gilbert will not run as their children have now graduated. They will leave with no repercussions at all for the debacle they have created. What a legacy to leave to leave Marshall County with. They should be embarrassed to show their faces in public. But this group has no shame. They feel they have done a fantastic job for our school system. I am sure at the final BOE meeting in June Renzella and Simms will be honored for their years of service, what a farce that will be. Instead of honoring them how about asking them how they plan on getting us out of this mess...oh, wait their retiring, that will be the problem of the citizens of Marshall County to deal with.

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Jun-09-13 7:59 AM

the peeps are just tired! We can't fight city hall, county courthouses/school boards, state legislatures and US congress all at the same time....

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Jun-09-13 8:20 AM

Just like government, are school systems are now bloated, corrupt and incompentent beyond repair

What ever happened to EDUCATING the child!!!

These clowns spend BILLIONS tearing down and constructing new buildings which does NOTHING to educate the child!!!

It only lines some pockets and fleeces the taxpayers!!!

Time for some MAJOR and MASSIVE cuts!!

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Jun-09-13 8:31 AM

it's called "all children left behind" here.the supers down there need fired before they retire.board members you can't do anything about.did they ever get a warranty with this place?they'll need it.i hope these contractors put it to them.

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Jun-09-13 9:33 AM

and back to the tax payer we go,who in the end is the responsible party

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Jun-09-13 11:14 AM

The BOE is another government agencies that has gone wild with taxpayer money. I hear Hancock BOE is building a grade school that will replace grade schools with a building that has had walls blown over already and just by the pure size of the building you might think they are in the process of build a college campus. It’s no longer about no child left behind but about no dollar left behind unspent. People will wake up and not vote for any more school levies when they find out about the waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

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Jun-09-13 11:26 AM

All of these BOE are spending money but the taxpayer ends up paying the bills. The results of high paid school executives is big city ideas and students not being able to do math and read at a high school level. The building does not make the education but it is making someone rich.

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Jun-09-13 11:39 AM

This is what happens when you put poorly educated dolts in charge of multi-million dollar projects.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that, just because someone is elected to a political office, they have any clue as to what they are doing.

From Obama down to the local school board, elected offices are chock full of people who are in over their heads.

Perhaps the school board should have hired a full-time, professional, contract/construction manager to keep the project moving on-time and on-budget.

Putting morons in charge of a $30 million project is ridiculous.

These people were only interested in helping themselves and their cronies. Looking at the current board, how much experience do any of them have in construction, contract management, purchasing or any other relevant field?

Answer-probably none.

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Jun-09-13 11:53 AM

McKinley and Associates were managing the project....Keeping the politicians in business with tax payer money! Traded Mollohan for McKinley and get the same results!

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Jun-10-13 9:46 AM

@Ragnar they did hire a Construction Manager to "manage" the project. PCS of Wheeling. The newspaper is doing a good job getting the information out with the problems of this school, but they need to ask the right questions. Why? They need to ask someone who knows construction. While I personally believe the line, "it's for the kids" is complete BS when it comes to excessive tax spending, I do believe Fred and Wayne made the right decision in hiring someone to oversee construction. The problem was they hired a dirt mover and an accountant both of which were lacking in building knowledge. To defend Wayne and Fred again, I'm sure that's not how it was sold to them.

Read back over the problems cited in each lawsuit and it starts to tell the story of the problems. The lack of design and management are always the root cause for construction gone bad. I've been told there are hundreds of request for extras. If the project was designed why would you need hundreds of e

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