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‘Chef James’ Hopes to Revive Waterfront Eatery

Depot Bikery Set to Re-Open

June 16, 2013

WHEELING — With his 35 years of culinary experience, chef James Burress believes he has the ingredients to keep things sizzling this summer at Heritage Port....

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Jun-16-13 3:34 AM

If anybody can make this work, it is Chef James. He is the best. He's the real deal.

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Jun-16-13 7:16 AM

I hope it succeeds but my concern is the short hours. We have similar setups near me and all are open more. I would think there would be an early business opportunity to catch trail users for coffee and breakfast/brunch especially on weekends

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Jun-16-13 8:05 AM

he has tried a few times at different locations. limited hours will keep me away for sure. he will be open only long enough to find a parking spot if your driving. the menu don't really do it for me either. colemans always has my fish order. former you make a good point. make it a breakfast stop for those working in town. afternoon icecream...really miss a great ice cream shop.

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Jun-16-13 8:06 AM

didn't he have that spot that said "If you want it I have it or will get it" something like that? lol.

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Jun-16-13 10:47 AM

I think weekends and 4-7 during the week would be better. Is there anyone really down there much around noon during the week? There's a lot of bums that don't work hang out down there.

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Jun-16-13 10:48 AM

In any case good luck James!

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Jun-16-13 12:36 PM

KISS- Keep it simple stupid. Keep the menue simple. birgers friesn hot dogs. The more varity, the more waste, especially with these short hours. Anyhow- Good luck James. By the way, is that other guy now in the food business???

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Jun-16-13 12:42 PM

My weekly "Scat" mention. Thank God!

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Jun-16-13 2:40 PM

Hey Feeling, too bad you won't be there . You and your wisdom will surely be missed. Not!

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Jun-16-13 8:52 PM

One thing that Wheeling does not have are unique places to eat. This could be a good thing. We need some places to eat that are not glorified cookouts or hot dog stands. Fried green tomatoes, catfish AND burgers and fries too? Thats all good. There is no reason to operate beyond the lunch hours if you hope to make money or break even. A lot of people still working in Wheeling and will go there for lunch. This guy is one of Wheeling's food masters and I will go there for lunch. You bet.

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Jun-16-13 11:05 PM

1. If this guy is such a great cook, why can't he stay in business?

2. Can the News Register go a week without Scatterday being in it?

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Jun-17-13 1:22 AM

He's like the Larry Brown of CHEFS

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Jun-17-13 8:01 AM

Mike, for your information, if you had read the entire article, you would see that he has a catering business that has been operating in Wheeling for many years and it's been very successful. I have also been to the waterfront during these hours and yes there are a lot of people down there around lunch time. Oh, and they're not bums, they're business people from the local banks and offices in town who like to get out of the building and enjoy the fresh air and good food. As far as Scatterday being in the paper a lot lately, deal with it! He is very involved in the local rails to trails program and there's a lot happening with that this time of year. At least this man is out there doing something about bringing business and activity to the area instead of hiding behind a computer keyboard and bashing Wheeling and everyone who is trying to do something good here. You guys that are on here badmouthing Wheeling and these guys are the reason that Wheeling has become what it has.

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Jun-17-13 11:33 PM

a w w blackwall..don't be sad.

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