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IRS Official’s Claim Is Not Believable

June 18, 2013

An Internal Revenue Service official in Washington now is admitting she knew of the agency’s discrimination against conservative groups seeking tax-exempt statu....

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Jun-18-13 10:19 PM

I am a long time pro-life leader and conservative christian and know that many so called not for profit groups are political arms and legs of pro-gas drilling and other special political many groups are not what they say they are and sure why not stop this much are we going to pay while in taxes while people flout the rules?

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Jun-19-13 5:41 AM

The hair on fire republican leadership in DC, the right wing media and especially Darryl Issa should be offering an apology to the people of the US for wasting valuable money and time on fake political scandal after fake political scandal and robbing the American people of the truth and an effective Congress.

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Jun-19-13 9:04 AM

It seems that Kool Aid is now available intravenously!!

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Jun-19-13 9:13 AM

it's funny how the lies keep showing up here.hopefully our kids grow up to know better.never believe a politician or any of their appointed partners in crime.

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Jun-19-13 9:28 AM

Goosy, I wonder if the families of our DEAD Ambassador and three DEAD diplomats in Benghazi, STILL awaiting answers on WHY and STILL awaiting justice, think Barry Benghazi OBumbler’s debacle in Libya was “fake”?

Goosy, I wonder if the families of our DEAD Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and the HUNDREDS of DEAD Mexican citizens, STILL awaiting answers on WHO was responsible for Barry Gun Runner OBumbler’s Fast and Furious debacle in Mexico was “fake”?

Goosy, I wonder how loony leftists like yourself can call Barry Milhous Obama’s IRS scandal “fake” when the IRS has ADMITTED it was operating ILLEGALLY?

Oscandal after Oscandal after Oscandal after Oscandal... and you think just claiming they were “fake” will get Barry W. Transparently Oblivious off the hook? Yes, it probably will. It worked for two elections... Yes we can! Forward! Hope and Change! Derrrrrrr...

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Jun-19-13 10:51 AM

The NY Times on the NSA scandal (President Obama’s Dragnet By THE EDITORIAL BOARD Published: June 6, 2013), "The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue. Mr. Obama is proving the truism that the executive branch will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it."

Does the NY Times owe the American people an apology on the "fake" scandal?

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Jun-19-13 10:54 AM

The NY Times on the Benghazi scandal,Benghazi E-Mails Put White House on the Defensive By MARK LANDLER Published: May 10, 2013 "WASHINGTON — A long-simmering dispute over the White House’s account of the deadly assault on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, flared up on Friday, with a disclosure of e-mails that show the White House was more deeply involved in revising talking points about the attack than officials have previously acknowledged."

Shame on the liberal NY Times for printing reports on these fake scandals. They owe Goose an apology!!

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Jun-19-13 10:58 AM

Democrat Charles Schumer (via NY Times), "“These so-called scandals have not diverted us one iota,” Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, said Sunday on the NBC News program “Meet the Press.”

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Jun-19-13 11:05 AM

From the Huffington Post on the AP "scandal", "The Justice Department's secret investigation of the Associated Press horrified the journalism world and received intensive news coverage. "

"A couple of weeks ago, we learned that our government used spy activities that included extended monitoring of Associated Press journalists' phones. Now comes word that Verizon customers have been targeted for extended surveillance. If we have been told this much, the government spy program on U.S. citizens must run much deeper.

Former Vice President Al Gore responded on Twitter to the Guardian's report by writing:

"In a digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?"

So the Huffington Post and even Al Gore are outraged! Do they owe an apology to the American people??

Much like this administration, Goose has lost all credibility on this subject!!

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Jun-19-13 4:13 PM

I almost forgot the IRS scandal! From the Huffington Post, "Holly Paz, IRS Supervisor, Admits Scrutinizing Applications From Tea Party Groups By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER 06/16/13"

"WASHINGTON — An Internal Revenue Service supervisor in Washington says she was personally involved in scrutinizing some of the earliest applications from tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status, including some requests that languished for more than a year without action."

Again, shame on the Liberal press for reporting on these "fake" scandals. Maybe Goose should go to there website's and post!

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