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Food Stamp Cuts Fail

Dems say too much slashed, GOP sought a larger reduction

June 21, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House rejected a five-year, half-trillion-dollar farm bill Thursday that would have cut $2 billion annually from food stamps and let states impose broad new work requirements o......

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Jun-21-13 6:26 AM

Food stamps costs have DOUBLED in the last five years?

Have people's SALARIES doubled in the last 5 years?


But but but I thought the economy has IMPROVED over that of the evil BUSH??

So REALITY is the Owebama economy is a MASSIVE FAILURE and more people than ever are on welfare and food stamps???

Reality bites, doesn't it!

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Jun-21-13 6:29 AM

The huge subsidies that were to be awarded to Congress people is pure theft. So many members in Congress were voting to cut foodstamps while giving themselves farm subsidies. This is the worst Congress in 237 years! Boehner is pure fail!!!

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Jun-21-13 7:39 AM

Dems wanted to cut 0.4 Billion from an $80 billion Food Stamp Spending?


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Jun-21-13 7:56 AM

Force companys to pay a living wage and you eliminate the food stamp problem. Raise the minimum wage

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Jun-21-13 8:04 AM work requirement. Wait,what? Work? Nope,WILL NOT. ONE BIG A** MISTAKE AMERICA says I do not have to work. What difference would an increase in minimum wage make to someone who sleeps til noon and cats around higher than a kite all night on the street. I don't get it.Why don't you explain it to me.

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Jun-21-13 8:31 AM

another failure of our government.they don't want these people working[those most of them could never hold a job].is there a difference between collecting welfare and being a politician?the politicians' welfare checks are bigger i guess with the same amount of work.

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Jun-21-13 9:20 AM

Food stamps are for the most part just something that crack heads can sell, for a dime on the dollar or less, to get more money for drugs. They do not use it to be feed their kids, or we would not be inventing new programs to feed kids three meals a day in the schools, or have food pantries and food drives. There is a lot of free food out there for people to obtain. They hvae to care about their kids or get up and go get the free food to supplement the food stamps they sold for crack, booze and cigarettes. The problem with hunger in America is the government programs and the lack of effort to punish parents who neglect their kids. Food handouts are big ego pumps for people who believe they are doing great things, but in fact, there is a surplus of food. Mean? Direct that to Obama's $100 million dollar vacation coming up, or $20 billion to Syria, Libya and Egypt then tell me about the 1 in 6 America kids who goes to bed hungry. In America where he is the Prez. Spare me the tears

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Jun-21-13 9:33 AM

In five years, when our great country goes into default, this problem will solve itself.

No food stamps, no free healthcare, or phones. The boyz in the hood will be pizzed. What do you think will happen next?

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Jun-21-13 11:26 AM

oldvampire, please tell us, WHAT is a living wage in 26003________________?

In NYC ________________?

In San Francisco ______________?

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Jun-21-13 5:23 PM

Romney won the 'food-stamp belt' solid from WV south thru Georgia then west thru Texas. Republicans want to extend obesity and ignorance beyond that.

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Jun-21-13 6:40 PM

this is about liberal opposition to people who receive assistance taking a drug test. Amnesty will really balloon this abused financial overhead.

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Jun-21-13 6:41 PM

another rip in the bill was eliminating secret subsidy payments to the super rich agriculture folks.

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Jun-21-13 6:46 PM

there is enough idle federal land that each family could be permitted to grow a garden and eat free.

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Jun-21-13 6:51 PM

you miss the point. every able bodied person from the penthouse to the lean too has few true basics needed met. a place to lay down, food to hunt for nourishment. water of course. the bling and fling are stuff people learn to need and eventually believe are entitlement.

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Jun-21-13 6:53 PM

Been following the immigration issue ? The legal American citizens were not and are not in favor of rewarding law breakers with illusionary amnesty. Oh the polls slowly show fewer % of opposition are voicing their stand. after years of political special interest pushing this bill down America's crawl. Polls work like this.

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Jun-21-13 6:54 PM

You want something your way and a majority doesn't agree. You want to show some proof you have everybody on your side or not against you. Either way makes good talking noise. You Bring the bill to the public and ask for comment. You bring the issue every week until people get weary and tired of filling out the poll questionaire. After while you require everybody answering to take a gravel and red pepper enemma each time they vote. In time fewer people will ask for a enemma in exchange for right to voice poll opinnion.

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Jun-21-13 6:55 PM

Then you take the most recent poll to the floor and announce, " Nobody voiced opposition. Thus All surely agree and want what I want, let's vote ."

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Jun-21-13 8:13 PM

John Boehner is such a loser....what a failure he is as a leader.

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Jun-21-13 9:51 PM

"Force company's to pay a living wage and you eliminate the food stamp problem."

Double the minimum wage, wait a few months, & just watch food-stamp applications & unemployment claims soar for the former minimum wage but now unemployed workers.

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Jun-21-13 9:53 PM

The people who really complain, have very serious to very nasty comments about those who use Food Stamps or EBT cards; most of those who complain and wish to see the program ended or restricted are from those areas of the U.S. where the job market is meager, what jobs that are out there are frequently so low paying that making rent means little food on the table--yes there is some fraud, some abuse of the program, some of the recipients are those who make bad choices, aren't that educated... but if your living in a region of the U.S. where there is job mobility and stability, you'll rarely hear or read the very negative comments that are posted here regarding the use of food stamps to supplement the food available for their families.

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Jun-21-13 11:40 PM

Clownsized, facts to an idiot liberal like you is the same as sunlight to a vampire.

FACT: The LABOR PARTICIPATION RATE measures the TOTAL percentage of population working. Under Bush it averaged about 66%.

In May of 2013 it was 63.4%, the LOWEST since 1979!!!! FAIL!

Most of the Bush administration had about 5 % unemployment. The worst was 7.9%.

Currently under Obama: 7.6% after spending over $1 TRILLION in STIMULUS money!!! FAIL!

FACT: 55% of the WEALTH of the Middle Class has been lost in the last 5 years! OBAMA: FAIL!

FACT: The average family income has declined over $4,300 under 5 years of Obama. FAIL!

FACT: The deficit in 2007 was $162 BILLION for the whole year. The Deficit under Obama for the MONTH of FEB. 2012 was $238 BILLION: FAIL!

FACT: Obama has added $6.3 TRILLION to the debt, more than any man in the history of the WORLD!! FAIL!

FACT: Gallup and Rasmussen BOTH have Obama approval rating at 44% now. BUSH: Up to 49%! OBAMA:FAIL!

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Jun-22-13 12:08 AM

what morons on here fail to know is there are a lot of working class people on food stamp. it's people who run companies to give wages that a person can support a family. while I was in the service there were families that were granted food stamps.

people on here think that people who get them are on drugs, lazy or stupid. take a look at yourself.

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Jun-22-13 12:11 AM

well said downsized.

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Jun-22-13 5:28 AM

Fact: Big corporation are thriving with huge profits assisted by government welfare. I a decent wage so both parents can work and give them enough hrs to get a paycheck and you will eliminate the so called moochers from the food stamp program. No doubt..there are a lot of dead beats but alot of families have two working parents and if you have 2 or 3 children at most wages today your still eligible for government health care and food stamps. I fail to understand why people can't see that big corporations run this country and are the cause of the socialist direction this country is heading. The minion can't control anything so quit blaming them. Blame the people who run this country. the almighty dollar..greed, power and the desire for more.

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Jun-22-13 8:06 AM

Dumbass liberals, what RUNS this country is Barack H. Obama and the Democratic THUG political machine of the Chicago. MORE people on welfare means MORE people DEPENDENT on government equals MORE VOTERS for (D).

The MAJORITY of 85% of the country did NOT vote for this scumbag piece of crap in the white crib, but the huge URBAN GHETTO population did and this is what we got.

Only SELECT corporations such as General Electric and GM are "running" this country with Crony Capitalists deals that send jobs to out the country to boost company earnings, THANKS to NOBAMA.

GE files a 59,000 page tax return and pays no taxes on $14,000,000,000 profit!! While IRS audits NON PROFIT Tea Party organizations!!!!!! Hesus Christo!!

What country has the highest income tax rate in the WORLD on corporations?


You effing ingornat twits make me puke, you are so STUUUUUPID.

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