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Visiting legislator says facility hard to find on Island

June 22, 2013

WHEELING — West Virginia lawmakers visiting Wheeling this week from across the state said they immediately noticed there isn’t enough signage leading visitors from Interstate 70 to the Wheeling......

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Jun-22-13 4:25 AM

All the signs in the World will not alter the downward spiral of WD - and Wheeling - now.

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Jun-22-13 5:16 AM

I agree with one's your job Osi. Quit preaching to the choir.

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Jun-22-13 9:00 AM

yet they don't notice anything going on in the real world.i have a sign for all of you politicians.political welfare at best.

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Jun-22-13 9:07 AM

The Wheeling Island casino has no one to blame but themselves for the downward spiral the casino is in. They got too big for their britches and started mistreating customers so the customers went somewhere they were appreciated. The Meadows is very nice and they LIKE their customers!

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Jun-22-13 10:26 AM


While I agree that Wheeling Island Casino started feeling like a place that you weren't appreciated, I totally disagree with the notion that The Meadows is a better place. I have played there several times. The slots are MUCH tighter than the slots at Wheeling Island Casino, the food court *****, they have no buffet, and their "rewards" suck. It takes twice as many points to get $1 of free play at The Meadows (1,000 points, or $1,000 of money played) as it does at Wheeling Island (100 points, or $500 worth of money played). The coupons they mail are garbage, and do not entice me to get in my car and drive past Wheeling. It is NOT a nicer casino.

As far as the people, I have to say that there are a number of very nice people who work at both casinos. It's just a matter of you not having enough interaction with the Wheeling Island Casino staff.

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Jun-22-13 11:22 AM

The bully getting bullied.

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Jun-22-13 1:24 PM

folks: market share is market share. The pie is much more divided now. Wheeling may be eliminated. The market is saturated.

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Jun-22-13 1:56 PM

I have an idea- Be like one of the 1.6m sharitable organizations who claim to be tax exempt. The tax system in this country is a joke, as it's now coming out.

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Jun-22-13 3:28 PM

Maybe people are finding something better to do with their time and money. Suggestions: grow a garden, fix your house, develop a hobby, go for walks out in the fresh air..endless possibilities. Volunteer at a shelter, mission or help family members. Go to church and pray for a country that defines a vice as a business.

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Jun-22-13 3:45 PM


I can just imagine Caesar's Palace complaining to the Nevada legislature about competition! Delaware North and the Dog Slavery Industry demands more profit from citizens of a state mired in misery. SEND THEM ALL BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME FROM!

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Jun-22-13 3:48 PM

The Goodyear Blimp hovering permanently over Wheeling Island Casino would only draw more pigeons!

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Jun-22-13 6:27 PM

Wheeling Island is a joke. When you rely on revenue from the lowest common denominator-degenerate gamblers-for your livelihood, you will most likely end up quite disappointed.

Local casinos are nothing more than organized robbery, or a tax on morons. Distract them with "free" coupons, flashing lights, attractive scents, etc. and them separate them from their rent money.

Doesn't take a genius to do that.

Every dollar wasted on the slots is one dollar that could be used to build a local business that will hire local people, pay taxes and help develop the area economically.

Las Vegas and Atlantic City both have glitzy casinos but only Vegas has come out okay-with its suburbs decimated. People go there for the weather. The AC casinos have public housing projects a few blocks away. Think Biff Tannen's casino in "Back to the Future 2".

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