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Snowden Faces Charge In NSA Leak

Former contractor accused of espionage for revealing program

June 22, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department has charged former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden with espionage and theft of government property in the NSA surveillance case....

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Jun-25-13 7:53 PM

All nations and all people benefit from Snowden's revelations.

" Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear" (Heller). Give this Snowden a medal!


Congress (intelligence committees) know all about **NSA surveillance, but

play like such trickery protects the USA; in reality, fbi covert

operations of the kind I describe brings great harm to US. Note that

surveillance is simply a cover story for the moment. The real *issues

that derive from such hi tech chicanery are: harassment, threats,

torture, forced suicide, attempted murder, murder.

Mike Rogers and Dianne Feinstein of the congress have an affirmative

duty to the people to address the atrocities ongoing by the

fbi/cia/nsa/etc. So far, they have dodged their responsibility. Why!




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Jun-23-13 7:20 PM

Fido1758, lot a hot air from a nobody in the most insignificant place of the 50th, most obscure state in the in the nation.

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Jun-23-13 4:11 PM

when the sniffers and drones exchange info and vaporize that drunk driver on I-70 that would have exited and drove down rt seven and hit you head on, you will appreciate the overly enthuastic desire to control the life around you.

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Jun-23-13 4:06 PM

are you in Gitmo , at war, being missle struck, broke, owe a trillion $$, so what is the personal worry here ?

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Jun-23-13 4:03 PM

those who ran in the past when the future looked difficult and unpredictable shouldn't now try to appear part of easy solutions requiring only script reading and mob participation.

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Jun-23-13 4:00 PM

how about if we didn't have lots of so called high tech programs, we just lived and died when the time came. normal like. without interference.

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Jun-23-13 10:36 AM

Wvpat, If we drop the NSA program that Bush started and have another incident like 911 who will you blame? do you want another 3000 Americans killed on American soil? Your bigotry is showing. Get over it.

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Jun-23-13 9:23 AM

*yawn* boys are not players in the big game. Your rantings & ravings mean less than nothing. Take all the sand in the world and you all have but a single grain of knowledge and understanding. Simple-minded comments are fine but recommendations for 'action' are laughable. Mere brain pharts wafting across the ether.

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Jun-22-13 8:56 PM

Liberals still blaming Bush!

Who has been President since Jan. 20th, 2009? Bush?

Barry Hussein Soetero Obama promised to shut down Gitmo, end all of our wars, balance the budget, end rendition, end drone strikes and domestic spying.

Let's look at his record.

Gitmo? Still open.

End wars? More like expanding them. Though he did help to overthrow moderate Islamic governments and replace them with religious fanatics. He also sold out our allies, gave away our missile shield to Russia and allowed China to steal our secrets.

Balanced budget? Has yet to PASS a single budget and has run consistent $1 trillion + deficits.

Rendition? Still going on.

Drone strikes? Barry's motto should be "killing children since 2008!"

End domestic spying? If by vastly expanding it you mean "ending" then, yes, Barry has kept his promise.


Barry has been the President for years and could have stopped this NSA thing with the stroke of a pen.

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Jun-22-13 8:43 PM

It's under Obama that the massive Utah Data Center was (is) built. The complex will house five zettabytes of information. Enough to hold 100 years of communications such as emails, voice mails and phone calls.

From NPR, "As privacy advocates and security experts debate the validity of the National Security Agency's massive data gathering operations, the agency is putting the finishing touches on its biggest data farm yet.

The gargantuan $1.2 billion complex at a National Guard base 26 miles south of Salt Lake City features 1.5 million square feet of top secret space. High-performance NSA computers alone will fill up 100,000 square feet.

The Utah Data Center is a data farm that will begin harvesting emails, phone records, text messages and other electronic data in September."

That's NPR not Fox News!

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Jun-22-13 8:16 PM

Oldman, Then why has Obama defended the NSA program instead of getting rid of it??

“You can complain about Big Brother and how this is a potential program run amok, but when you actually look at the details, I think we've struck the right balance.”

But I understand your bitterness! Obama has taken the worst of the Bush admin and kicked them up a few notches !! Now your disappointed because he's deceived you. Totally understandable that your angry!

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Jun-22-13 6:57 PM

Do Do, please take you meds.

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Jun-22-13 6:56 PM

Triton, the N S A program was put in place by the fascist Bush. Only faux nooz viewers think it was Obama. Shame on you. Stop lieing

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Jun-22-13 6:37 PM

Technically, Snowden did not break the law. Sorry, just a fact. Obama and Company DID break the law.

There is nothing illegal about revealing secrets to which you were not privy, or which you did not access through espionage or in violation of your national security nondisclosure agreement.

They are only calling this guy a traitor because he exposed them and they got caught with their pants down.

I hope and pray that more brave souls come forth and shed further light on the crimes of this administration.

Remember, Nixon was facing impeachment from Congress-including his own party-for what? Bombing North Vietnam without Congressional authorization and covering up for one of his friends after the fact in the Watergate scandal.

At least Nixon cared about America. I am now 100% certain that Barry Hussein Soetero Obama cares nothing for this Republic. Gay marriage, gays in the military, illegal alien amnesty, massive debts, spying on us.....

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Jun-22-13 5:55 PM

So the GOVERNMENT can spy on you without a WARRANT, but a private employer cannot check if you have a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND before hiring??

Just another DIVERSION from the OBAMA SCANDAL of the WEEK.

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Jun-22-13 5:54 PM

What a bunch of GD hypocrites the Obama administration is:

"The Obama administration is suing Dollar General and a BMW facility in South Carolina for the alleged unfair use of criminal background checks for job applicants, months after warning companies about how such screenings can discriminate against African Americans.

The suits were filed June 11 by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which last year issued new guidelines that cautioned against rejecting minority applicants who have committed a crime and recommended businesses eliminate policies that “exclude people from employment based on a criminal record.”

The suits have re-ignited concerns over such issues as potential federal overreach, the overlap of state and federal law and companies losing their rights to protect customers, workers and assets while trying to adhere to fair hiring practices.

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Jun-22-13 4:27 PM

the thought never crossed their minds. will America get fed up and unplug, unlink, disconnect all service provided electronic gadgets for communications. It would save the postal service. new slogan. Lick em' with stamps.

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Jun-22-13 4:24 PM

plugged the d I k e . wow. is that a negative in todays world. what a bunch of clueless beings. I didn't say happy scout.

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Jun-22-13 4:21 PM

did he tell the truth although the pig was intended to stay in the poke ? The boy that plugged the*****with his finger probably angered proponents of population reduction through convenient crisis.

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Jun-22-13 1:55 PM

when Christian Manning, an army PFC, released thousands of files to Wikeleaks, left wingers liked that better because many of them reflected on the Bush years. But now this clown has outed Obama and he did so in the wake of the IRS scandal and the revelation that the Atty Gen Holder was tapping reporter's phones to locate their sources of stories on the Administration. Left wingers don't like this so much. Nor do they wish to think about the fact that Obama took counterespionage and turned it inward to search down political foes. Snowden likely is a traitor but how else would we have known that Obama's administrations makes Stalin look like a Cub scout? Obama's major problem is that people other than brain dead liberals do not trust him, likely never will again. Democracy runs on trust that our gov is our friend, Obama has shown that he is more ruthless than Nixon could ever imagine, and we removed Nixon for much less than the IRS scandal. Obama is now a lame duck, like it or not

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Jun-22-13 11:51 AM

If you think the NSA is bad wait until Obamacare kicks in!! From USA Today, "ObamaCare's federal exchange, however, will be very different from these earlier efforts or emerging private exchanges such as eHealthInsurance****. In order to determine eligibilty for health insurance subsidies, the new exchange has to bring together information about you and your family from the Treasury Department and IRS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, as well as your Social Security number — all coordinated by the Department of Health and Human Services."

I'm sure no one will use any of that information for nefarious purposes!!!!

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Jun-22-13 10:44 AM

The only thing scarier than the NSA issue may be the Obama For America (yes a 501 C 4) database. Dem Senator Maxine Waters, “That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.” (You Tube)

I'm pretty sure their tax exempt status was approved the same day it was submitted!!!

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Jun-22-13 9:19 AM

and if he goes to jail maybe he'll share a cell with obama and his appointed cronies.they'll need a whole cell block.

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