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Bridge Date Comes, Goes

Owners seeking Congressional help to get demo permit

June 25, 2013

BENWOOD — Owners of the Bellaire Bridge have enlisted the help of their congressman in Virginia to ask the U.S....

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Jun-25-13 2:47 AM

You would think that the bond could go to a trusted court. Obviously Benwood is trying to rake some cash in on this project. I don't blame them for wanting cash in place to clean up a mess that some demolition company may not but It certainly looks like they are wanting a gift.

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Jun-25-13 6:38 AM


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Jun-25-13 7:06 AM

Ahhh Yesssss, the ole Bellaire Bridge saga continues. When will that eye sore Bellaire Bridge be taken down? What came first the chicken or the egg? Creationism or evolution? Progressive Democrat or Communist? Will there be peace in the Middle East? How many licks to the center of a Tootsie Pop? The world may never know.

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Jun-25-13 8:18 AM

A story about Benwood.....where's the Chief?

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Jun-25-13 8:34 AM

When local gov cannot act in the face of a safety issue, tehn the Fed/state must act. No $? Obama is spending nearly $100 million on his latest vacation/royal tour, can we have some crumbs? And he wants war in Syria so bad he can taste it and is willing to trot out the dredded WMD excuse (with a straight face) but low estimate for his Syria war will be $20 billion even if our troops don't invade. We spent $20 billion on Libya and send them nearly a billion every quarter. But we are told that 1 in 6 American children go to bed hungry every night. And bridges are falling down all over America...but Obama is focused on creating Islamic govs in the Middle East and touring. We have more war now than Bush could ever imagine. Well, progressives (the new shadow word for fascism)tell us to ignore IRS, Libya, Egypt, Syria, NSA spying, bugging phones. But why are kids in the US still hungry and the Bellaire bridge is still up?

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Jun-25-13 11:45 AM

yawn. Triton those same numbers were around when lil bushy was In office as well. pass the blame. maybe you should read your fox news. a nice list of highs for years.

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Jun-25-13 11:48 AM

wish bush could have protected us on our own home land. but, he let us get attacked on our home soil. shame, shame, shame. then failed to get those who did it. them berry stepped up and did the job...oh..and he didn't fly a fighter jet with our tax money to claim a win for a war that was not even over lol.

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Jun-25-13 12:01 PM

shame berry let the recession/fiscal crisis happen on his watch. berry done saw all the signs coming but didn't stop it

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Jun-25-13 1:12 PM

What does complaining about the last two presidential administrations have to do with tearing down the Bellaire Bridge?

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Jun-25-13 2:24 PM

WAIT! Where's Chief Longwell's photobomb!?

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Jun-25-13 7:44 PM

look dems you made your bed now lie in it! bob ney had the money in a federal bill to take down the bridge but yu liberals and station wkkx had two interviews with the inacompetent strickland when he ran for governor and beat up on bob ney soo much that ney had to take the bridge money out of his bill! call wkkx and have them play the tape by strickland and kellas if they got the guts,which i doubt!!!!!!!!!

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Jun-25-13 9:03 PM

beach, "ney had to take the bridge money out of his bill!"

And he went to prison.....I'm not thinking that ney was the good R that you thought he was! LOL

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Jun-26-13 8:35 AM

our seals did the job not obama.

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Jun-27-13 11:46 AM

This is like the Obama "regime" . . . everyone is praying for an end to it.

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