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Turning Up the Heat

Far-reaching proposal riles both foes and friends

June 26, 2013

WASHINGTON— Appealing for action “before it’s too late,” President Barack Obama launched a major second-term drive Tuesday to combat climate change, bypassing Congress as he sought to set a......

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Jun-26-13 5:40 AM

Obama's not so hidden agenda always has been this: to make CHEAP and PROVEN ENERGY EXPENSIVE so that EXPENSIVE alternative energy look LESS EXPENSIVE by comparison!


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Jun-26-13 6:14 AM

We have the science in hand to turn the CO2 debate entirely on it's head. The US Navy has developed an entire suite of technologies that is capable of, first, collecting CO2 from the environment, and, then, in some cases using environmental energy to drive the processes, converting that CO2 into a full range of hydrocarbon fuels. Bayer Corporation is, right now, in Germany, collecting Coal-fired power plant CO2 and using it to synthesize plastics. Right now, in Washington, DC, an international conference hosted by Penn State University is taking place where scientists from around the world are presenting technologies for the productive, profitable use of CO2 as a raw material for fuels, chemicals and plastics. Why is none of that being reported to us?

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Jun-26-13 6:39 AM

CO2 is in FACT a VERY poor "green house gas" due to it's longevity in the atmosphere

METHANE is in FACT a MUCH better "green house gas"

And it has NOTHING to do with industry!!!!

The FACT is that the world's largest producer of methane is TERMITES!!!!

But since you can't extract TAX from termites, the great CO2 LIE was born!!!


This hoax is ALL about MONEY!!!

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Jun-26-13 6:52 AM

Anyone who has lived in the Ohio Valley for awhile is quite aware of the filth we have been breathing over the past 50 years. Cancer and COPD plague our area. The thick black smoke that came out of those stacks for decades have left an indelible mark. Clean up our filthy air!

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Jun-26-13 6:54 AM

Obama is setting himself up to be the next Al Gore so he too can make millions by crying "global warming, global warming!". And he, like Al, is a fool and a farce.

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Jun-26-13 6:59 AM

hoopie, Is that Union or Non-Union "filthy air"?

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Jun-26-13 7:00 AM

This country is no longer a "global leader". Nations now thumb there noses at the United States due entirely to Obama. He is weak. We are weak. He leads nothing.

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Jun-26-13 7:03 AM

BTW, those power lawn mowers need to be replaced by manual push mowers.........

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Jun-26-13 7:13 AM

UNCOMMONSENSE, the termite FACT-oid you stated looked erroneous. According to the global methane initiative, industrialized humans emit >300 megatons per year, termites emit 20 megatons, ocean emits 15. But you get a prize since termites rank 2nd.

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Jun-26-13 7:34 AM

obama flying around on air force one is polluting the air.this guy is such a joke.putin's even puttin' it to him.

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Jun-26-13 7:43 AM

News Flash: elected representatives of CONGRESS make the laws, President SIGNS them and enforces them.

Laws are NOT made by sneaking around behind everybody's back and implementing executive orders.

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Jun-26-13 7:45 AM

The potentials for the productive, profitable utilization of CO2 are immense. As another "for instance", since we mentioned the conference they're hosting in DC in our post below: Just this May 14, Penn State University was awarded: "US Patent 8,440,438 - Electromethanogenic Reactor and Processes for Methane Production". It's a technology, that, using about as much voltage as you get from a flashlight battery, converts Carbon Dioxide into Methane, ie., substitute natural gas. Why aren't we being informed?

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Jun-26-13 8:39 AM

Even further, Methanol, fuel alcohol, trade named "Vulcanol", synthesized from industrial exhaust gas CO2 is being blended into gasoline and sold in filling stations in several European nations by the company "Carbon Recycling International", who were also, last year, awarded: "United States Patent 8,198,338 - Process for Producing Liquid Fuel from Carbon Dioxide and Water", which is a technology that converts reclaimed CO2 into gasoline and diesel. Why aren't we being informed?

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Jun-26-13 8:42 AM

Obama is a breath of fresh air after 8 years of a fake born again christian, war mongering, unscientific, fact ignoring creationist!

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Jun-26-13 8:50 AM

Since we mentioned the fact, somewhere below, that Bayer Corporation is converting Coal power plant CO2 into plastics manufacturing raw materials at a Coal-fired power plant in Germany, we wanted to note that some reports have it that they're partnering there with Siemens, who are providing the CO2-capture tech, but, who also, as is revealed in: "United States Patent 7,989,507 - Production of Fuel ... Utilizing Waste Carbon Dioxide; 2011; Assignee: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft (AG), Munich, Germany", know how to convert Carbon Dioxide into gasoline.

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Jun-26-13 9:38 AM

Obama needs to take a drive through coal country and see what his environmental policies have already done to the coal industry. I guess the only poverty his administration is concerned about is inner city minority poverty.

The most ridiculous thing about all of this is that the rest of the world could give two s***s about climate change. And we all know the kind of weight this adminitration pulls in the global scheme of things. Good luck getting China and Russia to comply.

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Jun-26-13 10:46 AM

folks: Clearly the intention is to promote natural gas for power here in the US and as an export to other Countries for power. Gas is beneficiary.

Gas export will ease the balance of payment problem for the USA and Global Warming.

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Jun-26-13 10:48 AM

idlike: yes coal is the big loser in this policy. The OV will be a winner with our gas wealth vs coal.

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Jun-26-13 10:52 AM

Under Contract Number DE-AC02-05CH11231, your US Department of Energy, by the way, paid the University of California some of the tax money collected from you to develop a better catalyst to convert Carbon Dioxide into fuel alcohol at a lower energy cost. The project was quite successful, and US patents on the resultant technology have been applied for. Haven't been told about that, either, have you? Why?

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Jun-26-13 11:04 AM

Well, this piece sure brought out the sycophants and the snake oil salesmen. LOL

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Jun-26-13 11:04 AM

WVUEGO, why? Same reason NONE of your pie in the sky bullspit patent holic fascination amounts to jack, COST EFFECTIVENESS.

If it WORKS and competes COST EFFECTIVELY with current energy sources, the free market will beat a path to your door.

If it a Solyndra version 2.0, it is just paying 10 times as much for energy that comes more cheaply from coal.

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Jun-26-13 11:14 AM

how many local coal miners are employed in the ohio valley compared to local gas drillers?

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Jun-26-13 11:29 AM

Princeton University, as well, along with a commercial spin-off company, "Liquid Light", in New Jersey, are establishing the basis of a commercial Carbon Dioxide recycling technology and business. For instance, late last year, Princeton was awarded: "US Patent 8,313,634 - Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Organic Products; November 20, 2012; Inventors: Andrew Bocarsly and Emily Barton Cole; Assignee: Princeton University, NJ; Abstract: The invention relates to various embodiments of an environmentally beneficial method for reducing carbon dioxide. Government Interests: This invention was made with United States government support from National Science Foundation Grant No. CHE-0616475. The United States Government has certain rights in this invention. A method of converting carbon dioxide to provide at least ... ethanol." And, note, your tax money paid for that research, too, but you're not being told about it. Why?

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Jun-26-13 12:02 PM

Elected representatives of CONGRESS make the laws, President SIGNS them and enforces them. So after Congress makes the law on immigrations and President signs it then he will go about changing it with executive order. Time to add a amendment to stop this practice.

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Jun-26-13 12:40 PM

President Obama says he as a father and an American he refuses to condemn future generations to rising temperative, but has no problem carving out such debt that each child, decades before they are ever born is already in debt and with poor prospects for a life like Obama and his family enjoy. At our expense. Wonder what Obama's carbon footprint is?

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