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McKinley Has Questions on Bridge

Teleconference on demolition permits rescheduled for Tuesday

June 28, 2013

BENWOOD — U.S. Rep. David B. McKinley asked questions Thursday about the permit issues surrounding the proposed demolition of the Bellaire Bridge, its owners and the city of Benwood....

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Jun-29-13 12:12 PM

Horsemeat never went to any college or specialty training but Horsemeat can tell you about Criminal Justice, Zoning, Engineering, Demolition, Finance, City Management, Security, Transportation, Budgeting, Permitting, Contracting, Legal work and Public Relations.

Oh, and about the Benies in the Brownie...

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Jun-29-13 10:56 AM

"Rep. McKinley didn't know all of what was needed, and that's why he wanted to talk to Police Chief Frank Longwell...."

WOW! just 'WOW!'

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Jun-28-13 9:58 PM

Well the "goberments" as they are called by some in your neck of the woods, govern more or less according to the local culture or custom. If you expect Monkey See, Monkey Do--you shouldn't be surprised by the outcome, more surprised that anyone except the local players even know where to find Benwood. If that little place had any kind of an economy or strategic value, that Benwood Bridge would have been gone years ago.

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Jun-28-13 8:14 PM

@bumpkin: Ignorant you say? Do you have the slightest idea what happenstance means? Birds of a feather flock together.

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Jun-28-13 6:30 PM

Hefner - the former wheeling mayor and his brother happen to own the biggest business located directly underneath the bridge. Your "happenstance" comments are ignorant. Nobody wants the bridge down more or supports the city more than "the former mayor and his brother."

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Jun-28-13 3:35 PM

If this is a privately owned bridge, what should a Congressman be involved in any manner? It is the owner's responsibility. If they have any assets, let the city contract to tear it down and lien the assets of the owner until the debt is paid. If not, the tear it down and collect the costs from the $$ received from the sale of the steel. Reimburse the owner for whatever excess $$ is received. No need to federal involvement in the slightest.

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Jun-28-13 11:55 AM

Over 7 million tons of steel was used to build the bridge. 1 ton of "scrap" steel is going for about $150 per ton, do the math....Maybe tax payers could foot the bill and get a good ROI!

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Jun-28-13 11:39 AM

I wondered about this company and project from day one when this company came on the scene, because the newspaper article featured a picture that included a former Wheeling Mayor's brother, which just may have been happenstance, but hey, what are the chances? It appears from earlier post, if they be true, that it is little wonder this guy can’t get a performance bond. Business as usual in the Ohio Valley.

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Jun-28-13 10:37 AM

It's very hard to understand WHY this company can NOT get any insurance company to give them a performance bond. Don't any of you find this odd? If they are such a big company who has done such good work on many projects as they claim (which is very questionable), WHY can't they get a performance bond? Also, WHY can this company NOT provide any business references? NOT ONE! WHY?

Also, Why was the owner of this company DENIED a ABC Beer license to open a bar in Wheeling?? WHY? And why would a man from many cities in Ohio, WV an Virginia want to open a BAR in downtown Wheeling? WHY?

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Jun-28-13 10:30 AM

DINO: It's really a simple process. The Company needs to apply for a permit, which to date they have NOT done. When you apply you must submit demolition plans (which they never thought they had to have) and list all sub contractors. Submit all license for your business and all subs. Submit proof of Insurance and Bonds. It's very simple. Problem is this company has NOT done this. Ask them if they have EVER been denied a permit. The answer will be NO. The city has NEVER denied this company a permit because they have NEVER applied for one. Why haven't they? It would take all day to explain. Long story short, they didn't have a contractors license until recent. No Insurance. No Bond. Subs had no license or bonds. And MUCH more. Consol Coal, IMI Fabi, A & B Kia, Level Tech and many more business/contractors got their permits the SAME day they applied. Why so fast? Because they know what is required and submitted it on day one.This company has/had no idea what was requried.W

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Jun-28-13 10:07 AM

Mounty, I think most of this talk to the general public is like listening to the adults speak on a "Charlie Brown" special. Similar to the Fostoria property in Moundsville, we (the public) can't figure out why it takes decades to remove these eyesores and dangerous properties, anymore than we can figure out why a baseball franchise can't have a winning season in almost the same amount of time. .....You appear well informed on the subject. What's the chances the FINE will be enforced or PAID?

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Jun-28-13 9:07 AM

HEFNER: If you rmember not so long ago this newspaper reported that the FEDERAL COURT has required A $1 mil dollar performance bond be aquired. So, the issue of $500k cash bond should be a dead issue if they do as the federal court has ordered.

It would be nice if this paper would do some research an print FACTS.

They have not even come close to informing the public the whole story on this bridge. Lets not forget that the owners were in a civil suit for 2 years with the former owner. The city nor anyone caused this delay.

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Jun-28-13 8:37 AM

@mountaineer4life: I stand corrected. The article says the city requested the cash?

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Jun-28-13 8:14 AM

RAGNAR: If you for one second honest believe that Longwell or the city could "STEAL" $500,000 your as crazy as they are. HEFNER: The city requested a performance bond NOT cash. The demo company can not find anu insurance company that will give them a bond. WHY?? The demo company is who proposed the $500K cash NOT the city. The demo co is on record saying they wanted to post cash and they had it ready to post. The city NEVER requested cash, they required a insurance backed performance bond. Ask yourself WHY can't this company get a bond?? Again, the demo company is who proposed putting up cash, NOW they are backing out of that proposal. Whats the solution? Whats the city or state to do if he starts the project on this PRIVATE bidge, cashes in on the easy to get metal and then leaves town and does not finish the job? Then what? I'll tell u, the TAX payers finish paying to remove it. Is that what u want? Better to be safe than sorry!

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Jun-28-13 7:53 AM

Demanding $500,000 cash rather than the original $1 million Bond is unusual in these types of situations, and either the folks in Benwood don't understand how this works or the contractor is so inexperienced in this work that obtaining a normal Bond is impossible. Something is amiss.

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Jun-28-13 7:47 AM

mountain4life, The bridge was closed in 1991 and the story about the goberment involvement is long. Ohio, WV, Feds and Benwood for the most part.....

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Jun-28-13 3:29 AM

I see nothing wrong with the bond but it should be in the hands of some one not involved in a trust fund so to speak with a judge in charge of dispersion of the funds if need and return to the demolition company if they properly remove the bridge and clean their mess up.

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Jun-28-13 1:35 AM

Google this: Ballad of The Becky Thatcher: The saga continues

Yet "another" saga for Delta Demo!! Wake up people, do you see a pattern?

Three jobs I found all have legal issues with this company.


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Jun-28-13 1:25 AM

A very "quick" google search of this company shows "MULTIPLE" mailing adresses in the past few years. WHY?? WHY would you change addresses so often? ALSO, the search revealed their WV Business license was REVOKED!! ALSO, the better business review site states "This Business is not BBB Accredited" as of 10/24/2012!

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Jun-28-13 1:05 AM

BTW, this company did NOT tear down the "JORDAN BRIDGE" as it claims, they removed a very "SMALL" portion of the overland portion of the bridge. AND, Go to the WV State contactors board and see when they got their WV License!!! They had none for years, they only recently got a license. They stalled this project and continue to stall. These people have been caught in so many LIES that everyone involved questions everything they say. Bottom line is this company is its own worst enemy!!

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Jun-28-13 12:56 AM

dyingov:YOU have no clue. Finally someone beside city officials will see what a scam artist the "owners" of this bridge are. The city, city officials nor employees will get any $ if this bridge is taken down. The city wants it down more that YOU or any other person in the valley. However, it needs to be taken down correctly & the "owner" needs to have all license, permits & Plans that any other business is required to have. The city has asked for NOTHING more than what ALL WV city's require. The owner is on record agreeing to the terms an conditions. Contact the officials of the "JORDAN BRIDGE" in Virginia and contact the their local union hall & scrap dealors their and asked them how they were SCAMMED!! Then you can make an informed decision about this company. This company is NOT a typical demo company. Contact the Coast Guard and ask them about the half sunken barge this company was ALREADY paid to remove in the OHIO RIVER "YEARS&

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Jun-28-13 12:29 AM

How long has the local, county, state and federal goberments been talking about this bridge? And the sheeple wonder why the goberment always needs more tax revenue....They could not operate a lemonade stand!

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