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Talking, Texting While Driving Can Be Costly

June 30, 2013

By TYLER REYNARD Staff Writer WHEELING — Drivers, take note: come Monday, talking on your cell phone while driving without using a hands-free device could get you pulled over and cost you hundreds o......

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Jul-02-13 5:34 PM

Acoustic, that's so absurd. I know a few police officers and to think they add charges like "public intox" to up the fine, is ridiculous. Ever think they charged them with it because, uhm, they were drunk in public? It's not a 'petty' charge. It's a charge that puts away the wasted drunks stumbling into the roadways where they can get struck by a vehicle, causing problems in public, and takes care of those who cannot control,maintain, or handle themselves outside or inside a public setting.

But.....that's not the reason. It's so police can intrude into your life and make money. Police are paid very little, so these charges do nothing for them,financially. Absurd. Absolutely absurd.

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Jul-02-13 10:42 AM

Good citizens of are under attack. Please make the cops and prosecutors go broke. Stay away from them, don't give them a reason...because they will most definitely capitalize on you, your family, and anything you have. They are adding public intox, obstructing, any petty "crime" to up the fine. It is absolutely out of control. Be smart and by no means trust that they have your best interest in mind...their satisfaction is locking you up and taking your money....that is the bottom line. They don't care how it affects your life, your job, your family, or your resources. They are not your are a business potential...that's it.

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Jul-02-13 10:37 AM

Yep...another reason to squeeze your personal finances. Wheeling has become a complete police-state, and the multitudes of staff and equipment requires big money to maintain. If you are in Wheeling, are a target. Cops, prosecutors, and attorneys want any money that you have, and you are being criminalized, regardless of who you are or what you do. There are no more breaks, there is no more "protect and serve" are a source of income and they don't care if your life is ruined and resources depleted.

Will drivers go "hands-free"...maybe. Will they still eat, put on make-up, browse the internet on smart phones, how about mounted computers like the cops. Will people still light and smoke cigarettes, read the paper, adjust GPS, shave, etc etc etc? Yep, probably.

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Jul-01-13 6:19 PM

It's simply yet ANOTHER reason for the NAZI check points in Wheeling to do an illegal background check search and seizure!!!!

Welcome to Wheeling, the most progressive NAZI police state in the country!!!

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Jul-01-13 1:51 PM

Regardless of how you feel about this new law, all the griping and complaining you are doing about it is futile. I don't care if you like it or not, I am in favor of it. People need to stop throwing off comments about how this is a revenue maker for law enforcement because every ticket they write and every citation thy issue is a revenue maker. Number one, if you break the law, you DESERVE to pay piper, be it monetary or incarceration. It doesn't matter to me at all where the money goes. The issue is that you need to man up and take responsibility for your actions and stop b*tching about where the money goes.

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Jul-01-13 11:29 AM

For those who disagee with this law. Would youe views change if you a friend or a family member killed by someone who was texting on the phone?Just Curious..

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Jul-01-13 9:58 AM

Never fear; the solution is to require a background check prior to all cell phone purchases: Anyone found to have committed a moving vehicle violation would be identified and prevented from purchasing a cell phone.

Problem solved!

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Jul-01-13 12:25 AM

daWraith, the posted speed limit signs prevents/deters/or advises those of a safe(er) speed on that specific road. Sure, people speed, but then there are those who don't and follow the speed limit. No speed limit signs - the recklessness would be skyrocketing; resulting in more death, more injuries, more property damage.

Same for the distracted driving law. It's going to prevent/deter/ or advise those who follow or obey the law, to NOT text and drive - talk on the phone and drive.

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Jul-01-13 12:20 AM

richardwhee , That is the most ridiculous thing I've heard. The state enacts a new law to generate more cops? Maybe it was enacted know....SAVE LIVES? Seat belts saves lives and all you have to do is drive on National Road for 10 seconds before you see someone straddling the double yellow only to see what? The glowing cell phone light reflecting about their face because THEY ARE TEXTING/OR/TALKING ON THE PHONE.

It's to save lives, nothing more. "Generate more cops" wow. Just wow.

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Jun-30-13 4:58 PM

Yay!! It is about time. Let a year or two go by with this new law and see if people get tired of paying fines, then stop the talking on a phone while driving and let's see what the results are! Believe it or not, it could be an effective tool. Wow! Imagine that!!

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Jun-30-13 4:12 PM

Okay, let's take this to its' logical conclusion. Since talking on a cell phone is a distraction, we should also ban the drinking of any beverage, eating of any food, application of makeup, singing along to the radio and having pets or screaming kids in the backseat.

All are a distraction so all should be banned.

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Jun-30-13 4:12 PM

I find it hard to believe that anyone can think texting and driving is safe. If so, they must have and use the same logic as Nancy Pelosi.

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Jun-30-13 2:02 PM

the people who argue that its safe to text, talk and drive are the same things people used to say about drinking and driving, like they were super drunks who can handle it. Its a stupid argument. Anyone who drives has seen people weaving all over the road or running through stops signs ro red lights they never saw, so how do you throw pedestrians, bikes, elderly people, kids playing into the argument that its OK to only pay half attention to driving. I watched a woman talking on the phone drive into a telepone pole and when she got out of her car she was still talking. Remember that cops can get your phone activity with a subpoena so if you have an accident it can be proven you were texting or driving, your insurance will treat it like a DUI and a jury will bury you in liability. Its easily proven reckless driving causing injury. Do ya have to talk right NOW? Risk everything you work for, or wait to talk? Would you mind if your surgeon talked to his buddies while cutting?

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Jun-30-13 1:47 PM

I can't wait for this to be enforced! I am tired of driving down the road and seeing some rich soccer mom in her SUV headed toward me on the wrong side of the road because she's texting her old cheerleader team mate, making a hair and nail appointment or trying to track her husband/boyfriend down for more money to go shopping. And for the rest of the idiots who text or talk and drive, you need your license revoked all together. If you can't pull over somewhere to make a call or text someone then you need to throw the phone out the window and DRIVE! MORONS! I don't want to get killed because of one of you idiots!

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Jun-30-13 1:05 PM

We have so*****many cops now. Can't they find better things to do? They keep screaming Safety-Safety All it is , is an excuse to get more money to generate more cops.

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Jun-30-13 10:27 AM

you're right ragner.where will this ever stop?some of us are capable off multi-tasking and some aren't.i've seen people without a phone in hand that couldn't drive a do cops do it?phones,computers,radar and whatever else that they have to deal with in their cars.they are people like the rest of us.

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Jun-30-13 10:14 AM

Is it illegal, then, to drink coffee or eat food while driving? I would think that a cup of hot coffee is more dangerous, as it can burn you and is not as easy to set down as a cell phone, which you can toss on the floor.

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Jun-30-13 9:39 AM

the car radios will be next.anything for a buck.

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Jun-30-13 9:26 AM

I hope so. I ride a motorcycle daily as my commute. It is amazing the number of folks texting or talking. They swerve all over the road.

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Jun-30-13 9:02 AM

"Wheeling police will use grant money to pay for extra patrols next week to enforce the new ban." Can't the police enforce this law during routine patrols? Everything done by Wheeling city government has to be accentuated with ignorance.

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Jun-30-13 8:56 AM

This is a law I endorse 100% and I hope it is stringently enforced. The recklessness that occurs when people are talking or texting is appalling.

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Jun-30-13 7:47 AM

Just MORE MONEY for government.

Does the speed limit prevent people from going faster than the posted limit?


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Jun-30-13 4:25 AM

If you're too stupid to pay attention to your driving, you shouldn't be driving. Make the fine a 6 month driving REVOCATION and a $1,000 fine.

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Jun-30-13 12:39 AM

In all fairness they are way worse than the guy who stopped after work..had a cheeseburger, fries and 2 beers.

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