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Business Court May Host Case

Karl Recommends Cameron Project Lawsuit Be Heard Elsewhere

June 30, 2013

MOUNDSVILLE — Despite arguments from the Marshall County Board of Education requesting otherwise, Marshall County Circuit Judge Mark Karl last week recommended to the West Virginia Supreme Court of......

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Jul-01-13 5:12 AM

I have a bad feeling that we may never know the entire story of this debacle no matter where the case is heard. Government agencies have a way of taking care of each other and not making each other look bad. Ultimately in the end the taxpayers will end up holding the bag and paying the bill. Marshall County Schools at one time was a very fine school district with top test scores and top student is that way no more. We blindly keep electing the same corrupt individuals and voting for levies that give these incompetent fools millions more of our dollars to waste. We all need to wake up and vote these people out of office and vote down their levies. "Kids First"...don't think so, it is anything but!

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Jun-30-13 2:21 PM

The entire Board of Education is corrupt. They go in to executive session so us taxpayers don't know where our money is being spent. The Board members also go out after meetings to Buffalo Wild Wings. I would think this would be against policy. Someone needs to audit these people and hold someone accountable for once. Unfair and dishonest poor excuses for board members!

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Jun-30-13 2:07 PM

Its likely that Fast Freddie wanted it to stay in Marshall County, and in Judge Karl's court as it was not likely to actually see the light of day in a court room for years to come. Obviously there could be influence or hard to get a local jury, so send it to disinterested court specializing in business court actions. Having Board members and Board office people under oath in depositions where they have to tell the truth and answer questions directly makes the whole thing worthwhile. Like in the Rich Rodriquez case, Michigan folded when it was time for the AD and College President to answer questions under oath. Trouble here is that when the BOE folds and has to pay, its just more of our money lost to local incompetence. And we have no recourse.

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Jun-30-13 10:30 AM

rangar, I hear you! Fast Freddie was/is a special education teacher that was in charge of a 55 million dollar budget. Interesting concept...

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Jun-30-13 10:12 AM

It will be better than a court full of local yokels. Regardless of the outcome of the case itself, the facts are more likely to come out when the issue has been taken out of local hands. At the local level, everyone is related to, or friends with, almost everyone else. By going through the business court, the actual business facts will have to be put forth. And the taxpayers will know (and probably not care) that the Marshall County Board of Education and the school administration was/is staffed by incompetent, corrupt morons who couldn't handle a cell phone contract, never mind a multi-year, multi-million dollar school project.

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Jun-30-13 9:29 AM

ranger, You really think that the business court will be any different? WV court, WV state and county money.....

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Jun-30-13 7:49 AM

The Board didn't want the case transferred because they didn't want competent, disinterested people looking too closely at their management of this project.

Now, they will be exposed for the incompetent fools they are.

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