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Marriage Debate Revives In W.Va.

Several delegates want amendment to be placed on ballot

July 1, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginians can expect the issue of same sex marriage to resurface in the Legislature and in the crucial 2014 elections after the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on the matter....

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Jul-01-13 2:55 AM

simply insert in current law, the scripture explaining the order from on high not to be doing that sort stuff.

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Jul-01-13 6:09 AM

As long as a vacuum exists around progressive thought, West Virginia will continue to lose population. The "brain drain" is a result of this kind of regressive policy. As long as backward thought runs the state, that's precisely the direction it will continue to go.

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Jul-01-13 8:42 AM

the issue is just a buzzword for politicians to round people up and herd them around til election day. The Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage law that was passed by Congress some time ago was not constitutional. Anything WV does to try to counter that is just wasted time. I am pretty indifferent to what people do in their privates lives but obviously politicians know how to farm those ideas. On any given day you can find conservatives screaming about too much government in their lives and liberal screaming that we need to be told what to do. On this issue, conservs want the gov to define who can have a relationship or marry and libeals say the DOFA which defined marriage was too much gov. So lets watch the politicians make people dance to ideas that are generally opposite of what they think their core values are. Churches can still do what they want but the Supremes said gov cannot define who can marry whom. That does not bind churches to perform gay marriages.

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Jul-01-13 11:29 AM

If WV outlaws gay marriage in the constitution can I still marry my sister?

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Jul-01-13 1:41 PM

proudlyconservative, You think that "progressive" thinking and doing will keep peeps from relocating where they can find work!

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Jul-01-13 1:45 PM

In this country- Let's face it- God is DEAD. Fed. State laws are killing religion-Christian, Jewish, Muslim & others. That is- unless you are some kind of weirdo.

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Jul-01-13 2:18 PM

TRITON: The court did not strike down DOMA. They struck down ONE aspect of the law and that was only that part that allows same sex spouses to received their partner's federal benefits. The rest is still in tact, including the definition of marriage and the right of states to refuse to recognize "marriages" from other states between same-sex couples. This is not a political issue, it is a common sense issue.

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Jul-01-13 2:21 PM


Lots of people will support such an amendment, Tim, go for it!!

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Jul-01-13 5:31 PM

I am conservative and will be the first to say that there is inequality in marriage. Additionally, individuals have rights, but societies have interests. I don’t think marriage equality is best for society.

What we are drifting toward as a culture is that gender will no longer matter: we are gong to loose femininity/masculinity, fatherhood/motherhood, and clear gender roles. Maybe some see that as a good thing, I do not.

If opposing same sex marriage is immoral, than there would be at least one example of a great moral thinker (anti-religious heavyweights of the Enlightenment include) who would have been on record advocating for it in western history. There are none that I know of short of the topic being debated over the past 40 years or so.

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Jul-01-13 7:39 PM

Hey, thanks for reading smoker!

There are many unequal aspects of society; you can’t join the army at age 80 because it is not in the best interest for military readiness. To me, the natural evolution of same sex marriage ends in that gender no longer matters in society to the point we all will be using the same public restrooms, wearing the same clothes, and neither sex having a unique contribution based on being a man or woman.

I could support same sex marriage if there were advocates for such a societal order in history. I could list many religious references, but in an attempt to rule out the church, I mentioned figures from the Enlightenment. I can’t say I know of any who thought same sex marriage was the way to go as a culture.

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Jul-02-13 12:53 AM

Age of Enlightenment. Unless you bothered to condition and position yourself to read the writing on life's wall, the special era will zoom right over your head. you may not be who you wish, but you are also not who you were before.

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Jul-02-13 9:55 AM

What other pieces of religion should we legislate and from which religion? My religion and faith have nothing to do with the gov't or its laws and I don't want my faith legislated. If your faith is so weak that you need to have it legislated maybe your problem is your faith or lack of it.

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Jul-02-13 11:45 AM


If we accept your premise for a moment that government should not legislate based upon religious beliefs; and if we further consider the role of "government" as being to interpret/regulate/defend the "rights" of its citizens: If not by a moral standard, what is the basis by which "government" determines its citizens "rights"? A majority vote by other citizen, a ruling by the "king", some committee of "experts"?

Does your philosophy elevate "the government" (however you define government)to a position of final arbitrator; determining what is "right" or "wrong".

When you say that your faith is strong enough to not be challenged, so is mine.

When "government's laws" do not abide with God's, I chose God.

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Jul-02-13 2:41 PM

Whoopee, name one religion that supports gay marriage __________?

Homosexuality is a CRIME in the Muslim religion and 5 Sharia law countries demand the DEATH PENALTY.

That is CIVIL LAW in those countries.

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