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Coal Industry To Fight Obama Energy Policies

July 1, 2013

WHEELING — The coal industry will flex its political muscle to influence who next will be in the White House and make certain carbon reduction policies announced by President Barack Obama will not......

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Jul-01-13 5:35 AM

That's odd... the UMW has been quiet on this topic. Oh... who did they support for president?

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Jul-01-13 6:47 AM

zip064: Actually, in the last election, the UMWA declined to support either candidate. In Obama's first election, he was supported by the UMWA largely because, in a legislative effort totally unreported by this or any other, insofar as we know, WV newspaper, Obama, as a US Senator, had partnered with Senator Robert Byrd, and others, to forge the "Coal To Liquid Fuel Promotion Act of 2006". It was legislation targeted on developing a US industry to convert Coal into gasoline and diesel, like they've been doing in South Africa for the past half a century, like they're starting to do in a big way in China. Subsequent to Byrd's death and Obama's departure to bigger things; and, totally unsupported, or even reported, by the Coal Country press, the bill was allowed to die in committee.

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Jul-01-13 7:11 AM

And, actually, the Obama climate initiative seems focused on Carbon Dioxide emissions. And, totally unacknowledged by him or your Coal Country press is the fact that CO2 can be reclaimed and chemically recycled in the synthesis of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons. Both the USDOE and the US Navy have developed entire suites of technologies that, first, reclaim CO2 from the environment, and, then, in some cases using environmental energy to drive the processes, convert the CO2 into stuff like Methane, Methanol, Diesel and Gasoline. The Navy has even designed ships to operate such processes. Pilot plants in Germany and Japan are using sunlight to convert CO2 into Methane, and similar technical processes have also been further developed by Penn State University and the City University of New York. Bayer Corporation has a pilot plant up and running in Germany that is converting Coal power plant CO2 into ingredients for manufacturing plastics, displacing petroleum raw materials.

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Jul-01-13 8:32 AM

every policy that obama comes up with has to be fought by the people that employ him.more dumb ideas come along weekly.he still thinks that he is the only person running this place.what kind of government did he grow up under?was he taught this?he needs his own island.this country is no longer polluted like it was or is that just something else that he doesn't know?

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Jul-01-13 1:55 PM

Maybe Now- at last, the people will see who and what they voted for. He and his goons are trying to destroy Capitalism as we know it. Except for those in power, they want to take wealth away from those who worked for it and give to those who do nothing but hold their hands out for more. Just by virtue of being a citizen does not entitle you to get into my pocket.

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Jul-01-13 3:56 PM

Want to lower CO2 from coal fired power plants? Increase their efficiency. The Japanese have done this. Why can't we?

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Jul-01-13 7:43 PM

The anti coal policy is possible now because of the huge domestic gas supplies. That will not change. Gas is a superior fuel for power. Gas will prevail.

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Jul-02-13 3:03 AM

West Virginia Coal Association President Bill Raney thinks the current coal market reflects a far different reality. Raney says, "We're exporting more steam coal now than we ever have as a country. And every other ton that leaves the shores of America comes from West Virginia." WTRF..................wonderwhy?

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Jul-02-13 5:19 PM

Yep that coal goes overseas to India and China to provide cheap energy to their people and industries. One more reason that the wealth transfer from the United States to the developing nations continues and will for the foreseeable future. That will be until the leftists start taxing or otherwise regulating the exports. Both Mr. Obambam and Mr. O'Biden are both on record saying that we would need to do just that.

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Jul-05-13 9:43 PM

Has the frequency of ‘extreme weather events’ changed with climate warming over the last century? Using hourly precipitation records from thirteen sites, this study finds no evidence for significant changes in mean ‘storminess’ across the United States.

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