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Cops Say Bones Point to Murder

Smithsonian: Cause of death is homicide

July 2, 2013

WHEELING — Human bones found April 14 by hikers outside an abandoned house have been identified as those of David Bazo, 50, an Ohio County nativ....

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Jul-05-13 6:06 AM

hef.i think she does.

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Jul-04-13 10:29 PM

WVU-I get what you are saying but that is a different case. I do not even recall hearing about this one back in 2011. So until I hear more about this, I do not know why this man was not searched for, why this investigation was delayed, etc. I have to withhold my opinion until more facts are out.

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Jul-04-13 7:05 PM

Dont know for certain, but it seems the new chief must be providing some good training on handling situations. Only hear say, but I have heard that officers are acting in a more professional manner and are more in tune with the laws. If this is true, it is a really good thing. As far as this murder case, I cant see holding the prosecutors accountable as the police have to take the reports and turn the information over before they can do anything. I just dont think I have enough information on this to make that call. I think there must be a reason why LE are omitting the cause of death and other information. Its a wait and see. Seems that the problem stems back in 2011. Hopefully the murdered will be caught.

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Jul-04-13 12:57 AM

Sorry to say that I lost all confidence when I approached a friend WPD cop, one of the best, about someone who had been recently date rape drugged, and wanted help. He suggested the same avenue as which caused her distress to begin with, and had no idea or clue which drug would cause such effects. He was also a licensed counselor-imagine that. Paid more for having a masters.

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Jul-03-13 8:14 PM

Ten comments so far and nearly all rants about what the police did to them or about some kind of courthouse politics. Since the story is about a murder and a body found in the woods, are we assuming a lot? Is the family cooperating? We don't know that do we? It looks like the Sheriff's Dept has come a long way in a short time and has the "bones" people working the case too. I think I will give them more than a week to solve the case before I go off on why did they give me a ticket, why aren't they arresting bank robbers rants. All of these depts are full of educated, career cops, not just some political figure, they come and go. Cuz I read this paper I remember some good cases coming out of the County's detectives. I like cops a lot more than criminals, I think I will wait to see what happens before I rag on the guys who will be on the other end of my 911 call.

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Jul-03-13 12:51 PM

Surely the prosecutor can add on a domestic charge or obstructing to this case. Up the ante...right boys. Who cares about our good citizens... arrest and lock up it all out later...who cares about their job, family, finances, reputation, the trauma inflicted...hey "it's our job".

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Jul-02-13 8:10 PM

OK ......"the problem was he lived in florida and went missing in wheeling"

"Cooperation" of agencies, "investigation", "listening to the family", comes to my mind. Of course I do think LE has improved a bit since 2011 in Wheeling. Seems like we have a better chief.

I am just very sorry for the family of this man and I hope they find the loon that did this. I hope they have some idea and are not counting on the loon to turn their self in. Don't get this story at all. I agree, something not right.

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Jul-02-13 11:16 AM

@wwuthinking: Recalling some of your previous and unusual tryst I assume? Please say you jest. You don't lather your self in vaseline do you? But evidently so or why would you recall the experience. The police had you pegged when, with their characterization, they associated you with the lowest caliber of scumbag.

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Jul-02-13 9:30 AM

This is very strange. The family should contacted the Wheeling Police in 2011.He went missing in Wheeling. The police should of checked on how he arrived here and checked for the car, with the airlines or bus company to see him the return ticket was used. This is simple police work. Something just is not right. a Also, his parents were still here then, no checking by them?

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Jul-02-13 8:17 AM

This is major. The deceased and the person or persons that killed him know how he died, but we won't tell the public, but to waylay their fears we'll dispel the thought that a psychopath might be roaming the woods. We’ll have a group photo-op, we know no one from the press will ask us anything, and let’s see if we can’t snake some free passes from the Smithsonian.

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