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Congress Gets ‘F’ on College Loans

Washington’s inaction leads to doubling of interest rates

July 2, 2013

WASHINGTON— College students taking out new loans for the fall term will see interest rates twice what they were in the spring — unless Congress fulfills its pledge to restore lower rates when it......

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Jul-02-13 4:09 PM

Boners Repug congress, the lowest approval rating of any Gov. agency of any kind in history.

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Jul-02-13 3:10 PM

well, it took me 22 years to complete school. working and paying as I could afford.

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Jul-02-13 3:06 PM

I guess we have a iconic spoksperson that expresses all our views. For or against anything, we can now say "Pelosi" which stands for "We have to pass it to know what is in it" and " Who cares "

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Jul-02-13 3:03 PM

bring back the military draft immediately. Let them earn public assistance disguised as student loan forgiveness.

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Jul-02-13 2:59 PM

whoa. everybody the victim ? Is the borrower or the congress the problem ? Nobody, repeat, nobody has to go to college and nobody has to borrow for anything they don't need.

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Jul-02-13 10:26 AM

Don't worry! I'm sure they'll handle our healthcare just fine!!

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Jul-02-13 10:22 AM

Anyone with any sort of loan (even credit cards) are impacted when the collective whole fails to pay or pay on time. We shouldn't be ok with the government loaning OUR MONEY to individuals without interest! I went to school on student loans and know the value but we need to understand too many people failed to pay back the loans they received and that has impacted the system.

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Jul-02-13 9:08 AM

I'm paying off my student loans because I went to school for a degree that I can actually use. It starts in middle school now, teachers telling students they have to go to college or else they will amount to nothing. Not everyone is college material. Yet, we shove them through and have the government finance it all. The worst part is we know there was no chance in he11 that kid was going to graduate college in the first place. I don't think the government should finance anyones education, and yes, I think the interest rates on college loans should be out the roof. Maybe it will make parents think twice about sending their kid to a 4 (5, 6, maybe 7) year $150,000 party only to walk away with an art degree. Sorry art majors.

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Jul-02-13 8:30 AM

The reason college costs have skyrocketed with no relation to inflation is that the government got into student loans.

The government finances this unholy alliance so colleges can keep increasing tuition yearly.

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Jul-02-13 6:52 AM

6.8% is a he ll of a deal for unsecured personal loans! Go to the bank and tell them you need $26,000 over the next 5 years and you will start to pay them back on the 6th year. You currently have no assets and no income......

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Jul-02-13 3:10 AM

and congress *****..My opinion is these people have long avoided doing their jobs properly. They have also written and passed an extreme amount of laws that WE THE PEOPLE do not like. I think it is time to strip them of their power to make laws. They can write them, vote on which ones can go on a ballot and once per year every state will have an election to vote on the proposed laws. all new federal laws would also be on each state ballot. This is the only was we can take our country back. i would also like to citizens by petition be allowed to add laws that they seem fit to be added to the ballot.

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Jul-02-13 3:08 AM

This is what I don't get. Kid gets a loan to go to school. for what ever to get a job or what ever. they don't complete the course. I fully understand administrative fees. But after that if they drop out why?? do they have to repay the full amount of a loan for a service that was wasn't completed.??

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Jul-02-13 12:16 AM

the kids will remember you all at christmas.

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