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Obama Policies Hurting State

July 3, 2013

West Virginia was forced to take nearly $18 million out of its Medicaid reserve fund in order to avoid ending its fiscal year on Sunday with a budget deficit....

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Jul-03-13 1:14 AM

The Editor is very correct. The coal decline will enhance Medicaid enrollment. The real problem is WV's failure to diversify. There has been- and is- huge resistance to change and new business. The combined effects of all this may be catastrophic. A large scale venture fund may be the only hope.

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Jul-03-13 8:49 AM

The war on pollution is aimed at the worst polluters. Thank God we have a president who puts our health ahead of business spewing their toxic poison in the air. Cancer and COPD are rampant in the OV. It is passed time for a war on pollution!

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Jul-03-13 9:37 AM

atoddh is right in many respects. And, we have many options available to us to diversify, to expand, WV's economy - with enterprises based on Coal. We won't cite sources here - one of the key editors of this rag has been supplied with, quite literally, thousands of them - but, Coal can be efficiently converted into all forms of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons; a fact confirmed by major industries in China and South Africa that are now doing so. The Carbon Dioxide byproduct of Coal combustion can, as well, be recovered and then converted into substitute natural gas Methane and various alcohols, in processes that can be driven by environmental energy. Coal Ash can be treated as an ore of Aluminum and other metals, or, all of it we produce and more can be consumed in the making of high-performance cement and concrete. We aren't being told by our press, but, all of that is being done in other nations of the world.

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Jul-03-13 10:12 AM

i don't smell any coal being burnt around here.i don't know what obama is smelling.the guy just loves to fly.

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Jul-03-13 10:16 AM

Since we noted the fact that Coal can be, and is in other nations being, efficiently and profitably converted into liquid hydrocarbon fuels, we wanted to note that West Virginia has it's own technology for doing so, in ways that are more sustainable, extend our Coal resource, and recycle Carbon. On May 28 of this year, West Virginia University was awarded: "United States Patent 8,449,632 - Sewage Material in Coal Liquefaction", a process invented by WVU Professor Alfred H. Stiller, and, in which Coal can be combined with stuff like sewage treatment plant sludge and vegetable oil, with all of them being converted into a substitute crude petroleum quite suitable as feedstock for a conventional oil refinery.

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Jul-03-13 1:03 PM

Yep..helping people with disabilities and elderly is absolutely breaking our state. Why don't we just kill all of the disabled and elderly, clean cut and dig up the entire state for it's resources, burn up the coal...forget about clean air, and leave a gaping smokey hole for all of the healthy, coal mining, and most importantly - insured.

The new WV...we have no need for weak old people, for those with disabilities, for clean air, fresh water, trees, and don't even talk to me about healthy diets.

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Jul-04-13 10:05 AM

Sorry but charity is the business of non-profits, corporations and individuals. By using tax dollars to pick winners and losers, our politicians have taken away our rights.

Maybe you want to keep 100% of that $100,000 you just earned. But the state wants their $6,000 cut and they are going to spend $3,000 on programs for the elderly. Maybe you don't care about the "poor" elderly (who somehow find the money to feed the one-armed bandit) and want to spend that money on a vacation for yourself. Sorry. The government has now placed the needs and wants of one individual over the needs and wants of another individual, in effect, taking away YOUR rights (and property) and advancing the rights of another over yours.

This is unfair, immoral and certainly illegal.

But what do they people care of equality so long as they get their bread, circuses, gambling funds and prescription drugs?

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Jul-05-13 9:56 AM

"Gilligan's Island 2013" Starring WVGEO as the Professor; Atoddh as Thurston Howell IV; wvhoopie as Mary Ann; Chokingsmoker as Ginger; and acousticportal as Gilligan!

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Jul-05-13 10:50 PM

isn't it thurston howell the third?

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Jul-07-13 12:01 PM

I've said for years that i thought OBUMMER was a mental case and needed to seek help. My opinion i think hes gone over the edge..

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