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Divide Is Urban Against Rural?

Congressman frames location as a key divide inside Beltway

July 3, 2013

CAMERON — Rep. David McKinley said those living in large urban centers on the east and west coasts just do not understand the issues those in his home state of West Virginia face....

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Jul-03-13 7:46 AM

McKinley is quite right. The majority of 85% of the geography in the USA voted for Romney in the last election.

Yet the urban welfare cities voted overwhelmingly for Obama and he won the election.

The poorer the inner city, the higher the Obama vote.

In Philadelphia, out of over 19,000 voters in one precinct, reportedly Romney did not get ONE SINGLE VOTE!!

This is a statistical improbability and indicates voter fraud, as occurred in Cleveland and other large city precincts.

Fact remains there are two very divisive Americas today: those who MAKE and those who TAKE!

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Jul-03-13 7:48 AM

Urban vs. Rural? An astute observation if one happens to be an idiot.

Not democrat against republican? Confirmation that one is an idiot.

A Mr. Momopoly mustache? Looks like an idiot.

All points to being an idiot.

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Jul-03-13 10:02 AM

we need a vote of the people to impeach or not impeach.that's the vote that we want.obama needs to go.he has done nothing good for this country.his friends shall all go with him.if this country has any good politicians left they'd better start fighting against this guy and his bad policies.

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Jul-03-13 10:25 AM

and why does obama only speak in front of "invitation only" crowds?the guy knows.

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Jul-03-13 12:38 PM

he has killed the middle class.

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Jul-03-13 1:49 PM

Breaking news, CroakingSmoker, the POOR have less money.

The RICH have less money TOO under Owebama.

The WORLD has less money after Owebama.


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Jul-03-13 8:02 PM

I am a lifelong Dem, not a Dumocrat. So long as McKinley represents the views of this district he will get my vote. We had the Mollohans in office for nearly 50 yrs who didn't even live here and voted for party, not us. Is he right about this? Heck yeah, Pitting urban against rural is the current political tactic of the Obama Democrats. Six counties in Ohio negated all the rest of the counties and voters in Ohio. Urban votes as a block, rural voters are dumb enough to vote against their own interests. A lot of WV has figured that out as we are Dem state who has gone GOP nationally and should again by sending Capito to D.C. to take that seat back for WV from Rocky rich guy. What rich guy, no we do the rich guy rant on the GOP,oops. And Kerry ran for President while worth $463 million bucks. It just depends how dumb you are. There is no dumber animal on earth than a miner or power plant worker who voted the national Dem ticket. And yet they did and will do it again.

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Jul-04-13 9:55 AM

McKinley believes America is divided between septic tank owners and non-septic tank owners. We have always known what he is full of.

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Jul-05-13 12:58 AM

Urban vs. Rural---Now you know why people who go to DC forget where they come from and who they represent. Just like immigration the big cities need all the cheap labor to work for the rich and are willing to hurt the Rural people for the good of the Urban cowboys. Look at our US Senator trying to be a Urban cowboy so they give up our gun freedoms to have the Urban look.

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Jul-05-13 1:01 AM

Ever wonder why cities cannot relate to people outside the city limits. Like why should a country person have chickens and horses but in the city they don’t want you to own chickens or horse even if you have five or ten acres in a city. Now the rich move out of the cities but they do not want their neighbors to have a farm because of the smell.

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Jul-05-13 10:31 AM

The Middle Class of the United States imploded because most who made it into that group got there post WWII with that huge expansion of the American economy crsated by all those well paying jobs in manufacturing. Most of that increase could not be sustained, not over the years, as manufacturing left with decent jobs. Most of the people that i know and I live in a large city certainly know about septic tanks, keep chickens and goats, legally--the numbers dependent on the size of your lot. 26& of the population of the U.S. lives a rural lifestyle similar to West Virginia and most of those, like Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Nevada are out of the West. West Virginia stands out, so rural and so close to that Megaplex city which stretches from Boston to Washington, D.C.

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Jul-08-13 5:08 PM

What a fraking idiot, people in Cali have heard of septic tanks, he must be confused with marshal county where they poop in the creek

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