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Judge Takes Over In Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood finds itself in middle of major crackdown

July 5, 2013

CAIRO (AP) — A senior judge was sworn in as Egypt’s interim president Thursday to replace ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi as the military launched a major crackdown against the Muslim......

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Jul-05-13 9:27 PM

Getaclue The "THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE" put Adolph Hitler in power. The rubes don't always make the correct decision.

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Jul-05-13 11:40 AM


"In Egypt he told us that it was the will of the people, and yet in the free election the Islamic regime only had a 2% margin"

That 2% margin is "THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE" you neocons aren't real fond of the will of the people when it doesn't fit your thinking. So now tell me if there was a "free election" in Egypt how Obama installed a government.

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Jul-05-13 10:22 AM

note to obama:morsi's executive power just ran attention.

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Jul-05-13 8:02 AM

What is going on in Egypt is the fault of our bizarre President. Obama has overthrown several govs in order to install Islamic regimes that are immediatley hostile toward us. In Libya and Egypt he forced allies out with the use or threat of use of militasry power. We bombed LIbya for 8 months 24/7 to overthrow a regime that the "people" wanted removed? Why did it take 8 months and we killed 35,000 Libyans to intall a hostile Islamic regime? In In Egypt he told us that it was the will of the people, and yet in the free election the Islamic regime only had a 2% margin and immeidately started crackdowns on human rights. And in both countries we spent billions of "unsequestered dollars" propping up AlQuida influenced regimes. We actually are arming AlQuida in Syria and it has taken two yrs to remove that "unpopular" gov. This is war mongering madness. Did you vote for this? And in the US bridges are falling down, 1 in 6 kids is hundry and 10 million

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Jul-05-13 5:57 AM

Barry & Hillary overthrew three moderate Muslim governments in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya and replaced them with radical Islamic fundamentalists. Now, their puppet Muslim dictator has been overthrown and they both look like the biggest incompetents on the planet.

Does any rational person REALLY want Hillary to answer that 3am phone call? You know, like the 3am call that came from Benghazi.....

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