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Coal Not a Concern? It Should Be

July 6, 2013

Very few Americans really care much what happens to a coal miner’s family in West Virginia or Ohio....

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Jul-06-13 7:54 AM

"So why aren't they (members of Congress) doing anything to stop the White House?" The answer is plain: They haven't been clearly told by their constituents to do so. And, that is because their constituents haven't been genuinely informed of the facts by their self-styled purveyors of news and information. For instance, to point a finger, the author of this piece has been provided directly with literally thousands of documents establishing irrefutably the fact, that: Coal can be efficiently and cleanly converted into anything and everything, like Gasoline and Diesel, we now mortgage our grandchildren's future to OPEC to keep ourselves supplied with in the here and now. That is being done, right now, in China, and, in South Africa, where they have been profitably converting Coal into liquid hydrocarbon fuels for more than half a century.

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Jul-06-13 7:57 AM

"So why aren't they (members of Congress) doing anything to stop the White House?" As with our post below, concerning Coal itself, Carbon Dioxide, perhaps the most vilified byproduct of our use of Coal in the generation of abundant and affordable electric power, can be harvested from the environment or from industrial processes and converted into substitute natural gas Methane, into fuel Alcohol, and, into plastics manufacturing raw materials. Among others, ominously, Saudi Arabia has developed an extensive body of technology to effect such CO2 utilization. But, so has the US Navy. In Europe and Japan, right now, Carbon Dioxide is being harvested from both industrial processes and the environment itself, and, in processes in some cases being driven by environmental energy, is being converted into Methane and Methanol, and into hydrocarbons used in the manufacture of plastics.

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Jul-06-13 8:02 AM

"So why aren't they (members of Congress) doing anything to stop the White House?" As with our posts below, concerning Coal itself and Carbon Dioxide, Coal Ash, too, can be profitably utilized. It can be used as an ore of Aluminum and other metals, as it is now being so used in China, by the company "Shenhua", the largest Coal mining company in the world, who are also making, in their words, "huge profits" converting Coal into Gasoline and Diesel fuel. Or, Coal Ash can be used in the manufacture of superior cement and concrete. The Ronald Reagan Office Building in Washington, DC, home of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is made of concrete filled with, as a fine aggregate, a large percentage of Coal Ash.

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Jul-06-13 8:21 AM

maybe obama wants to pay our electric bills.he is the dumbest president ever.i know people that are buying new coal burning stoves to heat their houses with.there are parts of this state that don't have gas lines installed and the gas company won't run them to these areas.oil and propane are still expensive.obama has someone else paying his bills so once again he is clueless.when you spend $100,000,000 a week on a vacation that is a slap in the face to the rest of us that have to work to pay for it.

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Jul-06-13 8:59 AM

Directly to the point: Our United States Government, through their recent issuance of: "United States Patent 8,461,215 - Rendering Coal As An Environmentally Carbon Dioxide Neutral Fuel And A Regenerative Carbon Source; Date: June 11, 2013; Inventors: George Olah and G.K. Surya Prakash, CA; Assignee: The University of Southern California, Los Angeles"; confirms, that, by reclaiming the Carbon Dioxide generated during our combustion of Coal for the generation of abundant, reliable and truly affordable electric power, and then converting that Carbon Dioxide into liquid hydrocarbon fuels and plastics manufacturing raw materials, using known and established processes that are in other nations of the world being reduced to commercial, industrial practice, we can make the generation of electricity, from Coal, a "Carbon Dioxide Neutral" process. The above "George Olah", by the way, like President Obama, is a winner of the Nobel Prize.

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Jul-06-13 11:48 AM

WVEGO, get a clue, the fact a patent was issued means NOTHING about it viability.

It simply means somebody had the resources to spend a lot of patent attorney time and money to get a patent issued.

The Patent Office makes no value judgement as to the credibility of the patent other than not allow patents of obvious frauds like perpetual motion.

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Jul-07-13 10:07 AM

Please do NOT say nuclear power with out telling me how you are going to get rid of the "spent" fuel rods. They keep saying it has no CO2 emissions true but they stay aroung for thousands of years in a harmful state and you can plant trees ans gardens to get rid of CO2 which I dont think is really as bad as they say. Rmember in the late 70s it was the propellant in the hairspray and other products like such that was doing it ,took all those CFCs out and yet ozone hole gets bigger. Does anyone know what the half life of ozone is? 15-30 min depending on things such as humidity and others. Nuclear is thousands of years ,all those wanting nuclear plants I say put the spent rods in their back yard no where near mine I'll keep the CO2.

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