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U.S. Urges Egypt To Embrace Democracy

July 6, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is turning to top officials to tout democracy, political transparency and peaceful protest for Egypt, a message that took on a hollow tone as the Egyptian......

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Jul-06-13 8:31 AM

History lesson 102!

"Many people are under the false impression our form of government is a democracy, or representative democracy. This is of course completely untrue. The Founders were extremely knowledgeable about the issue of democracy and feared a democracy as much as a monarchy. They understood that the only entity that can take away the people's freedom is their own government, either by being too weak to protect them from external threats or by becoming too powerful and taking over every aspect of life.

They knew very well the meaning of the word "democracy", and the history of democracies; and they were deliberately doing everything in their power to prevent having a democracy."

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Jul-06-13 8:41 AM

amen dying,they shouldn't listen to obama.look at what his version of democracy is doing to this country.the brown nosing of the world continues.let them figure their own government out.don't look at our government as an example.we don't even like it.executive power is executive power.dictators are dictators.obama worries more about the rest of the world than this place.ask the people of egypt if they would like to have obama as a president.probably get the same answer as you would here.we can't afford him.

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Jul-06-13 9:57 AM

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Jul-06-13 10:05 AM

What ever the Obama Administration is spouting, no one is listening. If Americans had the courage of Egyptians, Obama would be ousted along with his Muslim buddy Morsi. What we need to do is get together with the Egyptian military and tell them point blank what they need to do to keep American dollars flowing.

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Jul-06-13 10:13 AM

When does PATRIOT SPRING start in the USA???

Throw that ignorant POS POTUS out on his ***!

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Jul-06-13 11:05 AM

Many of us voted for Obama,once, but only the truly brain dead continue to defend his bizarre policies and non democractic views. He would like the people of Egypt to embrace HIS democratic view of gov in Egypt, which is having an Islamic regime in place no matter what. He did the same thing in Libya and wants to do the same thing in Syria. After Obama forced Mubarak to resign under the threat of Libya style US bombing, a "free" election was held where polling places were guarded by armed Islamic militiamen. Only 25% of the people got to vote but even still 48% of those who did vote preferred the Mubarak regime. 48%! Obama's baloney about Arab Spring was just more what he feeds to Americans. We had less business in Libya than Bush did in Iraq (much less) but we screamed that Bush should be impeached. Obama spent $20 billion US bucks to remove MOOOmar and it took 8 months. We had no business in Egypt and none in Syria. And yet we are doing it.

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Jul-07-13 10:07 AM

Triton, I don't think the 50,000 dead and wounded Americans or the 100,000 plus dead civilians in Iraq feel the same about Bush as you do.

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