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Not All Statutory Rapists Are Pedophiles

July 7, 2013

By now the mug shot of eighteen-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt, who is currently facing a possible penalty of fifteen years in prison for lewd and lascivious battery on a minor, has circulated enough......

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Jul-10-13 1:35 PM

This country is so up-side down now. We have gone too far in the wrong direction. The article makes a story, but as opinions no longer count; Who cares???????

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Jul-09-13 12:05 AM

ugly-I agree. Some are making this about hetero vs homosexual, others about gender. Neither matter.

The author states that a 14 and 18 yr old having sex is normal and acceptable and that it is hormonal and normal behavior and it is young love.

Whatever the law is-enforce it. The message needs to be clear that this is not acceptable. I do think it happens and generally is not prosecuted. (either parents dont know, dont know what to do, or dont care) Gender and sexual preference should have nothing to do with outcome.

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Jul-08-13 9:06 PM

While I agree with the article I'm also sick of women getting a pass on this. I agree with what another poster said. If this were an 18 year old you man and a 14 year old girl they would hang him. Just like the teacher who got one year last week. i know a guy who did the same thing with a 17 year old..not a 15 year old and he got 5 years with no chance of early release. don't like the law then rally to your law makers to change. i have always said there is nothing wrong with laws. What IS wrong with our judicial system is the laws are not equally enforced. There should be no such thing as a plea bargain or a grey area for so called special circumstances. she need to be punished the same as if it were an 18 year old young man.

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Jul-08-13 9:00 PM

if it were a guy and a fourteen year old everyone would want his balls cut off. I say sew her up lol and let her rot in prison.

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Jul-08-13 3:29 PM

Johnson-absolutely right and too simple

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Jul-08-13 8:32 AM

We have stupid laws...mostly meant to control people and as a source of income.

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Jul-08-13 8:30 AM

It is wrong to assume that an 18 year old is an adult. It rarely happens.

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Jul-08-13 7:54 AM

Sure looks like two sets of standards are in play, one for straights and one for the homosexuals. Just treat the 18 year old female as an 18 year old male would be treated and let the chips fall where they may.

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Jul-07-13 6:52 PM

I love the cowards that read these posts and hit disagree but don't have the kahuna's to post their reasoning. I have not read one poster that seems to think this relationship is healthy. Yet we have disagree's of the definition of a pedophile.

This has nothing to do with gay rights. I support gay rights, just not with 14 yr olds. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS HEALTHY FOR THEM. THEY DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE BEING EXPLOITED. Even some adults dont know when they are being exploited. Further, it use to be when someone claimed to be gay-they were. Now it is a popular experiment time and fad, often girl on girl stuff to attract boys. This is a vulnerable age. Legal consequence. Period.

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Jul-07-13 11:57 AM

Trying to make life fit slavish political beliefs is often absurd. Here, the young college reporter wants to adopt some buzzwords and some PC into making a crime seem...well not so bad. The rapist is a lesbian and as far left liberals love to do, there has to be some kind of pass involved if a buzzword category is involved. Recently a 19 year old male was sent to prison and lifetime sexual registry (in Marshall County) for having a consensual sexual relationship with a girl of even closer age difference. Alas, he is a male so the strict rules apply. Your story begs us to forgive a lesbian for having an affair with a 14 year old. I know the compulsion is to make that OK because its gay, but its not. Sexual exploitation of young children is NEVER OK and that we are all about gay rights today, does not change that. The story is silly and I would think the writer should have seen that, if not clouded by personal political agendas. Is no one safe from the political left?

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Jul-07-13 11:32 AM

what part of "you don't mess with kids" don't you understand?

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Jul-07-13 10:47 AM

I believe this is incorrect, but am not completely familiar with law regarding this. In most instances, when these type of cases come to court, it is due to a parent or counselor's reporting this behavior to authorities because they have the life experience to know that this is unhealty. There is an inequity due to age, which makes it exploitive(an unfair advantage for personal gain). "Not puppy love". Most adults are grateful to have not made long term commitments to their 14 yr old sweet heart. Four years makes little difference later in life, but 14-get real. I remember 15 yr old girls whose parents allowed 19 yr old boyfriends. It never turned out well. Parents should report such behavior to law enforcement. It is NOT healthy. Come on NR-why would you print this nonsense. Its unfair to the writer. She is only 20 with no life experience.

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Jul-07-13 10:33 AM

Is the NR so desperate for material that they need a 20 yr old biology student with writing experience to write an article based only on opinion and without merit and clearly lacking life experience. While I do not prefer to be critical of a college youth who is obviously eager to share their thoughts on any topic, to publish such nonsense is very foolish. Could they not at least find a sociology grad student to write this article. This is not intended to offend a bright biology major, but the opinion is from someone only 6 yrs older than the adolescent involved. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in persons 16 or older with a primary sexual interest of prepubescent children (11 or younger). Hebophilia is interested in those 11-14. She states "how can adolescents possibly be held responsible for engaging in this behavior?" THEY CANT. She further states that if 2 freshman or sophmores are engaging in sexual behavior, by law they can be brought and held to the same charges.

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Jul-07-13 10:30 AM

WOW "healthy" "normal" ?

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Jul-07-13 8:51 AM

Would this writer approve of an adult having sex with a 13 year old? What's the magic age? Eight? She seems to think as long as at least one of them considers it a "healthy, normal, sexual relationship" it's okay.

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Jul-07-13 2:28 AM

then how about 13, 12, or 11 with a 16 yr old.

Too many youth are not getting the love and attention at home and they are vulnerable to older seductions. This does not just apply to sexual relationships, younger teens are absolutely under the peer pressure of others, and the older the other, the more inequity and higher the likelihood of that peer pressure, particularly if they look up to that person. These are younger and tender years for adolescents. If it is true love, it will be there in the future. The age difference is not acceptable. Maybe the consequence needs to be no contact, counseling, and probation for a period. Not a label and prison.

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Jul-07-13 2:18 AM

I agree with much of what this article states, particularly, this is not pedophilia, and does not warrant 15 yrs in prison. This is ridiculous.

I don't think it makes a difference if it is a heterosexual relationship or not, that is not the issue. If I discovered that my 14 yr old daughter was having sex with an 18 yr old (male or female), it would be more that concerning. The maturity level of a 14 yr old is not usually equal to that of an 18 yr old, therefore much easier to be exploited.

Many of our youth do not have adequate resources in their family and therefore are at risk for many behaviors, including sexual prey of someone older. Not saying that is the case here, but it has the potential for the 14 yr old to be vulnerable to the age difference, more easily persuaded, and to have regrets that can last a lifetime. Should the older be a registered sex offender and labeled a pedophile-NO. Absolutely not the same catagory. Yet there must be laws in place. If this is acceptable

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