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Demolition Funds Shifted to Playground Project

July 7, 2013

By IAN HICKS Staff Writer WHEELING — City leaders are planning to spend $555,340 in federal Community Development Block Grant dollars to build the Elks Playground — about half of the $1....

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Jul-07-13 1:07 AM

Wasn't there an article (hard to find, now) a few years back about how the city of Wheeling was looking to sell unused park space due to the general decline in interest and use?

Why, then, are taxpayers shelling out $555,000 in taxpayer funded block grant money for a park that will not be used by the average person?

Wheeling must be rolling in money to be able to waste so much on something so few will get to use.

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Jul-07-13 3:55 AM

Secret deals have been made. Promises will be kept. The public will never know the full story. We can only speculate.

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Jul-07-13 6:29 AM

Wasn't this practice football field for WCCHS suppose to be built totally with private donations? The playground is a feeble attempt to legitimize this entire scam.

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Jul-07-13 6:51 AM

This is scandalous. While hovels wait to be razed and roads fall into disrepair (check out Glenwood Road for example which is literally falling into the ravine) the powers that be choose to make a practice field for a private entity. There needs to be an investigation into this and the folks that made it possible. Remember this when the next election rolls around.

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Jul-07-13 9:16 AM

The federal goberment (tax payers) are 17 TRILLION in debt, so use federal tax payer money to build a 550K playground....

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Jul-07-13 9:55 AM

it's funny how one minute the city is broke and the next minute they aren't.

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Jul-07-13 10:42 AM

definition of the word RAZE: "to erase, to completely destroy, to demolish, to level to the ground"

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Jul-07-13 10:43 AM


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Jul-07-13 11:06 AM

We are a steadily aging community. Half a million for a childrens playground is insane when our population is elderly. Oh, maybe they think it will draw young families to the area. LOL. Just look at the Wednesday night concerts, 4 kids and the rest blue haired folks. There is a nice playground at the waterfront, Ogelbay and Wheeling Park. Seriously, who made this decision????? The money would be better spent to provide scholarships for underprivileged kids to participate in hockey club, soccer club, tennis lesson, have band instruments in schools, and things that these poor children cannot participate in due to family low income. The Parks could afford to donate as well.

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Jul-07-13 11:08 AM


You are playing semantics now. No one said razed properties are still standing.

The fact is that the city wanted to give away several parks a few years back due to their neglect-people weren't using them.

Remember the Boy Mayor and Herron saying that NOT ONE DIME of taxpayer money would go to the Capitol?

Remember all of the high paying jobs, with benefits, that were to come from Cabela's and the Casino?

Remember when the Boy Mayor said that he would reveal a list of private donors to the Wheeling Central Athletic Complex? That was two years ago.

Remember when the city "leaders" angrily denied that this facility was being built for WCC use and, instead, was for public use?

Yes, most of us remember these things and also the fact that the city manager earns more than the mayor of Pittsburgh to do what, exactly? Losing population, businesses and tax revenue every year does not constitute justification for a $15,000 raise, in my book.

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Jul-07-13 11:21 AM

the last article about the central practice field, oh I mean public sports field had quite a few replies then suddenly all of the comments magically disappeared, I'm guessing the boy mayor called and had them shut down after he realized everyone is on to him and the city council and that they have been caught misleading the public about this project.

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Jul-07-13 12:07 PM

True, the last article's comments disappeared once they were shown to be overwhelmingly negative.

The Boy Mayor and the NR are in cahoots to give the Diocese whatever they want.

Thus, all of the free publicity for non-profit WJU.

The BS about the taxpayer funded sports complex that will be for the benefit of WCC.

The head in the sand act when Wheeling Hospital (owned by the Diocese) forgot-oops-to file the paperwork with the state that publicly disclosed their purchase of Mt. De Chantal-until after it was demolished (sorry).

The NR is carrying more water for the Diocese than Gunga Din.

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Jul-07-13 7:15 PM

Before Elks Playground was destroyed, it was one of several facilities at the disposal of E.Wheeling residents: Nelson/Jordan Center and Tunnel Green. I would imagine abandoned properties present a major health hazard and are a detriment to investment in an area where they are still standing. Over a half million for a "sports complex" that I haven't heard any real interest in is a total waste. Fix the dilapidated properties first.

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Jul-08-13 11:05 PM


The decision to allow dangerously deteriorating buildings to remain, and use the federal funds allocated to eliminate this blight for a playground is essentially a "re-stacking of the chairs on the deck of the Titanic."

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Jul-08-13 11:20 PM

The council maybe said it was for the safety of the people to spend this money on a playground. Well, CDGB money is federal money and the separation of Church and State is in the Constitution. Well, maybe the FBI is in town and maybe other lawsuits could be launch about federal money for Church field of dreams. Then the playground of cards may come down.

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Jul-08-13 11:28 PM

Great idea why tear down the old ran down homes that are a cash cow for the city. Under Home Rule they have generated a money making source of income where you have to register these places and the money for register is increase each year . I wonder if they put a lien on the property can the force a sell of the land so they can build another playground or cause a sell it to some unknown party at low prices.

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Jul-08-13 11:32 PM

Remember follow the money and remember the cover-up is what always get the politicans in trouble and put in jail.

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