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W.Va. May Lack Medicaid Doctors

State Medical Association makes prediction for next year’s expansion under Obamacare

July 9, 2013

CHARLESTON (AP) — West Virginia might not have enough doctors to care for Medicaid patients when the government-sponsored insurance program is expanded next year, the executive director of the West......

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Jul-13-13 11:01 AM

As someone who has been fighting disability for 7 years now & has been turned down 3 times with 30 plus disabling conditions & still can't get it, I'm appalled. If & when I do get approved, I will be relying on Medicaid for all of my healthcare. I know of a few people who have told me they can't find a DR because they are on WV Medicaid/Medicare. I still can't believe nor all of my Dr's that I have been turned down with so many disabling conditions & working with an attorney yet they tell me I can work PT folding towels! I don't even get out of bed for more than an hour a day nor have left the house except for DR's appointments since 2006! Yet John Smith gets it for agoraphobia & others get it for anxiety, drug problems & I have some very serious & lifelong conditions of which all have been documented. If I do get approved after my final appeal, I won't have a DR. who will accept me as a patient because I've already been turned down looking for a PCP due to

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Jul-10-13 7:01 PM

Hey Todd, I got to watch an autopsy once in college, does that qualify me to cut you open now? As Obama said, "You didn't build that" - that goes for physicians who work for themselves at their own practices. He has NO RESPECT for anyone who has a business - and no practical idea of how to run one.

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Jul-09-13 10:46 PM

Quite a bit of medicine could be done by Physician's Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and RNs. Vaccinations, broken bones, colds, cuts, bruises, scrapes, minor infections, etc. do not require a doctor.

Obama is SUCH a brilliant man. Imagine if he had been in charge of lifeboat operations on the Titanic!

"Okay, that boat holds a maximum of 75 people. 76 people are in the boat and it is taking on water. If we add ANOTHER 30 people to the boat, that should fix things!"

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Jul-09-13 10:19 PM

atoddh, why go $300K in debt to make $75K a year under Obamacare?

F** that, get an MBA and become a hedge fund manager or investment banker or lawyer and SUE those dumb enough to become a Doctor in Obama's brave new world.

Obamacare will try to defy the supply-demand curve.

Your family "doctor" will now be an RN.

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Jul-09-13 9:26 PM

WVU should lower standards for admission to med school. Anyone with a C+ average qualifies. Free tuition if you have fewer than three felonies or can prove you’re an undocumented alien. Med school graduates would have to demonstrate proficiency in hand washing and the knowledge and skills necessary to dissect a frog without seriously cutting themselves.

That would immediately increase the supply of doctors. And any injuries to patients by the gaggle of new doctors would be covered by Obamacare, so why not? Best of all, it’s all FREEEEEEEEE!


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Jul-09-13 8:53 PM

folks: when demand goes up one must increase supply. basic econ. For years the AMA has restricted MD supply to keep rates high. This needs to change.

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Jul-09-13 8:50 PM

The solution is to train more doctors. WV has three state tax payer supported med schools. Most of the grads leave. Accordingly, priority admission should be given to those who agree to stay in WV. In addition, all three schools could increase enrollment to meet demand. Clearly- as most of the population gains care coverage- more docs will be needed. So train more.

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Jul-09-13 5:43 PM

Gee, where are the mouthy defenders of Obamacare NOW that it is clearly a FIASCO?

As hard to find as good doctors will be AFTER it is implemented!

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Jul-09-13 2:16 PM

Who didn't see this coming?

Oh, yeah. You dim-bulb Democrits didn't. Derrrrr.......

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Jul-09-13 8:57 AM

More from the CBS report, "A June 28, Health and Human Services Department document couched the smokers' glitch in technical language:

"Because of a system limitation ... the system currently cannot process a premium for a 65-year-old smoker that is ... more than three times the premium of a 21-year-old smoker," the industry guidance said."

What's next? Smoking as a pre-existing condition??

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Jul-09-13 8:55 AM

The debacle that is Obamacare continues to grow. In the holiday document dump that happened last week, we now find out that there will be no way to initially verify subsidy qualifications and applicants will be on the "honor system" for reporting. In addition, it appears smokers may get a break from higher premiums as well. From CBS News, "The Obama administration -- in yet another health care overhaul delay -- has quietly notified insurers that a computer system glitch will limit penalties that the law says the companies may charge smokers. A fix will take at least a year to put in place.

Older smokers are more likely to benefit from the glitch, experts say. But depending on how insurers respond to it, it's also possible that younger smokers could wind up facing higher penalties than they otherwise would have."

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Jul-09-13 8:01 AM

Reality is harsh isn't it? You know WV has always been plagued by lack of doctors wishing to work here. The three decades hunting spree by lawers on doctors was reined in a little bit, but for sure you would have to be dedicated to want to practice in WV. Now add to that 100,000 welfare families who will fill your office everyday like they do the E Rooms with kids they don't want to care for. By this time in our history, with Obama's endless wars, bizarre lethal foreign policy, fascist domestic spying even the most brain dead left winger must be wondering what is he thinking? Obamacare was someting he thought up to keep his 47% check in the mail voting block. Life for people who go to work everyday and support their familes just got worse again. Always has been free medical care for the poor, getting baby factory crackhead moms to take care of their kids was the question. Accessing your doctor will be next to impossible, courtesy of the limousine Liberals.

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Jul-09-13 7:37 AM

Doctors will retire or refuse to accept Medicaid patients, and the result will be an inferior healthcare system. What did those dopes in Washington, D.C. expect to happen when they passed Obamacare?

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Jul-09-13 5:59 AM

How can this be? Obama said that everyone would have health insurance! Of course, he forgot to add that coverage is not the same thing as CARE.

You see, doctors cannot be forced, yet, to work 18 hours per day just so they can see Medicaid patients.

Many of us had asked a simple question-how do you add 30 + million new patients to a primary care system, without any increase in the number of providers?

Answer-you just do. And when the people can't find a doctor, you start dumbing down medical school and letting even more foreigners come here to practice medicine, thereby lowering the overall quality of care.

Obama lacks basic intelligence. He stated that adding 12 million illegal immigrants to the workforce would boost employment and wages. He also thinks that 30 million new patients plus no new doctors equals an improved health care system.

Yes, you might have coverage. You might even have to pay for it. But if you can't find a doctor, what is the point?

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